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  1. So, I found a sweet set of rims at 20"×10.0, too sexy to pass on.. and the closest tire I can find for my all terrain preference is 275/60/R20. I've seen people use that configuration on Ram. Has anyone seen it on chev? Or anyone currently running it? I would love to see a picture or something.. or anything else you can advise.. looking for a budget upgrade. And thid ended up being the perfect set up to my appealing eye. Just hope it will work. Any thoughts?
  2. I see.. well I didn't want a ugly after Market controller sticking out and ruining my clean factory each look.. and the truck was trailer ready, hookups all in place, and the original wire was already in, when I opened up the panel, I found the wire inside connected to a dummy port behind the panel cubby where the trailer brake controller would be if it came with it.. for that reason I thought it would be compatible.. I seen a YouTube video of a guy that installed one and mentioned that it was going to have to be taken to the dealership to be programmed. There is a wire still in package for a aftermark controller that would have to be wired in manually to the module. But the original one was in place. So I assumed it would be plug and play. But as I said, the video I watched, same year truck, the guy had mentioned that it would have to be programmed... Because I believe it has an automatic feature with the tow haul feature if I am not mistaken. I did see a message pop up mentioning something about brakes when I pulled my car home on a trailer.. trailer connector was in place and worked perfectly. Tow haul worked perfectly. All that was missing was the controller which had the wiring in place.. maybe I'm wrong. But I guess now the only thing I can do is contact a official dealer to get the right answer.. I very specifically do not want to install a after market one that is going to stick out or drill on anywhere on my beautiful dash.. which is why I cut I to the existing panel where the trailer brake controller would be if it had one. Finished it off nicely to look almost stock. So this would be very disappointing if all that work went for nothing.. I don't want an aftermarket. Which is why I tried to avoid that. I'm s huge Chevy brand fan... So I don't want anything else on my dash but gm official products... Maybe I'm picky. But that's not the worst... I'm also stubborn as ****. Lol
  3. Bought my first truck, a 2019 chev silverado LD LT. Love it, because its the 2018 body, personally I think the newer trucks look like junk... And I'm all chevy, all I drive is chevy. but I really dislike their new looks. Anyways, I got me the last good looking and probably best looking truck they made "in my opinion". But my problem is. It didn't come with a trailer brake controller. So I bought one, a genuine GM controller. Didn't fit in the cubby hole where I thought it would since thats where the replacement panels have them. So... Instead of buying a new one. I took my autobody skills for a run, and I custom fit the controller myself. Cut it out to fit in perfectly nice and snug. the currect wiring was dummy fastened to the back of the panel, and it was the exact right part with the same plug. At my surprise, after a nice finish job, and a proud completion, I find that the controller doesn't work. With a little research I learn that I'm supposed to go to a dealership and get it programmed. The price in the usa was $160. So here in canada that would be well over $240 plus I'm guessing. Does anyone know the procedure behind it? And can I bypass the dealership costs? Is there something I can do myself?
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