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  1. At least they are working with you. Did the Dealer give you a hard time?
  2. Your Truck is Awesome, but I'm envious of your garage/work shop!!!
  3. My AT4 came with black on a black truck. I was considering powder coating them red to mimic the front tow hooks.
  4. My 2020 AT4 carbon pro made in USA, doesn't leak,,,,,,,, so far!!!
  5. I hope it's not serious and you get back on the road soon. Good luck wit your truck!!
  6. I get XM that I don't have, commercials. Very annoying!!!
  7. Personally I like the front windows a little less dark. As a retired LEO,I'll tell you I did cite vehicles with very dark windows. The dark windows gives LEO's a reason to stop and detain you. It sets up a situation for further investigation for warrant checks etc. It was my job to arrest and book people! It just isn't worth it to do a black out of front windows. Don't draw unwanted attention to you.
  8. I bought a 2020 AT4 with the 6.2L. I have never owned or driven a diesel truck and have no knowledge of them. That is the main reason I chose the 6.2L. I bought the AT4 to replace my 2015 sierra 5.3L which was used for minor cargo hauling and house remodeling. I only need to tow a small travel trailer or a couple of jet ski's. The 6.2L motor fits exactly my needs and exceeds them.
  9. I was looking at the HP of a couple of 2021 GMC Sierras with the 6.2L at my local dealers (Reyonolds in Calif) web site. They list the HP at 376 and not 420? I thought was strange, any one know whats going on??
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