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  1. Mine was Dealer installed with cat back, so I have nothing to compare it to. But With the great intake/exhast tone it's hard to keep the RPM's down.
  2. Window stickers don't always post the correct info. A Sales Man told me that a long tome ago.
  3. The mirror is a great option you don't have to look thru head rests and the rear sliding window frame for a clear rear view.
  4. I'd try painters tape at one area at a time to locate the source.
  5. Performance intake air filter setup. Brembo will go nice with the 20" wheels
  6. Congrats from another AT4 owner. I got one from EBAY
  7. I would rather drive my GMC truck with "Some" problems than that from any other Manufacturer. That said, If your having that many problems contact a Lawyer to Lemon Law that truck. All Manufactures have bugs some worse than others hence the Lemon Laws. My 2020 Carbon Pro is and has been the finest Truck I've owned and without problems. Good luck OP at getting your Truck up to spec.
  8. 2 month old AT4, just door edge guards as my Wife already bumped the wall !!!!
  9. Has any one put Amp power steps on an AT4?? I had Bestop steps on my 2015 LTS but they do not make them for the 2020 yet.
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