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  1. It depends on whether you have the composite leaf springs, max trailering, or snow plow packages.. If so, the OEM kit won't work.
  2. The tech at the dealer was able to replicate the noise in the leaf spring by rocking the bed side to side at the axle. Squirt a bit of lubricant in the leaf spring, and the noise would temporarily decrease.
  3. There is also these rough country 3.5" lifted struts. Theoretically, they should give Trail Boss/AT4's a 1.5" leveling. Not sure of the quality though. I am highly considering the Eibachs. https://www.roughcountry.com/premium-n3-lifted-strut-500066.html?find=2020-gmc-sierra-1500-4wd-568979
  4. My clunking under the bed was diagnosed to be a defective leaf spring. Dealer is going to fix it under warranty. Do you have the diesel? Sometimes the def fluid can slosh around and make a thumping noise.
  5. I am having this issue also. I had the dealer install the factory 2" lift a few weeks ago, and after I started having a clunking in the rear. The dealer found a defective leaf spring and ordered a new one under warranty. It hasn't come in yet and who knows how long it is going to take to get one.
  6. Excellent. Thank you Ryguy. Did you add the Pro Lift Springs too? https://eibach.com/us/E30-23-032-01-20-chevrolet-silverado-1500-pro-lift-kit Do you know if you can buy the shocks preloaded with the springs?
  7. Thanks! What model shocks do you have on your TB? Adjustable? How much leveling do they give you over the stock rancho shocks in the TB?
  8. Hey all. Does anyone know if leveling shocks are being developed for the AT4? I emailed eibach, but they said they don't have any plans to make them for the AT4/Trail Boss. Thx
  9. Does anyone know if there are leveling shocks available for the AT4?
  10. Measured from the ground, wheel-centered to the fender lip. Also measured the distance from the top of the tire to the fender (wheel well gap) Same difference in results comparing each side.
  11. Thanks Tyler! I agree with you 1/4 inch is not noticeable. What was concerning to me was their lack of knowledge on the kit and initially informing me that it was non-adjustable when it was clearly out of whack. I had to press them to try to get it closer. It's all good now. Time to get some new treads.
  12. Thank you all. Excellent advice! They were able to get it to within 1/4", but that still doesn't seem right. This is the first factory lift installed at this dealer, so maybe mine is the guinea pig. I asked them to put an inquiry in to GM for technical advice on the height adjustment issue. As for the clunking, they think a defective rear leaf spring is the cause. I never heard this prior to the lift install, but maybe the lift made the clunk sound louder. They will replace it under warranty. Does anyone have a copy of the technical instructions that came with the kit ? Mine disappeared from the box after the install.
  13. So just an update. I am at the dealer and they are telling me they can't adjust the ride height on the front passenger side to match the driver's side. It is 1/2 - 3/4"lower on the passenger side. For those who have had this kit installed, does this sound right? Is it within spec? Maybe a bad shock came in the kit? Any thoughts is much appreciated.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with these replica Trail Boss wheels on eBay? I am thinking of getting a set for my spare tires. Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-2020-Chevy-Silverado-Avalanche-Replica-Trail-Boss-18-Black-Wheels-Rim-5911/193334603064
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