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  1. I appreciate the quick responses. I’ll give the GDI cleaner a try and change out the O2’s and get a new PCV valve.
  2. I never posted on here much, but I'm in need of a little help or guidance. Over the last year or so my mileage is dropping drastically (my calculation, not the dash) and I am averaging about 12.5 MPG and majority of my driving is highway. For the most part I was constantly averaging 16MPG with a leveling kit and 33's. Last night I decided to change the plugs, wires and air filter and I took the intake tube and throttle body off just to clean up stuff while I was in there and found a ton of oil and what looks to be coolant. I personally have never seen this much oil inside an intake manifold, normally it is just a light film. I have been going back and fourth for a few months with getting a new truck or just keep making repairs to this one since its been paid off for a few years. I know this is not something that can be solved over pictures on the internet, but does this look to be possibly something that is pointing to a larger problem. I checked the dipstick and oil cap and I did not see anything unusual. Plugs also did not look to be anything abnormal either when I removed them. The truck is a 2014 with 142K on it. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I had a local tuner out by me do it. Prevatt Automotive. He does really good work.
  4. Range AFM disabler, light is blue. Got truck tuned so I do not need anymore. Paid $120 for it about 6 months ago from a member on here so im asking the same. $120 shipped via USPS Priority mail. located in Collinsville, OK
  5. Got a new exhaust on the way. Selling my stock catback with a Flowmaster. I believe it’s a super 44, it’s been awhile since I had it put on. Also has the OEM GM exhaust tip with bow tie. Coming off my 2014 with a 5.3L and crew cab. I’m located in Owasso, OK and can meet within reasonable distance. asking $80, local pickup only. Can send a few more pic, only let me upload one.
  6. The TSP y-pipes look identical. I thought It was wrong when I got it but you can see straight through the pipes.
  7. Yes. The TSP headers have a ball and socket flange. So unless another brand has the same type of flange, I would imagine it only fits the TSP headers.
  8. Im running the Carven Progressive system.
  9. 4 Wheel Parts charged me $400 for labor and alignment for my fronts . I did my rears, took all of 20 minutes to swap out.
  10. I know it has been a while since this happened but here is the update I promised. This was self inflicted damage when I was putting my front passenger seat back in during the leather install. I guess when I put the seat back in I crimped a wire on the wiring harness just enough to cause the theft deterrent to activate and cause the no start issue. I checked these wires when I went back through my work and visually with no damage to the protective jacket around the wires I figured it was fine. The dealership tracked it down really quickly and fixed it. A careless mistake costed me $400 to fix but everything works as it should and the leather looks great.
  11. Selling my Texas Speed catless y-pipe. Was too loud for my daily driver with as much driving as I do daily, so I switched to a catted version. This is the y-pipe for the 5.3 motors, so it is 3" diameter pipes. Im located in Owasso, Oklahoma. Asking $150 shipped to lower 48.
  12. I had the truck towed to the dealership. Will give an update later.
  13. So I have done hours of searching on this forum and have found many helpful tips but nothing yet to solve my particular issue. Ultimately I think I have a BCM issue and the truck just needs to got to the dealership but I figured it couldn't hurt to post on here and get a few opinions before I flat bed the truck to Chevy. A few days ago I did a leather swap and sound damping material under the carpet on my truck, came out really well for my first time attempting it. Once I got everything put back in and got the battery hooked back up, I immediately got a few notifications on the display. Service theft deterrent, service stabilitrack and service airbags. The truck will not start with the key or with the remote start. Not sure if its a coincidence or if maybe did something that I didn't realize when putting everything back in. I have tried fixing G218, changed the negative battery cable, cleaned all grounds, replaced the battery, and tried using my extra set of keys. None of them have gotten me any results. I think this almost has to be a BCM issue at this point but I'm just trying to avoid having to pay a couple hundred in flat bed fee's on top of service fee's to get it to the dealership being I live about 45 minutes away from the closest one and have spent money on other parts that have not helped. Anyone have other thoughts or things I can try? Sorry for starting another thread on this topic.
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