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  1. I believe the only one available at this time was the spacers. Drives great! Need to adjust the headlights a little...getting flashed a TON more now
  2. 2020 RST 3.5" Rough Country Lift Kit (lift only - not leveled) Fuel Vandal Wheels 20 x 9 x +1 offset (I think) Toyo Open Country A/T 305/55/20 Little trimming on the inner side of the mud flaps Rubs just a touch when turning in reverse I basically copied one of the members here. I like it!
  3. Here she is... Rough Country 3.5" lift with Fuel Vandal Wheels and Toyo Open Country A/T 305/55/20s
  4. sorry about the delayed reply - lost my job last week....grrr.... funny...or maybe not...got crap canned about 2 hours after I pulled the trigger on the lift / tires / wheels....wish I had waited a day anyway, pulled the trigger on the 3.5" Rough Country lift kit, Fuel Vandal Wheels, and Toyo Open Country A/T 305/55/20 will post pics as soon as it is done (scheduled Dec 7) is there a market for my stock wheels?
  5. Yup...looks great. Have plans for wheels and tires? I have a local shop ready to put on the 3.5" lift from Rough Country. Now I just need to confirm wheel / tire combo. Too many options....
  6. thanks for all the replies. helps a lot. i just love that truck pic I posted. I may to just figure this out as I go. I'll post what I learn here for anyone else wanting to do the same
  7. Sorry for the new post. I did ALOT of searching and only saw one thread discussing 3.5" lifts on the baby DMAX. I have the 2020 Silverado RST Z71, and I would like to do a small lift of 1-2" along with some new wheels and tires. However, my research tonight indicates I might have a problem with transmission lines when lifting the diesel. I was simply curious if any of my fellow oil burner enthusiasts have experimented and what the results were? Love to have your thoughts. Thanks. PS. I absolutely LOVE the look of Trailboss75's truck. Best looking truck I have seen, IMO. I'll try and link the picture here, but that is the exact look I am trying to duplicate.
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