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  1. I did dm multiple mods but I know they can only do so much. This is an admin/site owner problem they signed up for either unwittingly or complacently
  2. You nailed it. The referral bonus for malware is that much more. I would like to assume the Admins of the site are naive to it.
  3. This type of "advertising" will certainly detract new visitors if they are aware or infect them with malware.
  4. Hello long time lurker long time reader. I typically use Safari without adblockers on websites I would like to support. I went to navigate the website originally to lookup a repair I am working on. The very first thread I clicked on sent me to a website with a bogus download for flash which is loaded with malware. I also tried to click on the register link and it sent me to another page with malware. I can confirm my device has no issues as I work in IT and this is a machine with a clean install and not one download/install. I will attach pictures. I ended up having to use Brave browser which incorporates strict adblocking along with adblock extensions because the malware links are too much.
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