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  1. I have not heard back from the seller. I agree. Go through PayPal and dispute.
  2. This topic has been locked until I hear back from the seller.
  3. My dad has a 2016 Silverado with oem hids and oem projectors. was this the same configuration u had ? His output is terrible. If so what is involved to switching them out? thanx
  4. Not sure if they are still open but Gorden Automotive, in West Seneca , NY. They are off of North America Dr. which is off union Rd.
  5. Post more specs,. 4" inlet or outlet? Single wall, dual wall. (Looks single)
  6. Hey I tried sending you a pm but it looks like your box is full... Interested... I'm in buffalo NY 14224. What's your best price?
  7. what model # is it? I have a 2012 silverado 6.6 bed. My cover from my 06 fit my 2012, so just maybe this would also.. Im also in Buffalo NY!
  8. Thanks all. Still loving this setup. Hoping to get a driving video soon once i can get my cam working \.
  9. what kind of lumens does this put out?
  10. Well for a tune, the only way to go imo is a custom dyno tune. And for exhaust im in love with my corsa. sounds like a pissed off mountain lion when you get on it, and very tame low rumble when cruising. NO DRONE. Well worth the $. I highly recommend Doing Headers as well. I have American racing headers. Those 3 combinations made my truck feel like a complete animal.
  11. Hello, Welcome to the forum. Please remember to post as much info as possible about your item. Part #s are ideal. Also, post your location. Lastly, Most people will only do business with a good standing member that they can trust. Check out the forum, contribute , and build a good reputation. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Someone stole your factory exhaust? While it was on your truck or removed?
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