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  1. Correct. I called them about a month ago & was told they are no longer adding the text app back. Basically, if you got it, you got it, if you don’t, you don’t. I’ve called and complained numerous times & I made my disappointment very clear on every survey they sent me. Hopefully if enough people complain, they’ll reverse their awful decision to remove the text app.
  2. Yeah not a fan of the auto on whenever the brights come on. I’d be all over it if I could turn them on/off at any time outside of it being in park. It’s a non starter with those T-taps too. I’ll stick with simple diodes that are easily removable and leave no evidence.
  3. I verified the connection & the dealers did use the upfitter connection. I believe pin 1 is the ground & pin 6 is the power. The dealership is dragging their feet on this so I’m looking into just wiring it myself to the 12v power in the center console, if I can figure out how to take the rear panel off.
  4. I’ve used a cover for years & it doesn’t make it rust faster. In fact, I think it helps cut down on salt spray & road grime getting in there. I’ve moved on to an HD & now I’m bummed that I can’t find the style of cover I like in a 2.5”.
  5. It’s a diode, which is directional. Allows current flow in one direction but not the other.
  6. DL3 mirrors for 2014-2018 trucks. Heated, power folding, dimming, puddle lights. Converted my Denali to tow mirrors. Located in Southeastern Wisconsin Would prefer local transaction otherwise buyer pays shipping. $325
  7. Bumping this thread & edited the thread title. Based on seeing very little information on the Rear Infotainment systems on this forum, wondering if anyone has info on wiring diagrams for the new 2020 HDs? I see plenty of electrical related mods here so I’m guessing someone has the info I need. I’m looking for the pin out info in the plug shown in the OP. Hoping to find one of the pins has constant power while the truck is running and/or in Accessory mode. Appreciate any help, thanks.
  8. Should’ve bought the 2020 with the HD trailering system and its optional 8 cameras.
  9. I had the GM Rear Seat Infotainment Headrest System (PN# 84556196, product link below) installed by dealer when I purchased a 2020 Sierra 2500HD. The issue I’m having is, the system completely turns off while the truck is running and whenever a door is opened then closed. Meaning, the truck will be running and in Park and the driver or passenger door is opened (system remains on) but the moment the door is shut, the system will shut off. The system will also shut off after about 5 minutes while the truck is idling. I would assume that the system should just work whenever the vehicle is running, regardless of the doors opening/closing and also while it’s idling. The only time it doesn’t shut off is while we’re actually driving. When the truck is not running but in accessory mode, the system will stay on for about 5 minutes then shut off even when the radio remains on and the truck is still in accessory mode. I’d think the system should remain on the entire time the radio stays on. I’ve discussed this with the dealer and they’re looking into it but haven’t figured it out yet. My suspicion is that the dealer didn’t tie the system into the correct accessory circuit. I’ve traced the wires to a plug under the dash on the driver’s (left) side, near the BCM. The red power wire from the RSI connects to the purple w/ yellow tracer in the plug. Does anyone here have a wiring diagram for the 2020 HDs that can confirm if that’s the correct connection? Or does anyone have the same RSI in their vehicle and see if their wiring is the same? Any help is appreciated. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/rear-seat-infotainment-system-with-dvd-player-in-jet-black-perforated-leather-84556196?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra 2500 HD
  10. Nice install. I’m considering wiring my rear entertainment system into constant 12V power also. Seems odd but after my dealer installed the RES, the monitors shut off every time any doors open, even while the truck is running. Annoying AF.
  11. I saw those the other day. I’d be interested in something similar if it was only the front half of the drivers side, so it’d be accessible with the front bed step. Those are too large & a tad spendy for my needs. Decent design if it didn’t block all the tie down points.
  12. More thoughts on what? How to remove the mats? The mats are laid under the storage compartment. You need to unbolt the storage compartment to remove the mats. It’s pretty easy to do.
  13. Gotcha, no problem. I was thinking, damn, that’s impressive for an HD.
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