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  1. Ryno12

    Scumbag GM

    Your TDS is showing. May want to get that checked out. When it gets that bad, it hinders the ability to produce facts and one’s voice becomes that of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
  2. I’d have to guess that those issues are coincidental and unrelated. Did you double check all the wiring and any related fuses? Also try unpairing your phone, power cycle both and see if it will re-pair with phone.
  3. Couple of issues with TFLs review. They failed to mention the hitch view on the GMC tailgate camera. Not sure if the others have the same function but it should’ve been mentioned either way. The biggest thing that the TFL failed on with their review is the overall functionality of the tailgates. The Ram & Ford tailgates are one trick ponies. The GMC not only has 6 different functions, you can also add lights & a radio for additional functionality. They made a brief mention of other features that the Multi Pro has but they completely dismissed it in their categories & point rating system. It’s almost as if they ignored it on purpose and ignoring features in a “tailgate features” review, totally negates the review itself. Dumb.
  4. Have you looked at any of the other threads about this issue? There’s some solutions & workarounds discussed in the existing threads.
  5. Ryno12

    DL3 Mirrors

    Not sure. I believe it depends what type of truck you’d be installing them on. You’d have to ask Phil though.
  6. By “factory unit”, you mean the Curt unit?
  7. I’m guessing yours is a 6.6 gas motor. Diesel versions are heavier.
  8. Ryno12


    Sorry to hear that about your wife. She would be considered one of the high risk individuals. Hope everyone stays safe & at least relatively healthy. There’s no doubt they are treating this very differently.
  9. Ryno12


    Can you elaborate on what you mean by “realize the severity”? How is this different than other infectious diseases, other than possessing the most mildest of symptoms even below that of the flu? COVID19 is no worse for the high risk individuals than the flu or pneumonia and the recommended preventative measures are things we’ve all heard before & should actively be practicing on a daily basis. Also, when you say, “The longer it takes people to get with the program, the longer it will play havoc on our economy and daily lives.” this is exactly what the CDC & Gov are trying to do, prolong it. Have you seen the curve? It’s just “new” so people are scared.
  10. Ryno12


    You’re also making an invalid comparison on mortality rates. All “known” cases of COVID19 are being well documented. You’re using that figure as an absolute. BUT, reports are that there could be thousands (10s-100s) of undocumented cases. The symptoms are so mild to the average healthy person that they may not even realize they have/had it & discount it as just a cold/flu. Likewise, most often, flu cases are simply not documented because people self diagnose and it doesn’t get reported. They just deal with it. That is why you see sloppy stats like “9-45 million” cases and “12,000-61,000” deaths from the CDC. At the end of the day, the COVID19 symptoms are mild and non life threatening to most heathy people and they just recover at home. Certainly, this is a serious problem for individuals with compromised immune systems & respiratory problems. No one is denying that. The common flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc are also very serious to the same group.
  11. I ran my wires to the top of the fuse box. There’s access to the top from behind the A pillar molding. Not even sure how’d you access it from the bottom when the fuse box is directly under the A pillar.
  12. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-sierra-2500-invisible-trailer-camera-auxiliary-trailer-camera-models-with-uvi-and-cwm/84876818-p-92306125.html
  13. I get this same problem quite often when backing out of my garage. I don’t usually catch it till I’m a mile down the road. I’ve been switching to Pandora because the morning shows on our local FM stations are horrible. Pretty annoying that there’s no way to resolve it without shutting off the truck. I wish there was a way to restart the Infotainment screen from inside.
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