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  1. I use Bullring tie downs. They retract when not in use. https://www.bullringusa.com/product-category/tie-downs/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrdL2-82H6gIV6cuGCh1tjAW0EAAYASAAEgLcPvD_BwE
  2. Have you done a search on the forum? There’s a bunch of topics discussing the trailer camera.
  3. Yes, the dealer needs to perform the program.
  4. I ordered the straight 2020 style for my 2020 HD but received the earlier slanted style. Doesn’t look as good but it works well. It’s a nice backup to access your truck. I keep a chipped key programmed to my truck inside. In the event your keys/phone are misplaced or stolen, you’re not stranded.
  5. I bought mine from 1A Auto. I know there’s other vendors also. https://www.1aauto.com/search?q=Tow%20mirrors&year=2014&model=1719
  6. I did the 2x6 thing and sprayed it with bed liner in a can. I also made moveable pieces to use as dividers.
  7. USB-C https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB-C
  8. Ryno12


    KARNUT, I think you’ll enjoy this article. It’s pretty much where I’m at too. https://aapsonline.org/cornoavirus-covid-19-public-health-apocalypse-or-panic-hoax-and-anti-american/
  9. Ryno12

    DL3 Mirrors

    Good project for anyone stuck at home.
  10. Ryno12

    Scumbag GM

    Your TDS is showing. May want to get that checked out. When it gets that bad, it hinders the ability to produce facts and one’s voice becomes that of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
  11. I’d have to guess that those issues are coincidental and unrelated. Did you double check all the wiring and any related fuses? Also try unpairing your phone, power cycle both and see if it will re-pair with phone.
  12. Couple of issues with TFLs review. They failed to mention the hitch view on the GMC tailgate camera. Not sure if the others have the same function but it should’ve been mentioned either way. The biggest thing that the TFL failed on with their review is the overall functionality of the tailgates. The Ram & Ford tailgates are one trick ponies. The GMC not only has 6 different functions, you can also add lights & a radio for additional functionality. They made a brief mention of other features that the Multi Pro has but they completely dismissed it in their categories & point rating system. It’s almost as if they ignored it on purpose and ignoring features in a “tailgate features” review, totally negates the review itself. Dumb.
  13. Have you looked at any of the other threads about this issue? There’s some solutions & workarounds discussed in the existing threads.
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