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  1. Yes, totally. It’s always dark under there no matter the time of day, so it’d be nice flip a switch from the back when more light is needed or even have them come on automatically when the tailgate opens, similar to the dome lights when a door is opened.
  2. I really wish GM would put a switch inside the tailgate to operate the bed lights.
  3. The heated seats will come on with a remote start when selected in the settings, however the indicator lights won’t be on. Also, as mentioned earlier, once the vehicle is started, the seats will turn off so you’ll need to turn them back on.
  4. I first noticed them on my 2500 the other day. I googled it & found out they’ve been out for a few years now. Kinda made me feel stupid for not knowing about them. Not sure when the 2500s started coming with them.
  5. I used Herculiner in a spray can. It’s a tad more expensive but it goes on thicker & doesn’t run as easy as the Rustoleum I’ve used before.
  6. No problem! Hope it works out well for you. Here’s other pics I took with the tailgate closed & the divider up front. I’ll probably make longer pieces that fit better up front.
  7. Good to know as I was gonna pull the trigger very soon on four of them for my RV. Hopefully GM realizes their little faux pas & offers the larger size soon.
  8. Mine will do that too if I shut down the truck while I’m actively streaming from my phone. I believe it does this so you can resume where you left off when you start your vehicle again. Same with the other media sources like FM or SXM. The vehicle will start with the same source you were listening to when you shut it off. There’s a couple of things you can try. Change to a different media source before you exit the vehicle. You can try stopping the application on your phone first before turning off your vehicle. Or shut down the running application all together on your iPhone.
  9. Thanks. On my 2500, the distance from the 2x6 to the tailgate is roughly the same as it is to the wheel well, so it works nice to create a contained space in both areas. I made a couple of the short pieces for both sides. I have a front accessible hard tonneau cover so I may do something similar in the front of the box also, to keep items from sliding back.
  10. Yep, I use a 2x6 also. I sprayed mine with bed liner coating and also made moveable pieces that prevent items from sliding side by side.
  11. Good to know, thanks. I wasn’t aware that there was a time limit on how long it will idle, other than when remote starting. I’ve never had mine shut down on me but I don’t let it idle that long either. 5-10 minutes at the most.
  12. Nope. You can leave the truck locked & running without the fob in it. I do it all the time.
  13. I totally agree about leaving it running but you asked about leaving the fob in the truck while it’s running. Why not just take the fob with you & lock the truck while it’s running. It’s a nonissue then.
  14. With the truck off, I can lock the fob in the truck. With it running, all the doors except the drivers door would lock. If I take the fob with me, I can lock the doors while it’s running. I noticed the truck can’t be remote started with the app & the fob left in the truck either. Why would you want to lock the fob in the truck while it’s running?
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