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  1. Completed reprogramming the 2 new remotes - used the "old emergency key" to kickoff the process for when you do not have (2) working remotes. Worked as advertised in the owner's manual - programming process also "erased" the old remote. Now I'll replace the driver's door lock cylinder with the new cylinder coded for a different key profile and move on.
  2. Update: I did order new driver's door, glovebox, and spare tire lock sets ($ 127.90) for my son's 2020 truck. The kits come "un-coded" with packs of pins and since I had access to a similar vehicle key from another late model GMC, I had that key "de-coded" at a local locksmith. Then, using that info, I re-coded the lock cylinders for that key profile. I also bought (2) new remotes ($ 139.90) so as soon as I can get his truck I'll try the re-programming process as laid out in the Owner's Manual. So for $ 267.80 plus some shipping I should be able to get this taken care of. I'll update this after I've completed the programming process.
  3. His insurance will not pay for "lock replacement" or the labor to do it - they would only cover the stolen remote so with $ 500 deductible it's not worth it to turn it in when I can replace all for under $ 500.
  4. We have 1 remote and emergency key but in the description it sounds like all you need is the emergency key to kick-off the re-programming process.
  5. My son's 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali was stolen and recovered quickly (thank you OnStar). The thieves still have a remote w/ emergency key so we're going to need to re-key the driver's door, glove box lock, spare tire lock, and purchase (2) new remotes with uncut emergency key blanks. The truck is only 3 months old so I initially contacted several dealerships to discuss, but of course the "service writers" are clueless and one quoted me $ 2,400 that included parts I didn't need. At that price I'll do it myself (for 20% of that number). So, has anyone used the "programming remotes" process laid out in the Owner's Manual ? It has a process for "adding remotes" when you have (2) working remotes in your possession, and another process for when you do not have (2) working remotes in your possession. The fact that so many data sources talk about "taking it to your dealer" for programming remotes makes me a little nervous. Anyone used this process ?
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