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  1. Whose wife is that quick when it comes to shopping?
  2. Your phone's mic is still active, so the echo chamber is being caused by your voice being picked up by the truck's mic and your phone's mic, then sending both to the recipient. I only use Bluetooth in my truck. I hate the carplay/android auto stuff. Perhaps you could avoid the echo chamber by only using carplay and not stack on bluetooth?
  3. If it's cheap enough is take it. Just my opinion. I'm almost at 44k miles on my 2020 and it only has 1400 hours on it. Auto start/stop doesn't engage when the truck is in Park. Whenever you come to stop, the auto start/stop turns off the engine, and you then shift into Park the engine comes back on. Mid to higher trim levels do differentiate between run time and idle time. Iirc, even with 44k miles, my truck only has a few hundred idle hours on it. The truck you're considering was definitely sitting and idling for long periods of time. Was it a border patrol truck where an agent sat in it and let it idle so they could have AC?
  4. Your wife broke it. Blame her. When she complains about how expensive it is to fix, remind her it didn't stay malfunctioning until she used it. No allowance for her for a few weeks, lol.
  5. ReadyLift does say on their website that adding their 2" lift to the Trail Boss/AT4 will cause an issue with the Auto 4WD. They recommend not using Auto 4WD with their kit installed.
  6. Would the same math for figuring correct gearing be applicable here? Going from the stock 275/65-18 to a 285/75-18, for example, would change the gearing from 3.23 to 3.51 (good luck finding that). Using the same variable, would that make the new tire pressure be 37-38 psi (utilizing same example at beginning of post)?
  7. Meh, I'm good. Recommended shock replacement is approximately every 50,000 miles. I'd rather spend $240 every 50k than $2,400.
  8. Washed my truck yesterday .... only to have it rain today. Rain wasn't in the forecast. They only said fog.
  9. Fuel economy sucks for a 4-banger. It's on par with the V8s. Might as well get a V8 based on that alone.
  10. Agreed. The only way to ensure a job well done is by doing it yourself. After the dealer touches my truck I go over it myself at home. Twice I've had a loose oil filter after the dealership did an oil change.
  11. This really sucks! I'd be pissed off. I'm sure insurance will do its part to screw you over, too. I considered buying the 3.0 Duramax over the 6.2. This is me, in part, relieved that I didn't. I'm sorry to see this happened to anybody. Please keep us updated on what happens.
  12. I went and checked. I didn't know I had those options in there. I've had my truck for almost 3 years. The "favorites" buttons are, as I understood them, just a channel up/down button for the pre-selected stations. I learned something new today. Thanks.
  13. 28 gallon diesel + 5 gallon DEF = more than 33 gallons for a gas tank.
  14. As soon as I need new tires for my Trail Boss I'm going bigger. 285/75/18 to be specific. Duratracs are available in this size, have a total diameter of 35.1", and weigh 60 lbs. ReadyLift says this size tire is the biggest that be done with the 2" kit without trimming. Reading up on the kit, it only raises the rear 1". I have not found another kit that does 2" front and rear. I not a fan of the leveled look and prefer the OE rake. Doing research on how to raise the rear 2" I looked into the leaf springs and found Deaver Springs has a set (M27) that'll raise the Trail Boss/AT4 1". Has anybody combined the ReadyLift kit with the Deaver Springs yet? If so, what were the results like in your experience? Is this even doable in practice, as opposed to theory? ReadyLift: https://www.readylift.com/at4-trail-boss-plus-2-0-sst-lift-kit-gm-1500-at4-trail-boss-4wd-2019-2023.html Deaver Springs: https://deaverspring.com/product/chevy-gmc-1500-2019-2020-1-5-inch-lift-rear-springs-pair/ Tires: https://m.tirerack.com/tires/Spec.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Wrangler+DuraTrac&partnum=875QR8WDTV3 Edit: added links to products I am asking about to assist in getting answers
  15. That's not a secondary spout for fuel. If you had the 3.0 Duramax it's where you pour in the DEF.
  16. I'm confused on the favorites switch. Is there a 3rd switch I never noticed before? I thought there were only 2 -- channel up/channel down.
  17. Find said recall. Present said recall to service writer.
  18. Check for obstruction in filler hose. If no obstruction then possible evap purge issues?
  19. I use to work for a rental car company that had a rental counter inside a Chevy dealership. If the dealer didn't have a loaner for warranty repair the service wrote would walk with the customer to my rental counter and I would bill the dealership and required to supply a GM vehicle. I'm now in a different city and state, and no longer in that industry. I've taken my truck to a dealership for warranty and been told no warranty until the dealership performs the diagnosis. Getting the diagnosis could take weeks due to backlog and not enough techs. This dealership has also told me they won't provide a rental if they are out of loaners. I have since started having my truck serviced at another dealership a few miles away from the one with a backlog and no loaners. I get quick service and they have an Enterprise across the street. I recommend finding another dealer to have your beehives serviced at.
  20. It's starting to look more like my truck, lol (see profile pic). Mine are white light combo. What switch are you using to turn them on/off? Mine are using the GM Upfitter switches.
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