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  1. Thanks for showing me those. I was hoping to learn about the "what" and "why", but that's being lazy on my part. I'll Google that.
  2. I'm considering installing the ReadyLift SST 2" front/1" rear leveling kit for the Trail Boss. But, I do not like the 1" difference of the rear height versus the front height. From what I see the difference can be corrected with bigger rear blocks. ReadyLift makes 4" blocks for the previous generation trucks. https://www.readylift.com/4-rear-block-kit-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-2014-2018-1.html?srsltid=AfmBOooqRU5qA1Z6nLk1jWaVL-BaeHk-zaeouwSuhdUPHoXiyxnR7skssPY This then creates the problem of over extending the shocks. Again, Readylift to the rescue with rear shock extenders. https://www.readylift.com/rear-shock-extensions-gm-full-size-truck-suv-1500-1999-2023.html I contacted ReadyLift regarding the possibility of using everything I just outlined. Their reply was as follows: "Thanks for reaching out, We have not tested this kit with a 4" block. You can use that block but may need longer U bolts and you would need shock extensions or longer shocks to make it work. We designed the kit to give 2" front lift and 1" rear lift to bring closer to level but still have some rake to balance out when towing." Therefore, I am asking the committee on here -- What say you? What your thoughts on this matter? What are things that I've failed to consider out of ignorance? Or, would this be an acceptable setup to maintain the factory look, but only a few inches higher than OE?
  3. Honestly, I haven't even looked at them Edit: just to a look. I don't think they're feasible. The front of the fenders don't go as far down on the ZR2. I don't think the flares will work.
  4. I think David Krueger is on the correct path. Go up-wire from the plug into the active shutter motor. Look for damage to the wires. Check the fuse in the fuse box, etc.
  5. That sounds like Westminster College. 1700 South 1300 East. You were right down the road from Hobbitville. Iirc, that's about 1900 South 1300 East, across the street from Westminster College. It's literally a short street and cul de sac of midgets' homes.
  6. I'm just going to drop these right here because I think they might help somebody. Find them about 2 weeks ago while playing on ReadyLift's website. I remembered them while reading this thread. https://www.readylift.com/rear-u-bolts-for-monoleaf-applications-only-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-2019-2023.html https://www.readylift.com/mono-leaf-rear-block-kit-6-lift-kit-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-2019-2023.html
  7. I finally did a thing. Duratracs in 285/75r18. No lift or level, yet. ReadyLift 2" kit is sitting in the garage because I don't have the majority of my tools. Only basic tools in case of roadside emergency. Just moved from California to Florida, but furniture hasn't been delivered yet. Had slight rub on mud flaps so I replaced them with the McGaughy's delete kit (not shown because they arrived a few days after the pic was taken). Truck needed new tires when I reached 50k miles. Question: Should I get fender flares? Been debating this question for 3 years. I'm considering the ones with the flat spot in the midis like the Sierras have.
  8. Oh, S**T!!! I've been doing it wrong. I forgot to close my eyes. Guess I've been lucky so far.
  9. I have been informed I was inaccurate in my last post because my understanding of the system was inaccurate. I apologize.
  10. I did say I might be an idiot. I learned something new today. I figured it iterated like a light switch. Off when not in use and on when the switch is flipped. Thanks for educating me.
  11. I think we need more info here. Why was the transfer case engaged on the highway? It may just be that I'm an idiot, but I thought the transfer case was inactive when in 2wd. It's a Z71, so it has part time 4wd. It sounds like we're not getting 100% of the information from the OP. If the OP was not using the vehicle correctly then I can see why the dealer might decline warranty service. I just see a big hole in this whole situation.
  12. I'm about to install the ReadyLift 2" kit on my Trail Boss. Readylift said I needed 1/4"-1/2" spacers to run 285/75r18 tires on my OE wheels, so I bought 1/2" spacers. Thanks for this info. I will be doing this as well.
  13. One of your issues is the finance guy was on vacation during a holiday week. Sounds normal to me. One of the problems I see with your situation is that you're too demanding. You get more stuff done with positive results when you exercise a little patience and understanding. Sheesh! Everything you said indicates the sales rep is trying to help you out. If anything, your post has made me want to go shopping at Laura GMC because they didn't simply blow you off.
  14. I wish you had provided more info, or better pictures, on the make/model of the tonneau. It kind looks like a Retrax cover, but also doesn't look identical. Retrax provides GM tonneau covers under a different label. If it's their off brand you might be about to find replacement parts on Retrax's website.
  15. Just a wild guess here, and I could be wrong, but I suspect your truck came with the SD card reader but the radio isn't programmed to do GPS. Mine, 2020 Chevy Trail Boss LT, came the same way. Navigation in my truck was was turn by turn instructions without a map. OnStar's benefit with the sd card navigation system with maps would be for live traffic updates and alerts. Maps+ is different and requires OnStar. You may want to check to if your radio is an IOS or an IOT. IOS I'm likely correct. IOT I'm wrong. I upgraded my radio to run navigation off the SD card by having a 3rd party company download the software after I sent them a module. It took about 2 weeks. A popular one on this site is WAMS (White Audio and Media Services, or something like that, goes my the screen name Cam GTP, iirc). He may come in here to post a reply. Another one I used, and had a good experience with, is www.gm-navigation.com.
  16. Along with spelling, reading comprehension clearly isn't in your forté. Jumping to politics is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you erroneously presumed I'm a Biden-backer, or even align with that half of the political spectrum. Furthermore, you don't have "the right" you assume you do. I can tell you to stfu all I want without legal consequences because I'm not the government. If you have trouble with this, go read the 1st Amendment. After all, forums utilize the same privilege of moderating rule-breakers because they are privately owned. Furthermore, I haven't insulted you. I called you out, and made recommendations on how to approach this scenario so you can receive the guidance/help/attention you're seeking. I'm not your momma, so I don't appreciate your crying over spilled milk. FJB Let's Go Brandon
  17. I doubt anybody will question you'd ability to press a button or step on brakes. Just the mental capacity of thinking is okay to $h!t on something this forum is dedicated to with lots of satisfied owners. Is the truck perfect? No. Is there a learning curve? Some, more than others. You apparently need some help. Instead of asking you whined and cried. If I did the same to you, would you want to help? Probably not. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander. Furthermore, $60k today isn't much of a truck, so you don't have a many problems as you could have. In order to actually assist you we need to go down each issue 1 by 1 and mechanically break down your actions. From what I've read I can see a lot of user error. If you are close to me I'd be willing to help you in person at no charge. I don't work for GM or a dealership. After all, they won't offer you this kind of help, even if you paid them. Ball is in your court. Are you gonna tie your shoes and get to work on solving these problems, or give excuses on why you can't/won't?
  18. I would've never guessed that. I learned something new today.
  19. Whatever the sticker inside the driver's door says. The lack of sidewall is going to keep it rough. Since you don't want to swap parts there isn't much we could help with. Yes, the Silverado is a little rougher ride than the Ram, but that's because Chevy is still using leafs. Bilsteins are a very popular option. Another possibility is swapping the rear bump stops with Sumo Springs bump stops.
  20. Is the center of the top of your dash clear from obstructions?
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