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  1. we have 1 set of headlights only and there blems, call us up we can send pics.
  2. They are Expensive, but its what we do so i got a set to make harness off.
  3. So here is why all you guys that try to add a LED bulb to the turn signal have problems you cant add a resister to the wires out side the headlight, its all internal, that resister need to be inside the headlight, we have one here that is the LTZ, with that said the set we put in our truck is the HC headlights.
  4. I can post more, but like i said that what we are working on now to make it look better.
  5. You do know there not the same front end right? ones a GMC and the second is a Chevy, what we did and do is help to upgrade the same truck to the better lights, dont know if we have what you want.
  6. As some of you know we make adapter harness to upgrade head lights and tail lights, 60 days ago we got a new 2019 Trail Boss Custom in RED i liked the look a lot, but the headlight are real old looking, so we had to do some thing about it, last week we did, we replaced the the head lights with new GM LED that come in higher trim models, and they make this truck complete, nice color light output, and it fills the road with light, some things to know GM said you have to pull the bumper off to do the install that is not what we did to remove the headlight and install the new ones, we reused the stock Grill with 2 mods to make it fit, we are working to make i filler for the 2 as i call them Vees >Chevrolet< to go on the lights. More info soon on the Parts, what do you all think, and by the way we add lights that come on at night that show off the Chevrolet in the grill.
  7. We got a new trail boss red with black, double cab, 6.6' bed for 35K out the door , think its good for the price.
  8. Guys we have two sets of the LED headlights and tail lights for sale there NEW in the box at a good price let us know if you like a set.
  9. From what i know they are making some of the new 1500 now, units made now are ones that can be sold as 19 trucks, change over is close.
  10. Thank you newdude that is what i was thinking too, but the post before me had me confused.
  11. Are the 2500/3500 not coming out for more then 1 year from now? was going to order a new truck and can hold out for 1 month if that all it will take over the 2018 .
  12. Got it, here is the good and bad of the new LED headlight, Good is there LED for both the Hi and Low beams, the bad is there LED for the Hi and low beams, so we think the computer on the headlight went bad, and lost a circuit in side that controls the low beam, looked it the one we opened here at the shop, it runs all the wires from the LED board to the computer on the side of the headlight.
  13. Are you saying that power is there for the low beam at the OM wires, and if you connect to the headlight only (no other harness) there is still no low beam?
  14. If you like help PM use or call us up, if its our harness be glad to help any way we can.
  15. Gen5DIY is having a sale on, all in stock, headlights and taillights. Please enter code "lightsale" at checkout to see savings. Limited quantities available, so be sure to check them out before they are all gone. We are also including one of our custom fender covers for free on all in stock headlight and taillight purchases.
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