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  1. From what i know they are making some of the new 1500 now, units made now are ones that can be sold as 19 trucks, change over is close.
  2. Thank you newdude that is what i was thinking too, but the post before me had me confused.
  3. Are the 2500/3500 not coming out for more then 1 year from now? was going to order a new truck and can hold out for 1 month if that all it will take over the 2018 .
  4. Got it, here is the good and bad of the new LED headlight, Good is there LED for both the Hi and Low beams, the bad is there LED for the Hi and low beams, so we think the computer on the headlight went bad, and lost a circuit in side that controls the low beam, looked it the one we opened here at the shop, it runs all the wires from the LED board to the computer on the side of the headlight.
  5. Are you saying that power is there for the low beam at the OM wires, and if you connect to the headlight only (no other harness) there is still no low beam?
  6. If you like help PM use or call us up, if its our harness be glad to help any way we can.
  7. Gen5DIY is having a sale on, all in stock, headlights and taillights. Please enter code "lightsale" at checkout to see savings. Limited quantities available, so be sure to check them out before they are all gone. We are also including one of our custom fender covers for free on all in stock headlight and taillight purchases.
  8. Guy's that are buying headlights off e-bay be careful, there are some old units out there that never made it to the line, they look like there the same as new OE, but all the wiring in the headlight is not right, had a person today call us up, and after 20 min on the phone/email we found out why his lights from e-bay dont work, any way a word to the wise, we can help to make a adapter to set it up to work.
  9. Your right it did not work, but i think he told me he was putting on the DRL side, I will try to find a 6.2 to test it on that truck, we had the harness long before, on 20 Jan but there where for and still only recommended for the HD trucks, ( all we have is an HD in our fleet ) i told Payton34 that on the phone, said they may work on 1500 but have not been tested, from the wiring schematics things look like they work, but as you see they dont always do, and until some one tests it we dont say it will work. Now for the people that think a DPST relay will work for the turn signal going off it will, but and you may like this, here is whats going to happen, you will look like a cap truck as the relay will flash from white to amber/orange to white and so forth, and we tested this out, what we have is a relay that when it gets triggered will cut the power to the DRL on the one side for as long as you want and then when the trigger is removed the power to the DRL comes back on after the time that you set it has passed. Its not a cheep fix, a per of the relays cost more then $60 our cost, so dont think many will want that harness thats why have not spent lots of time on it, IMO the way they work now is fine with most members. One more thing have 2 sets of NEW headlights brand new in GM box, call and will make you a deal.
  10. Lastly we do have a harness coming out that will work like the OE that can cut the DRL in turning mod, will be done in 2 weeks when i get back form going to the wire show.
  11. We do not copy, have the same thing happen on a different car 2 years ago where the lights go off with out a Cap in the harness, and we found that the harness that we make for the trucks needed it too, thats the harness you think we coped, funny how we get the calls to fix things, we dont sell this harness for you app as it does not work all the way. Pleas tell me where you get the drugs your on, we sale a harness with 4 relays and charge for it fairly, the harness that your working on we sell at 99.99 so that's 1/2 the amount your thinking it is, its fine to think its only 30 min to make them, when you do 5 or 6 by hand but when you get to where we make 1000 harness a month or more its more them 30 min to make harness, but hay good luck.
  12. Ok here goes, first off you all know the way you control LED'S right? there turned on and off 100 time a second, if you have a movie camera on your cell record when your DRLs are on, then play back and watch your lights flicker, now there is a tolerances on all DC power so what you may have is a car harness that is off more then the outer side, and yes there is a volt spike on the turn signal too.send him a harness that has a cap on that side too.
  13. I know, i went to school a long time ago, but when i did go to class, i went to shop class and the word for Capacitor was and i think still is Cap.
  14. Who did the PDF? its not right, the resister does not go on only the power wire it goes to ground on the other side.

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