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  1. Somewhere in the paperwork that came with mine it said replace the filter at 20,000 miles. Since the filters are kinda pricey, I plan on seeing if I can just knock off any loose particles and maybe gently blow out other dirt from the inside of the filter.
  2. Welcome to the forum. The 5700lbs you mentioned for your trailer I assume is its dry weight - what is its GVWR? As mentioned by voided3, I'll echo his recommendation on using Tow/Haul Mode. In addition to what he stated, Tow/Haul Mode also disables the Auto Stop/Start feature, which I like. Though the manual states that you should use a WDH at trailer weights above 7000lbs, I'd recommend using one for smaller trailers as well. I tow a small camper with a GVWR of 3250lbs and am not using a WDH as the tongue weighs a measured 365lbs, depending on how I load it, but if I wasn't going to be upgrading to a larger trailer this coming year I might still get a WDH, if only to offset the minimal squat my truck experiences. I recently installed the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System (SES) to help with this problem, and plan on getting the Andersen WDH when I upgrade to a larger trailer. It's one of the lightest, if not the lightest, WDH on the market, and as voided3 pointed out the weight of the WDH needs to be factored in when doing your hitch weight calculations, and some of the WDHs on the market, that are very high quality I might add, weigh a lot. If you haven't done so, look at the label on the bottom of the driver's side door frame to see your truck's weight capacities as those are important when it comes to loading your truck and camper. Payload capacity on a half-ton is eaten up pretty quickly when you add up the weight of any accessories, family members, car seats, luggage, dogs, cats, and whatever else you plan on bringing, of course some of that stuff will go into the camper, but it all goes somewhere. Early on, and before any trip towing the camper, I highly recommend loading it and your truck with everything you plan on taking (including family members), to include filling the trailers fresh water tank if that's your intent (I only carry a few gallons in mine while traveling for potty breaks, then fill up at my destination or close to it), and run the rig across the scales at a nearby truck stop to learn exactly what your weights are. Manufacturer weight listings are not always accurate, and may not include the weights for the battery and filled propane tanks, and any RV dealer installed options. And finally, I also recommending you peruse the following link about WDHs: https://campaddict.com/reviews/towing/weight-distribution-hitch/ and this link about basic towing knowledge all people towing should be up to speed on: https://www.curtmfg.com/towing-capacity Good luck!
  3. I believe the short answer is no. The SD card reader for navigation only works on trucks with factory navigation. However, you can use the Maps+ (I think I have that right) app, coupled with the appropriate Onstar subscription plan for navigation that is voice turn-by-turn navigation, and I believe visual turn-by-turn directions are displayed on the DIC (no map on the infotainment screen though). A couple of aftermarket vendors do, however, offer options for upgrading to factory navigation if you have the IOS infotainment system and the SD card reader. White Automotive and Media Services is one, and OBD Genie is another. I went with the OBD Genie and am happy with the results on my 2020 Silverado LT.
  4. Requesting the build sheet, which lists all of the RPO codes for your VIN, from the GM social media account ([email protected]) is fast and will provide you with the answer. I received my build sheet within three hours of my request, though I did send my request early on a work day.
  5. As the previous poster stated, if the CAI uses an oiled filter, then oil could be contaminating the MAF. I'd suggest getting a can of MAF cleaner (not brake or carburetor cleaner), available in almost any auto parts store, and carefully clean the MAF sensor to see if that clears up the issue. As an aside, before I had the GM performance CAI installed on my truck I was considering the Cold Air Inductions CAI that uses an oiled filter. I remember the company's instructions for oiling their filter, and they were very specific as to the procedure to use, notably letting the filter sit upright for at least 24 hours after oiling to let any excess drain off before installing it to prevent contaminating the MAF. Of course this is all moot if your CAI uses a dry filter.
  6. Look at the following GM instruction sheet and see if it helps. https://ecom-dam.ext.gm.com/products/documents/ISheets_84328135.pdf
  7. If you haven't already seen it, this link will take you to an article in today's GM Authority email that you'll probably be interested in. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gmauthority.com/blog/2021/12/gm-releases-valve-lifter-service-update-for-v8-engines/amp/
  8. Silverado or Sierra? Year and model? Do you have a picture of this "filler" panel? BTW, welcome to the forum.
  9. I noticed that the part number listed is the same part number for the Silverado - I would have thought it would be a different part number for your GMC.
  10. I'm sure the more knowledgeable amongst the forum members will respond, but when I hear about rough idle issues I think things like dirty injectors or a bad spark plug, but I'm no automotive mechanic.
  11. I wonder if the tech who installed the lift performed the steering recalibration that's an integral part of the lift installation. If so, I'd think it would be annotated on the service paperwork. I don't know how not doing the steering recalibration would manifest itself, but it's something worth checking on - just a thought.
  12. As mentioned by a previous poster, if you still have the ball hitch stinger in the receiver, that could be what the sensors are sensing. However, if you've removed it, and regardless of what may or may not light up on the dash, does the rear park assist actually not work when you're backing up to an object?
  13. On the accessories page for my GM account, the wiring harness is described as being a Baja Designs harness, just as the lamps and brackets are. They may be a better option, such as the GM upfitter switches, but I assumed that the Baja Designs harness would best support their lights, but if Baja Designs outsourced their harness and just put their name on it, then maybe not. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/wire-harness-by-baja-designs-associated-accessories-19369744?model=Silverado 1500&modelId=491&bodyId=22&body=Crew Cab Pickup&wheelId=651&wheel=Short Box&trimId=430&trim=LT&driveId=8&drive=4WD&engineId=2059&engine=5.3L V8 GAS&bodyNumDoors=5&year=2020&make=Chevrolet&categoryId=171502
  14. I visited their website months ago, and while you're correct that it's another option (I misspoke when I said there wasn't another option), at $750 plus tax it's not an option for me.
  15. Good to hear it works for you, but for some of us, as in my 2020 Silverado LT, wireless AA is not an option, not due to my phone's capabilities, but because the vehicle doesn't support it. For people like me getting one of the newly introduced wireless AA dongles is the only option if I want wireless AA.
  16. For the Silverado the Baja pillar lights on the GM accessories page come with the hood hinge brackets. I'm assuming that's also the case for the Sierra. If ordering from the GM accessory site you do need to order the separate Baja wiring harness as well.
  17. This is normal, and like already mentioned it sounds like relays, ventilation components actuating. Mine does it at just under sixty seconds after shut off. I do not think it has anything to do with the seat as I have the base power seat without the fancy ejection seat option.
  18. On my 2020 5.3 the hose immediately to the left of the hose clip is what fits in the clip.
  19. Check out this post in this same forum and see if it applies to your situation.
  20. And the blue is much prettier as well. I opted to go with the Timbren SES part, which, like the Sumo product without the spacer, should only make itself known when loaded down and the suspension is compressed, or so I hope. My intent is to reduce squat when towing my small trailer, which currently is not severe, but noticeable. And since I plan on moving up to a slightly larger trailer, I figured something like the Sumo or Timbren would be beneficial.
  21. 4 mpg? While the Range Technology device will probably reduce your mpg's, it shouldn't be that bad. Sounds like there's another issue with your truck that is resulting in such poor mileage. I'd recommend disconnecting the device and see what your mileage is then.
  22. I'm concerned about the mpg. If it's less than my current 5.3L I don't want it...
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