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  1. Had the truck at the dealer yesterday for a vibration in wheel and floor. I assumed it was a tire balance problem. Dealer says the vibration occurs when the engine drops to 4cyl mode. I also have the factory cat back system that causes vibration in rear seat. For almost 70k this sucks! Were the NVH engineers out to lunch when they designed this truck? In the past I have put together my own exhaust systems and worked through harmonic vibration problems. I wrongfully assumed that GM had done this work for me. A change in motor mounts and possibly a heavier flywheel might cancel out the 4 cyl problem. It reminds me of a similar problem when the industry started using v6 engines instead of a straight line 6. Anyone have a similar experience with the 6.2?
  2. I recently had the factory cat back exhaust installed on my 2019 Sierra Ultimate 6.2 by the dealer. I saw on a Silverado reference that I have to change the calibration on the Bose Active Sound Management software. Does anyone know where to find the new calibrations?

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