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  1. Hoping someone out there can help me out with what I need to do, or what I need to encourage my local dealership to help me with. Last fall I purchased a 2019 Chevy High Country and had a GM bed cover (GM part # 84060328) which recently had a safety recall (GM recall N192217500 which was for the cover actually becoming detached from truck and blowing off in several situations). That recall has nothing to do with this severe leak as far as I know. However, I have learned that this particular truck bed cover has been discontinued and my guess if from both the safety issue and the leaking problems it has. I keep items locked in the bed of my truck - well, I used to - until every time it rains all four corners around the bed cover leaks badly. My golf bag was back there last week and my golf towel got so wet I had to squeeze the water out of it before playing that day. And obviously my bag was wet too, which is very dissatisfying. I took pictures to show the dealership so they can communicate this with GM. I am supposed to meet with their service manager next week. My local dealer is not aware of these issues with leaking. So my question is has anyone else out there had an issue with this or similar cover, which is a GM Tonneau Hard Tri Fold Cover? If so, what did you do or how did you get your issue resolved? I wish the dealership would just send it back to GM (I did learn the cover does have a 1 year warranty) and exchange or let me upgrade to one that does not leak, or at least leaks a lot less than this one. Thanks for any help or suggestions! John York Arab, AL
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