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  1. I was going to just delete this post when I realized what a dumbass I am, but figured there might be another dumbass out there too, or maybe somebody just needs to laugh at my dumb ass. Apparently if all the doors aren't shut all the way, it won't let you lock them with that button. Didn't realize the wife didn't shut her door all the way and I'm out here mad as hell at this ridiculously expensive truck not working right.
  2. My button on the door handle that locks and unlocks the doors just started acting up today. It will unlock the way it always has with 1 press unlocking just the driver door and 2nd press unlocking the other doors. But suddenly for some reason it won't lock them. Anyone had this issue before? Only thing done on it is I have the Pulsar LT, which has caused issues before but the issue it has caused has been the same every time. It sometimes makes every light on the dash come on and the only way to fix it is to stop and disconnect the battery and unplug the pulsar and wait a couple minutes and then put it back. It's only done that maybe 4-5 times in over a year though and mine was a demo one I tested for them. I doubt that would cause this issue.
  3. I notice it seems to shift different as well on my 10 spd. Much closer to sport mode is the best way I know to describe it. It also does a slight surge if you are cruising at very low speed on fairly flat road (i.e. in a neighborhood) between 1000-1300 rpm.
  4. so today I learned that the auto stop start disabling feature doesn't work if your gas light comes on. As soon as I got gas and cranked back up, was back to working right. I did turn the truck off and on a couple times before getting gas to see if it was that.
  5. Me too. Also the surging but only at 35-40 mph when light throttle
  6. 1st full day. As far as I can tell, this thing is working flawlessly. Cautiously VERY optimistic. Auto stop/start is disabled, but light remains on on the switch in the center. Wondered something this morning that someone in here with much more knowledge than me on these things might be able to answer. I know with some vehicles I've had in the past, the transmission "learns" for a period of time by your driving style/habits and makes slight adjustments to I guess try to improve efficiency? Anyway, if I remember right you could "reset" that learning and have it start over by disconnecting the neg batt terminal for a period of time or something. Anyone think this might still be relevant and could benefit this new driving on all 8 all the time modification we now have? I hope that made sense. It did in my head, but going back and reading it I'm not so sure. If not, sorry
  7. L9 is your friend til u get a range brother. L9 prevents DFM and cuts out the auto stop/start. Yeah u lose use of 10th gear, but it's not that big of a difference. With a 6.2 I'm averaging over 18mpg. No towing anything heavy yet tho. I lost my butt cuz i originally bought a 5.3 and the DFM with that 8 speed it had would feel like a cell phone on vibrate in the center console. Drove me nuts, so i traded it 1 month later for a 6.2 and lost about $4K on the trade plus had to buy a truck that was $10K more expensive. I love it though and wouldn't trade it for anything else. Favorite truck I've ever had out of 12.
  8. Mine should be here for beta testing this weekend. Trust me, if you drive a 6.2 with Corsa exhaust and CAN'T tell when the DFM kicks in you would have to be deaf or not paying any attention whatsoever. Its incredibly obvious. Before the exhaust, I could tell mainly cuz I'm OCD about that stuff, but it wasn't all that obvious to someone who either wasn't listening for it or paying close attention. Even before the Corsa exhaust broke in good it wasn't that terrible, and to be honest I wasn't real thrilled with the exhaust cuz it wasn't all that much louder or meaner than stock. But after a few months that exhaust got good and broke in and significantly louder and sounds amazing. You just hear and feel the stupid DFM. I have a problem more so with the principle of being forced to use DFM if you want to own the best looking truck on the road. Let it be an option, which you push a button to turn ON, not off. Kinda how the auto stop start SHOULD be. If I want to save gas (which is probably debatable anyway) then great, let me push a button to do so. But if I didn't buy a damn 6.2 truck for gas mileage (hello 99% of us out there) then let me run all 8 all the time if I want. Just another way our government wants to control our lives. Damn, I fell off my soapbox! Guess I'll stop now.
  9. They had a post a day or 2 ago asking for anyone interested in beta testing on Facebook
  10. In case anyone is interested, I emailed range (again for like the 5th time since April) and rather than getting a generic we're working on it and don't know when it'll be done answer I got this. Cautiously optimistic. Would be awesome to have it by end of year. And before everyone jumps in to ask why I want it or what the big deal is or they can't fell or tell when it kicks in, I have Corsa exhaust on my 6.2 and you can DEFINITELY tell when it's in DFM. Sounds like crap.
  11. Wow! I know for a fact that the service techs at my local dealership don't even know all this stuff. Hell I had to tell the guy it had DFM and not AFM and he tried to tell me it was the exact same thing. I knew it wasnt, but I certainly didnt know the details like this. Very good info. At the same time, it seems like just more that can go wrong if it doesn't work properly when if I didnt have it I wouldn't have to worry with those problems. It blows my mind that this "feature" isnt optional, similar to the ECO button in many vehicles. If I want to use it and save gas, that's great, but if I don't I should have the option not to.
  12. Well I sure hope it wasn't the same engineers that designed AFM. Look, I didnt ask for you or anyone else to give your opinion about whether or not you like DFM or if I should. I asked if anyone has heard of any progress on development to disable it. If you have something relevant to that, by all means please share, but if not why waste your time and energy telling me i need to just use it. I don't tell you how to drive your truck or care what you want to do to it. Dont worry about what i want to do to MINE.
  13. Because of the proven issues AFM has caused, and because I have corsa exhaust and it sounds like ass when DFM kicks in. I really dont care about the fuel economy. I didnt buy a truck with a 6.2 for gas mileage
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