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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience so far. If you remember in a couple hundred miles down the road when you get an idea how it affects your mpg up or down, let us know. Thanks
  2. Any update on this guy's? Could we get some input on MPG up or down. Also is the feel of response and performance gains being sustained. Thanks
  3. Mine too, at least more than I expected. A buddy of mine that has the Ram 3.0 I asked him if he noticed less than normal and he said yes. So I think it is just the diesel blend around here for the winter.
  4. Not good, glad you are safe. Man the only thing I can think of from reading all the different posts on here. Is the fuse box not being righted all the way down from factory coming loose or it being cold creating a bit of srinkage speaperating the connection cause it isn't tight enough? That was causing all types of CEL codes. Well, actually I remember another post about this a couple of months back that it happened to someone that was towing, I think. If I can find it I'll post the link. Good luck.
  5. Mine is pretty quite just about the same as a gasser. But it is a little louder now with the cold (30's) at start up, but so is my wife's car. All and all it is very comparable to the nosie level of many gassers. The sound on the inside resembles more of a gasser than a diesel. My 2500hd that I trade in was way louder and had that signature turbo whine and tick. Actually I miss that in a way. Cause this 3.0 is super quite, I assume the one you test drove one it was cold, which does make it a little louder than when it is warmer out.
  6. I wouldn't think so either, but maybe they had to take off the oil filler neck or dip stick to get to it. On my old 6.6 duramax I had to loosen the oil filler neck to get the thermostat housing cover up enough to replace the thermostats. So maybe it's possible something like that may have happened. But I haven't dug into this 3.0 yet, so just a thought. I feel your pain, I would not be a happy camper about it.
  7. Man, sorry to here about that. I have 13,500 miles on mine and haven't had a problem yet. Did the dealership do a oil change or any work in that area and didn't tighten everything back up? I totally understand your second guess on the truck, you just got it! I really hope it is nothing and just something they didn't tighten up when you had the warranty work done. Hope you can start enjoy the truck like I have with mine.
  8. That's interesting, maybe the tech put in the wrong oil? I know the paperwork said the right stuff, but? The right oil for our trucks is not out there in good supply yet. It makes me think about it everytime I get mine changed at the dealership. I have seen a couple stories on here that make me worry. If that's the case your dealership has to cover it one way or another. Can't say third party did it. Keep us us posted on it. Sorry, your down such a nice truck.
  9. Curious on those vertex shock, the seem like they would be nice to have. Being adjustable to dail in the ride feel you like.
  10. Good to hear, sounds like they are trying to make it right. I hope it solves the problem and you can start enjoying your truck!! No telling what happened to the valve between manufacturing, shipping and then assembly. It's good to get the bugs out now, instead of later leaving you stuck somewhere.
  11. Wow, sorry to here that. Did they say what code it was? If so try and search on the forum and maybe someone on has the solution already. The 3.0 is new so I am sure not all dealers are up to data yet. Could help them track it down faster and correctly. Also curious in case it happens to me.
  12. Congrats!!! You will love it! I have really enjoyed my 3.0. I've got 13,500 miles on mine so far and it's been fun!
  13. So far I have been lucky and never needed a warranty repair. Fingers crossed. I understand the wanted peace of mind, it is nice to have. Best thing I can say is read what it covers in detail. I am sceptical, I always here stories that it doesn't cover what you think. Also there are stories on here that some folks have a tough time to get the dealership to do the work if it is something hard to pin down or say it is with in spec. When you know something is not right. Although others report only good things. So it's a tough call. One last thing well you be th
  14. The 5100s, and I got the rear 5100s for the trailboss so they would be the right length for the added blocks. Rides firmer but a softer firm and takes out most of the front bounce the ranchos had.
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