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  1. The 5100s, and I got the rear 5100s for the trailboss so they would be the right length for the added blocks. Rides firmer but a softer firm and takes out most of the front bounce the ranchos had.
  2. I did the bilsteins at the top level and ride and angles are good. Didn't measure before and after but I would say it is close to the 2.5 inch mark. I also add 2inch blocks to the back. For clarifying it is a durmax.
  3. So here it is, front set at the 2.5 and I put 2inch blocks in the back with the standard size for the trailboss shock in rear. Rides great, firmer feel and so far has taken the bouncy feeling from the front with a soft but firm response with no after bounce. Tire and wheel setup is stock 275/60r20.
  4. I have had the front and rears with a 2" blocks in my truck for about a month. Life happens so I haven't had time to do it. So I am getting a shop to do it Thursday. I'll post some pics when I pick it up and try to take one before and after.
  5. The 24-309516 are stock trailboss size, so if your wanting to put a 2inch blocks in the rear that is what you need. if you are keeping the stock rear height you need the 24-293471.
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