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  1. Ok, I feel like I am a pretty good backyard mechanic but after I get the torx screws out of the plastic liner, for the life of me. I cant release the 3 clips holding that piece in. Any particular technique to getting it out?
  2. They have an add a fuse connection that plugs right into your under hood box.
  3. You and I think alike, I wanted something that would stand the test of time and be practical. I drive road miles and dont care to "test" my truck's potential. I have had it since Sept/2019 and have 2,000 miles on it.
  4. I am really leaning toward the Icons. Looking at the reviews and liking what I hear about these.
  5. Before I get beat up, yes I put the 1.5 under strut Motofab level spacer on my Trailboss. Been driving it for 5 months with no problems. Let's just say I want to put some new uca's on to avoid any issues with the joint angle in the future. Give me some good direction on replacements. Thanks
  6. If you identify as a Raptor, all of the recalls go away! ?
  7. Guy out of Hawaii, 3D prints the brackets and easy plug and play wiring. Look at this on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/312961668578
  8. I did and wish that I had of bit the bullet and got both sides.
  9. This is what I used. Seating Solutions, great installation and solid. seating-solutions | eBay Stores https://www.ebay.com/str/seatingsolutions
  10. Thanks, I just needed to hear that from others. I look at mine from time to time checking for any abnormal wear. I am happy with the setup.
  11. Anybody out there that has done the Motofab under strut level....have you purchased some upper control arms that work good with the new angle. Factory arms are holding up good, just looking to the future.
  12. Looks like the textered matte black finish on the one above. Do they offer the smoke clear/gloss black in one of these?
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