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  1. Thanks all for your feedback, I haven’t bought a brand new GM product in some time so I guess I’m a bit paranoid lol. I still plan to proceed with my AT4 purchase, just thought I’d look around and research as much as possible. Will update soon with pics and what not, thanks again
  2. I’m planning on buying a 2019 in May, more specifically an AT4. Going through the forum I’m seeing the negative experiences are outweighing the positive experiences when purchasing these new trucks. Lots of mechanical and software issues. I know normally you here more of the bad things since people come here to look for answers, someone with no issues is less likely to make a post. So my question is, those of you with 2019 Sierra models (1500’s, AT4’s,) that have had zero issues, can you all chime in and make me feel a little more confident in my purchase that’s coming up soon?
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