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  1. Yep. Just got mine down today too. Noise is gone. Hopefully it lasts
  2. Has anyone tried putting little wedges between roof and spoiler to maybe put pressure on it to prevent it from popping/clicking?
  3. I hear the same exact noise. Actually 3 different noises. First one sounds like an acorn hitting the roof. Second one sounds like a strap slapping between the cab and bed. Third is a clicking or knocking coming from the rear window area
  4. I think I’m experiencing the same issue as you on my ‘19 Sierra Denali. Sounds like a clunking when taking slow turns or when going over bumps at an angle that makes the truck rock back and forth
  5. Anybody experiencing clunking coming from the rear bed area or rear suspension? Sounds like the bed is clunking around when rocking back and forth taking slow turns or going over bumps at an angle.
  6. Thanks. I did mess around with 2 wires that lead to the sliding windows because I suspected it might be coming from that area. Every time I mess with them the sound goes away but then comes back. Are you talking about the plastic chain to the left of the sliding windows? I don’t know why that would be making a clicking noise but I think I know what you are talking about with putting a piece of soft Velcro between the chain and plastic housing
  7. Anybody experiencing a clicking or knocking sound coming from the rear seat area in a 2019 Sierra? It happens intermittently but it’s so annoying. I don’t think it’s the headrests like some have experienced. Also anyone experiencing a clunking sound coming from why seems like the rear suspension or leaf springs. Going around sharp curves or bumps at low speeds
  8. Are you guys hearing a rattling or clicking/knocking sound coming from the rear seat area? Because I’m hearing some kind of knock or clicking
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