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  1. Power Window Issue

    My 2010 Sierra did the same thing...the switch on the driver's door would lower the passenger window, but not raise it back up. I found a video on youtube that showed removing the swith, taking it apart and cleaning the contacts.
  2. POS AFM components. Lifter failed and wiped out the cam. It's a common failure in these trucks/SUVs with AFM. Good news...no more noise, for now. Bad news...they are replacing the bad parts with identical parts that are likely to fail down the road.
  3. Contact the seller through Ebay and ask them who made them, or offer to buy just the wheels https://www.texastrucktire.com/
  4. New window seals won't help...it's a problem with this generation of GM products. Pull the "weatherstipping" on the bottom of the door to where one of the clips comes out and it will clear the water out. Also, there are very small holes in the bottom corners of the doors that are supposed to let the water drain out. They are so small, though, that they get clogged easily. Use a pipe cleaner and run it in the hole a few times and it will clear the blockage out and allow the water to drain.
  5. What year truck is it? How old is the battery? The newer trucks (07-present) do strange things when the battery starts going bad. Have the battery tested at a local O'Rielly's, AZ, etc
  6. Why not just buy the AC Delco part from Rock Auto... $32 for economy part (Economy part) $68 for daily driver part (Daily Driver part) $62-$67 for Moog premium part (Moog Premium part 1) or (Moog Premium part 2)
  7. No help to OP at all...2006 and 2015 vehicles are totally different beasts. 2006 trucks didn't have AFM And a misfire on cylinder 7 (or any other cylinder for that matter) doesn't necessarily mean replacing the lifters. It could be the coil pack, bad spark plug, bad plug wires, ECM, fuel-air ratio, etc...any number of things can cause a misfire.
  8. Probably be easier and cheaper to find a donor door than repair the current door
  9. A/c Cabin Sensor

    If you're sitting in the driver seat, it's right above your head (little round grille)
  10. Escalade?

    There is for the 2015-2019 Escalade https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/173-2015-2019-suburbantahoe-yukonyukon-denali/ For previous model years, just post in the appropriate sub-forum for the model year of the vehicle in question. 99-13 model years https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/3-1999-2013-silverado-sierra-1500/ You pretty much answered your own question...they are all mechanically identical
  11. There are 2 fuses that protect the cruise control (or at least there is in the 05 Tahoes). Without knowing which vehicle it is you are working on, check the CIG LTR fuse in the underhood fuse block. In the 05 Tahoe's, that fuse also protects the cruise control.
  12. What is the vehicle we are supposed to be diagnosing?
  13. Most of the time, the "buzzing" you are hearing is due to a grounding issue. Make sure you have a good ground...no paint, good metal-metal contact, etc
  14. http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/chassis-suspension/1305dp-lifitng-vs-leveling-which-is-right-for-you/

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