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  1. 6.5" or 6.75" You can plug your vehicle info in on the Crutchfield site and it will tell you what items will fit your vehicle
  2. AFM in the 2016 models isn't an issue (that I've read of). The issues are with the early model year's with AFM (I think 2013 is when they updated the AFM components). I had a Range module on my 2010 and still had a lifter collapse, so it's not as simple as just turning it off. I replaced all lifters with non-AFM lifters, a new non-AFM cam (collapsed lifter gouged up the original AFM cam), new valley plate, oil pump, non-VVT timing cover, new gaskets, head bolts, cam bolt, etc....and fuel mileage increased after trashing the AFM. Before, I was averaging 16-18 mpg...after removing all AFM parts, I was averaging 18-19 mpg. Only time the AFM ever kicked in before I got the Range module, was on the interstate, and going down a grade.
  3. AFM delete kit from TSP...replace all lifters with non-AFM lifters, ditch the cam and go with a non-AFM cam, new valley plate, new timing cover (non-VVT), send ECM off to Brendan at LT1swap.com to program VVT out http://www.lt1swap.com/afm_delete.htm
  4. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/217773-2007-2013-silverado-sierra-with-the-53-whats-yall-experience-with-these-trucks/?tab=comments#comment-2185887 https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/213621-looking-to-buy-a-2010-gmc/?tab=comments#comment-2134207
  5. Oil Recommendations?

    There's this magical little booklet in the console or glove box, usually referred to as the "owner's manual" that shows has the specs for the fluids, along with most everything else you need to know about your truck. If there's not one in the truck, they can be found within about 30 seconds online. This screenshot is directly from the 2017 Silverado owner's manual
  6. If carnau said he'll look it up, he'll get the info and let you know. He's good about getting back to people that he is helping.
  7. Duct tape, really?

    Take the truck to the service department and tell them the tape is pulling off and see if they will warranty it
  8. Truck longevity

    My wife has an 05 Tahoe with right at 280000 on the odometer. The Tahoe was purchased with 52 miles on it, and 30 of those were put on it when we test drove it. It has been the best vehicle I've purchased. The only "major" work I've had to do to it (if you can consider it major) is changing the water pump. The little issues it's had is the heater hose connectors cracking, it takes a while to fill with fuel (working on that this weekend), and the "blind spots" as my lovely bride refers to them...it's more of an "I don't feel like looking behind me so I'll just bump into that pole behind me" issue (I know it's not an issue with the vehicle...it's just aggravating when she comes home with a new beauty mark on it and says it's because she can't see behind her). Other minor issues are the CD player died (won't eject a CD), a rear window regulator died last year along with the window switch on the other rear door, and the color is peeling from the dash, which is a lot better than the cracked dash that is a standard feature on the 08-12 models.
  9. license plate fee

    When I renewed my tags last August, my 2010 was $93 (Alabama).
  10. replacing broken dash

    Pretty much the same as in this video
  11. Mirrors/Wheels

    Some people like the chrome look, some don't. When I bought my '10, it had the chrome mirror caps and door handles. I liked the look at first, but the more I saw trucks with color matched mirror caps and door handles, I knew the chrome had to go. Had a door handle break one day, and I found a complete set of 4 OEM color matched door handles cheaper than what people were asking for a set of chrome handles.
  12. 2011 Sierra Remote Start

    Also, make sure the hood is closed. If it is, check the hood switch...switch could be going bad, showing that hood is open, when it is actually closed.
  13. Check with a local upholstery shop....they can probably cut you some for around the same price.
  14. 2011 Sierra Remote Start

    Check engine light on? If so, remote start won't work when there is a code being thrown. When I inherited my dad's 2011 3500HD, I'd use the remote start on my way to the truck after work. One day, it didn't work (don't remember if the lights flashed or not). Got in and cranked it up and saw the CEL was on (had a glow plug fail).

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