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  1. Oil level below crosshatches is LOW Oil level above crosshatches is HIGH Oil level in crosshatch area is normal operating level Directly from the owners manual (pretty useful little book...GM should think about putting them in every vehicle)
  2. If you're worried about it, take it off and weld a piece of flat bar 2-3" long onto each end of the bracket
  3. For what you'll pay for leather seats, check into either Katzkin leather seat covers or LeatherSeats. Leather quality is better than OEM and will probably cost you about the same
  4. I sure wish these vehicle manufacturers would print some kind of book or pamphlet describing the systems and features of the vehicle...sort of like an owner's manual or something like that Oh, wait a sec...
  5. Google "TPMS Emulator" Don't know if it will work or not without the sensors, you would probably have to contact the manufacturer to find out before purchasing
  6. Just a shot in the dark, but, start with the manufacturer of the rough country bars, maybe? When I needed a new pad for my Raptor bars, I emailed Raptor and had a new pad within a week.
  7. You should ask about getting a refund on your membership fees
  8. Think they're referred to as "honeycomb" wheels There are 2 different wheels with nearly the same pattern...one is like the picture you posted with the flat on the "fork" (honeycomb type) while the other has more of a "Y" shape (snowflake type). I believe this would be the one you are needing (double check first though). Can't tell if yours is chrome and is dirty or if it's machined https://www.elementwheels.com/wheels/replica-wheels/gmc-sierra-replica-wheel-silver-machined-face-fr44/replica-fr44sil2090
  9. Will they damage your engine? Doubtful, especially since that's what would be put on it if you had oil changes done at the dealer service dept Are there better filters? Yes The PF48E is the PF48 filter, just redesigned to make it cheaper and sell it for the same price, if not more. There's a post on here that shows the 2 cut apart to compare them. Big difference in the two filters. Go with a Wix or Napa Gold filter (they are the same filter...Wix makes the Napa Gold filter). IIRC, the Wix filter that cross references to the PF48(e) is the 57060. If you're dead set on using ACDelco, find a PF48 or PF63 (PF63 is a little longer than the PF48 giving a little more capacity)
  10. Get a battery tie down, either OEM or aftermarket. Also, make sure your battery cables are tight
  11. The charging system on this generation of trucks/SUVs ('07 and up) only charges when needed (alternator doesn't supply a steady charge to the system as older vehicles do). You'll see the voltage meter fluctuate (on my '10, I'd see it down around12v and up to around 16v). I doubt the LED light strip is causing the voltage fluctuation and CEL to come on. Need to get the codes read to see what is causing the CEL to come on. If you're talking about the remote start, no, it will not start the vehicle if the CEL is on.
  12. Places like this usually buy the pitted, corroded, flaking wheels and refinish them, then turn around and resell them. They'd likely buy your current wheels, refinish them, then turn around and resell them for 2-3x more than what they paid you for them. My daughter busted 2 wheels when she hit a curb a few years ago in her Trailblazer. Junk yards and GM parts sites wanted right at $400 per wheel. I found a place online that sold refurbished/refinished wheels and got 2 wheels for $200 each. They had been scratched and pitted and then refinished. You couldn't tell the difference between them and a set of new wheels.
  13. IF you can find a new cluster for an 18 yr old vehicle, it's probably gonna cost ya big $. Getting your current cluster refurbished will be as good as new, at a fraction of the cost. Most people/companies that refurb them replace all stepper motors and lighting (guy that did the cluster on my wife's Tahoe did the stepper motors and replaced all lighting for $125 several years back). Probably not over $100 now. Computer maintains mileage if you need to drive it while it's out. Most places have a day or so turnaround on repairs
  14. Check with a local upholstery shop or amazon... https://www.amazon.com/1999-2002-Chevy-Silverado-Replacement-Cushion/dp/B015QE1G4S
  15. $2.21 for regular (87 octane at the Murphy station I stop at on my way to work) $2.59 for diesel at same station I try to fill up with diesel when I take my daughter to school or pick her up...diesel is about 10¢ cheaper in Mobile
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