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  1. Easiest way...sell your current truck and buy a LWB truck Like shakenfake said, you'd have to cut the frame, weld in new frame extenders, new driveshaft, longer brake lines, electrical wiring, fuel lines, new bed
  2. On the left is "Low Temperature Cooling Circuit Coolant Reservoir and Pressure Cap" Middle is "Brake Fluid Reservoir" Right is "Engine Coolant Surge Tank and Pressure Cap"
  3. If we only knew what year truck you're working on...there's some sharp folks on here, but not many are psychic and automatically know what year your truck is
  4. ^^^This^^^ From the little book that vehicles usually have in the glove compartment...
  5. Check and see if the cigarette lighter outlet and OBD port (if you have a code scanner) is working. If not, check the cruise control fuse (can't remember right off hand which fuse it is, but in my 05 Tahoe, the fuse controls the cruise control, cigarette lighter outlet, and OBD port)
  6. OEM speakers are notorious for going bad...strange that they both went out at the same time though First, check FADER settings and make sure it hasn't been adjusted to just play through front speakers. You can check fuses (I think they're #41 and 42 in the underhood fuse block) and make sure they're good, but if you're getting sound from the other speakers, the fuses shouldn't be a problem. If FADER settings are set to go through front and rear speakers, it's time to start pulling door panels and checking speakers. You can pull a speaker from front door and hook up to the rear door and see if it works. If it does, then proceed to checking wiring going through the doors.
  7. Probably a local dealer customization package...down here, there were a couple different shops the trucks were sent to to be customized (ChooChoo Cutoms is the one that comes to mind immediately). Trucks had a fancy paint job/graphics, ground effects package, aftermarket wheels installed, etc
  8. So, what does this have to do with the GM-trucks.com website? Post your issue in the correct sub-forum (in your case, you want to post in the 2020+ Siverado HD & Sierra HD sub-forum https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/240-2020-silverado-hd-sierra-hd/)
  9. It's a known problem with the CD players in the GMT800 trucks/SUVs. If I remember correctly, it's a plastic gear that is stripped Fix for mine was to yank the OEM out and throw in an aftermarket head unit. Aftermarket head unit is about the same cost as repair of the old unit
  10. Bag it, make it a low-rider,and put it on the ground when you park...can't steal the cats, if they can't get under it.
  11. As mentioned earlier, check pressure with manual pressure gauge. If it proves to actually be low pressure, you might want to check/replace the pickup tube o-ring. Oil pressure on our 05 Tahoe started falling off a while back but was still over 30#. I got in to drive it to work one day and pressure wouldn't get over 20#. I turned around and went back to the house and drove my truck instead. Dropped the oil pan, removed the pickup tube and the pickup tube o-ring came apart in 3 pieces. Replaced the o-ring and oil pan gasket and oil pressure is now running close to 50 at cold idle and a little over 40 once warmed up and running down interstate.
  12. About the only "compensation" you'll see, is the cup of coffee they offer you in the service department/body shop while they figure out how much they'll charge you for a repaint
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