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  1. Not familiar with GMs version of the adaptive CC, but my wife's 4Runner has it and I hate it. If the front camera (or whatever it is that detects the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you) is dirty, blocked, or obstructed another way, it will not allow the cruise control to be turned on and will give you a message on the DIC saying that the camera is dirty and needs to be cleaned or cleared and CC is unavailable.
  2. Not mine, but pretty close...only 5 monitors, with no windows in our control room (control room is, more or less, a fortified "conex" built to be blast proof.
  3. UPDATE: Was finally able to get back on this door issue tonight. Door panel can be pulled with the door closed, but it is rough. I was able to get a panel removal tool at the bottom corner of the door and had enough leverage to pry the panel out enough to pop the clip loose. I worked my way around the edge of the panel, popping each clip loose as I got to one. I had to move the front seat as far forward as it would go and adjust the back rest as far forward as it would go and slide the panel toward the front. Once the panel was removed, I was able to reach in the door and push the rod co
  4. I saw something fall out when pulling the panel off, but only found a small piece of foam and one of the panel clips. Once I got everything put back on and gave up for the night (we're getting feeder bands from Hurricane Ida), I saw this clip under the edge of the truck. Part # shows it to be "Clip, Front Side Door Outside Handle (Retains Handle to Base)" https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-clip-20828232.html Now, to pull the panel back off (or get the door open somehow) and find out exactly where this clip goes
  5. 2011 GMC Sierra Denali (3500HD, but that doesn't really matter)...rear door handle broke. Replaced with new door handle and didn't think about trying the door before putting the door panel back on. Put the door panel back on, shut the door and tried to open it and it won't open with outer handle or the inner handle. Any ideas on how to either get the door panel off with the door closed or open the door in order to get the door panel off. I have checked the videos on youtube with no success.
  6. You forgot the 2 other important things to make it happen...time and money
  7. Had the 1st Phizer injection about 2 weeks ago...sore arm the next day was the only "issue" I had
  8. It's about as common as the letters GM on this site. My '10 Sierra cracked at about 38000 miles...went to the dealer and they gave me a price of $600, with me being on the hook for $300. And the replacement would not be warrantied. When I was looking to get a replacement, I found the "updated" dash panels on ebay for around $500 with free shipping or you can order one from one of the GM parts sites for around $250 with shipping being $250. Either way you'll be out $500+ then labor costs if you have someone do the install
  9. Winner winner chicken dinner Get some aftermarket speakers (I replaced mine with Kickers) and kill 2 birds with one stone...replaces the bad speaker and gives you a little better sound
  10. That was probably figured out about 5 years ago
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