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  1. I also had checking with a dealer for a buildsheet and looking up RPO codes, but deleted them and forgot to put them back on the reply.
  2. About midway down the page, under the DETERMINING YOUR TRIM there is a VIN decoder https://www.webuyallcarsinnj.com/how-to-find-your-cars-trim/
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Denso-550-2400-TPMS-Sensor/dp/B011ING6VE/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=5502400&qid=1566386191&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  4. Upstream of catalytic converter-- #2133533 (AC DELCO) Downstream of converter-- # 2133538 (AC DELCO)
  5. Those sections are already on the site as linked in the post above
  6. Should be in the fuse/relay panel on the side of the dash panel (Driver side) or in the fuse/relay block under the hood.
  7. Gonna have to replace the whole door panel or come up with a decent fix for it...
  8. Pics were originally hosted on photobucket. They started charging to have pics hosted there...if the user didn't pay the hosting fee, the pics are no longer available...OP even stated so late last year.
  9. http://rockfordcv.com/GM_torque.htm
  10. Was just going through checking what Amazon had for their Amazon prime deal days...found this Torq Torqx kit. I figured this would be a good entry level kit for those wishing to do their own buffing/polishing. Comes with the RO polisher, pads, backing plate, and chemical guys polish and compound kit. Polisher alone is listed at $117 while the entire kit is $112 TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (9 Items) And, it's now back to $160
  11. IMO, the 5.3 engines in the GMT800 line of trucks/SUVs is the best engines GM ever put out (not counting the carburated engines of the 80s...personally, I'd rather have a truck from the mid-80s than any of today's trucks). My wife's 05 Tahoe has 290000 miles on it and the only "major" work I've done on it is changed that water pump a couple of years ago. I'm getting ready to get her something else, and when I do, I'm thinking of doing some engine work on it and driving it myself.
  12. I was replacing the headlights in my '10 about every 15 months. Started out using the cheaper, dimmer Sylvania bulbs, then switched to the mid range Sylvania bulbs, etc. The brighter the bulb, the hotter it gets, and the shorter the lifespan. The last time I changed the bulbs, I bought some LED replacements off of Amazon. Also, as mentioned earlier, turn your headlights off if they're not needed (daytime driving, unless local laws require them to be on). Crank the truck and turn the headlight dial to the OFF position...it will spring back to the AUTO position (I think, I'd have to take a look at the switch to see the positions), but the lights will stay off until truck is turned off and restarted or the switch is turned back in the ON position.
  13. GM started putting the AFM crap in the Silverado/Sierra/Yukon/Tahoe 5.3 engines in 07...you do not have any AFM components in the 05. In fact, when doing an AFM-DOD delete, you can replace all lifters and the cam in AFM engines with the lifters and cam from the GMT800 5.3 engines.
  14. Common issue...There are a couple of small holes at the corners of the doors where the water should drain out when closed. They get plugged with dust/dirt/debris and keep the water from draining. Get a small pipe cleaner and run in and out of the corner holes to clear it up.
  15. You said they changed the oil pressure sensor and sending unit, but did they check/clean/replace the filter under the sending unit? If not, I'd replace the filter under the sensor before doing anything else. P0400 indicates a malfuntion with the EGR valve/wiring P0521 indicates faulty pressure sensor/wiring/etc
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