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  1. Not sure what mirror you are talking about as there are two kinds out there. First one flips down and the full mirror is a screen and basically is a real time of whats behind you coming from the tailgate, wife has this on her acadia, its nice in a way but is also distracting and kind of can get you sick if you look at it The second one which I had on my 21 2500 was button and showed the bed in a square on one side of the mirror. Honestly it sucked, only stayed on for like 8 seconds and didnt work at all at night. Adding options like this used to be easy 10 years ago, as the plugs were there, you bought the item plugged it in and off you went. Manufactures got smart, while the plug is probably still there, you can just plug it in anymore. Chances are the dealer will activate that feature which many charge for, if they even do it or can do it.
  2. If your talking routine maint the cost negligible. Going to dealer your going to pay double for the oil change. Do it yourself cost will be close to the same, newer duramaxes dont take that much oil, older power strokes had like 14 qts, think my 21 was only like 8. And youll be doing fuel filters a year. Here is where the cost in the diesel comes, the 10k upfront charge, break fix maint on the engine is probably about double the cost if that occurs, and while a diesel gets 15-20% better mpg your going to spend 70 cents to 1.50 more per gallon at fill up or another $17 bucks up to $50 more a fill up. Bottom line is youll never save money or recoup the cost of the diesel unles that truck is your job.
  3. Owned a 21 Duramax now into a 22 GMC gasser. while the 6.6 is better then the 6.0 its not on the same planet as the diesel. Every day driving you probably wont notice much, although my 22 is a complete dog in certain rpm ranges. I switched out because $200 fill ups for minor hauling just wasnt worth it.
  4. Towing wise what you are describing, a half ton could handle. The 2500 gasser will definitely handle that, and you wouldnt need a dually. I have a 22 gasser it hauls fine, but after owning many diesels including a 21 diesel, theres no comparison between the two. With that said i made the switch because the amount of towing and weight just couldnt justify the $200 fill ups anymore with diesel.
  5. Thats where Im at. do what the book says and move on. Theres no empirical data saying doing it early or playing around does anything. Reality is americans dont keep cars past 12 years old, average age is more like 8-9. WIth average mileage being 12k a year, your talking 120k miles. A lot of that is for good reason. The motor its self is rarely the reason the car dies or its time to ditch it. Salt kills everything around it, trans, diffs, electronics etc. New cars often are cheaper insurance, more fuel efficient and some cost are offset that way. Also with newer cars electronics are expensive. You can have your 15 year old car that is worth 4k, but the dash goes out and its a 3k fix, not worth keeping it around.
  6. Thats the reality up here with salt. Your just not getting more than 12-15 years before its rotted out, which is anywhere from 150-300k miles. There are some outliers where the old man grocery gitter is still alive and the few hoopties driving around, in general most are ditching cars around 10 year mark.
  7. Engines do not need break in periods like they used to, even te manual says so. To me there is some common sense, give everything a few miles then have at it. A lot of old wives tales out there, same goes for the 3k oil change, there is nothing from manufacture, experts, oil experrts to point to this, but you still have the peace of mind guys out there. GM has an interest in ensuring these things are good for 100-150k, on average people are getting new cars around 7-8 years or around 100-120k miles. Me personally Im not going past 50-60k much less 100k, for me its the next guys problem.
  8. All the vehicles Ive ever had, never had push updates that changed anything like on a phone, just make bug fixes. With that said doesnt mean that day isnt coming. Be careful with saying paid, before you know it were paying to use our own dashboards.
  9. You would think it would be customizable. but can tell you I have had plenty of speedos on the left, my shelby is on the left. With that said most of the digital stuff ive had has the speedo in the center and the tach off to the left or right lately. my 2022 DIC sucks in many ways, GMs has always kind of been that way, so if the 24 it wouldnt surprise me
  10. No I agree its whatsver you enjoy. Heck I own a boat and there zero logic in one of those lol. But I enjoy and understand what it takes.
  11. It is to get experiences. Im a mid careerist and for the longest of times wanted the bus RV or the 45ft fifth wheel. Camped my whole life and just sold a 38ft fifth wheel a few years ago that stayed in a year round campground. We do a lot of weekend travels in hotels and what not and 2-3 weekish trips to hotels now. Miss having my stuff and a nice place, but dont miss the set up and tear down or the maint. Or even being relegated to there I could find a campground. Just changed my mind on things. I can get a hotel thats pretty good for $150 or less, factor in 100k for a truck a trailer, I would have to stay in that trailer over 700 nights just to look at breaking even on having the thing vs staying in a $150 hotel. Thats not including insurance, maint, increased fuel cost, its probably more like 1000 nights. Unless Im camping 24/7 not so sure Im sniffing at 1000 nights for a long time
  12. Id really say rent first as well. There are some diehards out there, that love it, and theres nothing like traveling with your own mansion and stuff with you. Just think people get big eyes. But you start talking 6 figures or more to purchase a rig and truck, insurance, maint, and the fact of rolling down the road with 45 feet and 15k lbs is stressful. Some say I will save money in not renting hotels. Doubtful. Camping sites are now 50-60 bucks to well over 100. Even if you get in walmart parking lot for free or bobs backwater campground for 10 bucks, takes a lot of nights to make up a 100k trailer. But again some people just want the adventure. Like I said two guys that work in Indiana I know both said 30-40% are back within a year downsizing or selling. and they both said well over half are out of those big rigs by year 3-5
  13. 14k dry? Loaded can be a lot more. Not only does this demand a deisel, it also demands a dually. Secondly I highly suggest looking at the rig you are getting and really think about it. I know the typical retirement dream is to go out and buy a house sized trailer and haul it around. I have a few buddies in the RV market, and around third to 40% of these guys are back within a year downsizing
  14. Normal. Expecting a lot when towing to not do this. My 21 diesel it was a lot less in this situation. I had a challenger and wife had a Dodge journey and never towed with those and those were erratic by 3-4mph
  15. Yeah would have to agree. we have the 2500 and an acadia. Truck is for towing, moving things, and occasional long trips where crowds and such wont be present. I wouldnt go with an equinox style SUV to small, but the acadia is perfect, easier to drive, gets 50% better MPG and easier to park all the while handling most luggage and such. If your caught with the only can have one vehicle it would be the truck. But if not I wouldnt be using the 2500 as a travel wagon.
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