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  1. Wow... there is something deeper going on here... why is it that mostly it’s the drivers side going bad? And so quickly. Seems they are faulty/failing straight from factory.
  2. Does the new one match up color wise to the old light? Not to get you all paranoid or anything hahaha
  3. Wow. You had quite an experience. I really hope that doesn’t happen to me. The dealer just got my new light in after waiting 2 weeks. I’m trying to get it in next week to have it swapped. I’m going to analyze the color very closely when I pick it up. And, yes, I have noticed that most of the trucks with this issue have it on the drivers side. However, I have seen 1 or 2 around my town that had both sides bad. And, there is another guy in the other main thread on this and he said both of his went bad. Also, my drivers side light beam is also brighter white and more powerful then my passenger si
  4. I think mostly only the OCD people, like the majority of us on these forums even notice or care. Haha
  5. I would disagree with you. I’ve noticed dozens of GMCs with this same issue in the smallish town I live in. I’m not making the claim due to 3 people on this forum and I’m not labeling it that every truck has this issue. Obviously it’s a somewhat small percentage of overall trucks on the road, but it’s still a prevalent issue.
  6. My concern is that it’s likely that GM hasn’t remedied the issue in manufacturing and that we are going to keep having this problem even after the units are replaced and then once the truck is out of warranty, we are stuck. Or out of pocket a lot of money. Based on the newest trucks (built in 2021) still having this issue, I’m not very confident.
  7. Sorry to hear, seems this is a very common issue. As an update: I just took mine in finally last week. The dealership looked at it and said they would order a new headlight unit. Something like $1500 for just drivers side. Hopefully it arrives this week and I can get it installed.
  8. Ha! Well mine appears more purple... and it’s only the drivers side. So, my OCD won’t allow that
  9. Yep. That’s probably what I’m going to do. Then I’ll address the other one if it starts malfunctioning.
  10. Because I was hoping my passenger side one would turn purple also so I can get them both swapped out at the same one. Only my drivers side is purple right now. And, my OCD has been killing me. I’ll probably get it scheduled in the next 2-3 weeks when I need my oil changed.
  11. I’m still living with it being purple... I’ve been kind of waiting to see if the other one is going to turn also. I’d like them both swapped out. Are both of yours purple or just one?
  12. Yes, mine is parked outside all day. Too damn big to fit in my garage . Not sure about UV. Only my drivers side has turned purple. Seems like something with the actual LEDs are failing. I read some article a while back about how all LEDs emit a blue color... and they apply a phosphor to change the light to white. If that’s the case, seems that the phosphor is failing.
  13. I’ll ask, but I’m sure GM will say they have to send the defective unit back to GM corporate. They need to figure out what’s going on and quit building units that are failing. It’s gonna suck once we get out of warranty and we are stuck with purple DRLs... or spend $1200 per lamp to replace them. I think I’ve seen maybe one Silverado on the road with a purple DRL. I’ve seen a few Sierra’s with the issue. I guess it’s not super prevalent.
  14. 1badc5... not sure what the chances are, but I just posted this same topic on another thread yesterday... see link to my post below. I have the exact same problem. My truck only has 6k miles and the drivers side DRL turned purplish blue at top only. I took it to GM already, they acknowledged it. However, I didn’t have time to leave it. I’ll be taking it back in the next few weeks to have them look again. Good to know your dealer replaced them with no issue. This is frustrating for sure.
  15. Thanks for linking this! I’ll reply to this thread also and share my picture.
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