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  1. 10-4. Let us know. I’m just living with mine as I have no other choice now.
  2. Following back up. Your light still white like it should be?
  3. They are playing dumb and hoping you take the bait. Take it to another dealer. Get second opinion. Most I’ve talked to have had zero issues getting GM to admit it’s faulty and order replacement.
  4. Glad they got yours fixed and didn’t hassle you. Hopefully it lasts! BTW: Mine is the same way, with the headlights on, I don’t see any purple with the surround. Someone else mentioned that the surround dims when the headlights are on, but I don’t understand why that would have an impact on the color. Who knows.
  5. well, mine still isn’t fixed. They have to replace the entire headlight assembly, as it is built in one piece. I took mine to the dealer a couple of weeks ago, they swapped the light for the new one. I drove it for four days and it had already turned purple again. Now I’m just kind of waiting it out to hear that they have actually issued a bulletin or have confirmed to have headlight units that are no longer affected with the issue. Obviously the one day swapped me for Was an older production unit that still has the problem. Or, possibly there is an issue on the truck side that is not related to the light that is causing it. I have not talked to anybody that really knows what is causing the failure. You could always have them order a new light and give it a shot. No guarantees.
  6. I understand it’s trivial in the grand scheme. It’s more principle. It’s something GM hasn’t seemed to figure out... or care enough to issue a bulletin yet. Seeing as how this is a very prevalent defect, GM needs to take some action. Also, my frustration is taking off work, taking the time to get it scheduled, the entire day to get it replaced, and 4 days later it’s back to screwed up. Yes, I’m OCD and it bothers me more than most, I’m sure.
  7. In any case, I’m planning on writing a letter to corporate. This is my first GMC. I’ve had a great experience thus far and really like the truck, however, they’ve got an issue here and I refuse to just accept that it won’t ever be corrected. GM needs to get their top engineers fully engaged with this issue and get to the bottom of it.
  8. I’ve heard that also. That probably explains it
  9. You might be on to something... it’s really strange that they are failing so quickly. And the fact that it’s only driver’s side on the majority of these trucks points to something also.
  10. Yes... I agree. I’d say 90% or more are only drivers side... but I did just so happen to see an SLT tonight with passenger side purple also. And, interesting and quick twist of fate for me. 4 days into having mine replaced, I just noticed today that it’s already turned purple... so... I’m not a happy camper. They had my truck all day, had to pull the whole front end off truck, and 4 days later it’s bad already.
  11. Exact same here. I Only notice it during daytime with DRLs on. I did get mine swapped 3 days ago. The new one matched the old one in color, so that’s good. I’m kind of just wondering how long before it goes purple again. I do need to adjust the beam on the new light as i can tell it’s projecting lower than my passenger side beam.
  12. Did you get the light swapped? I’m at GMC waiting on mine right now. Took all day. They had to pull the whole front end off to get the light swapped. If this one goes purple, I’m just throwing the towel in and figure I’ll have to live with it.
  13. When I first start my truck, it’s perfectly white like it should be. After running a couple minutes, It turns very noticeably blue. However, it’s very consistent, I’ve never had it stay white for longer than a few minutes.
  14. Thats total BS man. Go to a different dealership. The rest of us have gone in first time and they have ordered a new light without any hassle. I’m sure GM is having to take a bath on this issue... but it wouldn’t have happened if they had better quality control. Just because there isn’t a bulletin doesn’t relieve them of responsibility of replacing components that have failed!!
  15. Yep... there’s the post of the guy with both headlights screwed up. I just saw a new AT4 the other day and both lights had turned purple. BTW: I’ve now noticed that Ford has a similar problem on their brand new Expedition LED running light strips.
  16. Hmmm... so another drivers side culprit... possible the drivers side and passenger sides were manufactured at different facilities?? That would seem highly unlikely. Just trying to figure out why so many are only on drivers side.
  17. Wow... there is something deeper going on here... why is it that mostly it’s the drivers side going bad? And so quickly. Seems they are faulty/failing straight from factory.
  18. Does the new one match up color wise to the old light? Not to get you all paranoid or anything hahaha
  19. Wow. You had quite an experience. I really hope that doesn’t happen to me. The dealer just got my new light in after waiting 2 weeks. I’m trying to get it in next week to have it swapped. I’m going to analyze the color very closely when I pick it up. And, yes, I have noticed that most of the trucks with this issue have it on the drivers side. However, I have seen 1 or 2 around my town that had both sides bad. And, there is another guy in the other main thread on this and he said both of his went bad. Also, my drivers side light beam is also brighter white and more powerful then my passenger side. I noticed that right after I bought it when I pulled into my garage at night and saw the reflection. You’d think there would be much better quality control for such a nice truck and brand.
  20. I think mostly only the OCD people, like the majority of us on these forums even notice or care. Haha
  21. I would disagree with you. I’ve noticed dozens of GMCs with this same issue in the smallish town I live in. I’m not making the claim due to 3 people on this forum and I’m not labeling it that every truck has this issue. Obviously it’s a somewhat small percentage of overall trucks on the road, but it’s still a prevalent issue.
  22. My concern is that it’s likely that GM hasn’t remedied the issue in manufacturing and that we are going to keep having this problem even after the units are replaced and then once the truck is out of warranty, we are stuck. Or out of pocket a lot of money. Based on the newest trucks (built in 2021) still having this issue, I’m not very confident.
  23. Sorry to hear, seems this is a very common issue. As an update: I just took mine in finally last week. The dealership looked at it and said they would order a new headlight unit. Something like $1500 for just drivers side. Hopefully it arrives this week and I can get it installed.
  24. Ha! Well mine appears more purple... and it’s only the drivers side. So, my OCD won’t allow that
  25. Yep. That’s probably what I’m going to do. Then I’ll address the other one if it starts malfunctioning.
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