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  1. No cylinder deactivation like the 1500 silverado. It sounds amazing at cold start. It’s much better than hearing the loud fan too.
  2. I removed the stock muffler and replaced it with a flow master 50 series. It lined up perfectly with the offset inlet/outlet at 3.5” diameters. I left the tailpipe as is and it took a muffler shop 20 minutes to cut out stock one and add 5” of pipe to flow master to connect. It didn’t require pulling anything or even adding or moving hangers. Pretty quick for a good welder. It sounds perfect too. This is on my 2022 6.6 gas LT crew cab.
  3. My dealer ordered them, currently on back order but they are covering the cost.
  4. Thanks. I’m waiting for the dealer to get back to me to see if they’ll cover the cost since they were on the original build sheet and then removed but credited to the inflated MSRP window sticker and not my original MSRP. Most likely they’ll give me some line blah, blah blah but I’ll try them first.
  5. Are there any aftermarket companies that make rear wheel well lines for 2022 2500hd trucks? I can’t find any online except for pre 2020 models. My truck didn’t come with them even though they were included on the original build sheet but excluded on the final window sticker with $140 credit which I didn’t receive either.
  6. I ordered a gas 2500 Lt midnight edition in late January. It was two weeks before the price increase which the dealer (Banks Concord,NH) honored the original MSRP as a price protection discount on the P&S.. it came with 1k accessory allowance which I had to use right away.
  7. My truck arrived at it’s scheduled day and time. It took the rails from Flint and truck from Selkirk, NY. The dealer said the factory keeps pumping out vehicles and further burying older orders deep into huge storage lots.
  8. My dealer called me back and said that they have a tracker on the trucks and that it’s aboard a train heading to NY where they distribute vehicles from for the New England area. He also said that GM increased the MSRP in February. I told him I ordered it in January so the original MSRP still stands but window sticker will show higher. I missed the $1700 increase by a week. Dealer expects to see truck roll in on the 20th of next week. Mine is the only non high country 2500HD coming in for quite a while. Everything else is a 2500 or 3500 HighCountry and no GMC 2500 coming at all
  9. I saved this pic of the status codes from this forum. The customer service agent says it’s in transit and when I asked what code, she said 4200. I don’t know what the difference is between 4300 and 4200 so I’m waiting for my dealer to give me a call back
  10. I did a weekly follow up chat with Chevy chat and my order went from 4300 to 4200 status and currently located in flint from what they can see.
  11. Mine has been sitting at 4300 for a couple of weeks with no ETA for delivery. My dealer said it’ll probably arrive in a couple of weeks and they are the largest gm truck dealer in northeast but I have doubts. They have a decent timeline for production but poor logistics for delivery
  12. I contacted gm chat today and my 2500 LT is code 3400 and was ordered mid January. The funny part was they said target production date is 3/14 and it’s the 25th.
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