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  1. Yea, the reset worked for me too. I did both the audio and truck settings (yea, had to reconfigure door locks, windows, etc.) just for grins. Figure GM flashes a custom set of Infotainment/audio settings at the factory but probably from a different firmware image or something. I went from a 25 year old truck to this 2021, so despite being in IT, I'm still learning that my new truck is actually a computer that happens to have an engine.
  2. Yes I am having this issue too with a 21 Silverado LT, no profile. Sometimes it maintains volume and equalizer settings, sometimes it wipes them to zero (equalizer) and a much louder volume (maybe too loud even if I was still a teen....oh so long ago) level. I haven't figured out why yet but am trying different combinations of leaving radio off/on, leaving phone unplugged (well know it's not this/Android Auto as I haven't plugged in in a few weeks) and Blue Tooth. I unpaired my phone this morning and will see what happened, though other than "being paired" I haven't been using any sort of B
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