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  1. I thought they calculated fuel mileage based off the mass air flow sensor, hence why it's always so unreliable. It would make sense if they measured fuel, but I didn't think there was a fuel flow sensor.
  2. I wouldn't think gearing would matter. I thought speed and mileage were calculated by wheel speed sensors. For the gearing to matter, they'd have to calculate mileage based on engine RPM, transmission gear, rear gearing, and tire size. Wheel speed sensor just needs tire size.
  3. Window Auto Up Feature

    It's an all around mess. It would require switches, programming, and I believe motors (the motors have to support feedback for auto up). GM Upfitters has wiring diagrams you can look through. It's a digital signal from the driver's side switches, to the BCM, to the other switch, then to the motor (if I'm remembering correctly). I was looking because I'd like a single switch to control all the windows, but didn't figure out a good way other than running wires to all four motors.
  4. I'm looking for something for the rear window for the same reason but can't find anything. A tip though, I have these for my side windows: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Safe-Fit-Safe-Temp-Cling-Shades-Extra-Large-2-PK-2-0-PACK/44965620. They just cling to the windows and I cut the little temperature thing out allowing full use of the windows. I just have no desire to stick a bunch of them across the rear window.
  5. I've had good experience with 1/2 ton trucks and weight distributing hitches. I'm not sure how you're attaching your chains, but an easy way is to hook up the trailer and then jack the trailer and truck up, hook up the chains, then lower everything. You can measure the rear wheel wells with no load and then adjust the chains to where you're at the same height with the trailer attached.
  6. Ha, I have 19k on my 2017 Silverado, that I bought in September. 30k on a two year old vehicle is nothing. Typical average mileage is 12-15k/year.
  7. I bought an OBDLink MX. It's not a cheap Chinese knockoff (costs around $80). It also supports multiple CAN buses without modification and switches. It works really well.
  8. It's going to deal a lot with resonant frequencies of a lot of parts (driveshaft, axle, transmission), anything directly tire tied to tire speed. There's a thread on here where someone grenaded their driveshaft when they overrode the speed limiter. Not to mention liability on GM's part. To my knowledge, there's no where in the US you can legally drive 98, so GM puts in a limiter above legal limits to CYA.
  9. That's a pretty standard price across dealerships. Ford and GM both use programmed keys, I don't know about FCA but would think they would. Safety is why they require two keys to do it yourself; otherwise, anyone you lent a key to could make their own. With that said, since FORScan is available for Ford's, they can be programmed without two keys. Unfortunately I've been unable to find a GM equivalent to FORScan.
  10. Air temperature has been having an effect on my MPG. I've been getting a 2MPG drop on the highway from temps dropping to at our below freezing.
  11. Turn signal and brakes are on the same wire on trailers. On a four wire trailer hookup, the wires are left, right, park, and ground. Plugs with more wires just add brakes and power.
  12. Backup Camera too bright

    No effect on daytime viewing.
  13. Backup Camera too bright

    Tell the dealer you want this TSB performed: #17-NA-269 - Rear Camera Screen Bright At Night - (Sep 13, 2017) It will make a huge difference. I can see it off my right side mirror now.
  14. My tip, just stay home, but then again I've always lived in the South and if it's icy everything closes anyways.
  15. My 2017 Silverado came with a paper manual, and a couple other booklets, but didn't even come in a Ziploc bag. It was all just sitting in the console.

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