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  1. Aftermarket Resonators

    Thanks for the video and part numbers! How much did the resonator kill sounds? Or did it mostly just get rid of the drone?
  2. I got it installed this weekend. I ended up cutting and reconfiguring the stock pipe to work. Left the resonator on for now but it's still pretty quiet. I want to keep a resonator to help cut out the drone but I think the stock one is too restrictive.
  3. I pulled the door jam connector though the speaker hole last night and found the LIN signal wire (green/yellow) completely broken. The large black (ground?) and red/blue (power?) wire had broken insulation as well. I patched them all up and everything seems good now. I'll probably just replace the harness at some point. The hard turn the harness makes to go into the door seems like a really obvious problem point that should have been addressed a long time ago.
  4. I wiggled the harness and door jam connector around but nothing changed. But now I've opened and closed the door a few times and its back to thinking the door is always open
  5. Started out earlier this week with the truck thinking the driver's door was always open and the window switches in the driver's door not working. I pulled the door panel off, checked all the connections but I didn't find anything obviously wrong. Now that I have put it all back together, the truck thinks the door is always closed and the window switches in the driver's door still don't work. The radio does not turn off and the dome lights do not come on when the driver's door is open. The locks and mirrors work as they should. Any ideas where to start or what to test?
  6. Did you have to do anything to stay away from the driveshaft? It sits pretty close to the stock muffler
  7. I've heard the vibrant resonators are good at getting rid of drone without killing sound as bad as the stock resonator. I can't personally vouch for that though. I might go with one of I decide to build a full 3" exhaust
  8. I was going to go with a Pro XS but I wanted something louder and the XR-1 sounds the best IMO
  9. Not helpful. I'm not going to spend $1k on exhaust when I can do it myself for way cheaper
  10. Aftermarket Resonators

    Which vibrant resonator did you order? The bullet style or the Ultra Quiet? I'm looking to do a full 3" exhaust in the future and definitely plan on putting a resonator in to keep the drone away.
  11. I'm looking to install a Borla XR-1 soon. How did you guys get around the XR-1 being center inlet/center outlet and the stock muffler being offset inlet/center outlet? Any pictures would be helpful.

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