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  1. Just wondering how you are liking the Borla ProXS, I just ordered the same muffler to do the same install. Is there any drone in the cab under normal driving? I am looking at more of a Borla Touring sound, mellow until you get on it. Would this be the correct option?
  2. Everyone's Trail Boss looks really nice, I am partial to the Satin Steel, I was wondering how you think the finish is on the Black OE step bars. I thought the round ones were steel and the flat ones like I showed in my top pic were possibly aluminum. I would really like somthing that can withstand all the winter abuse without being shining (stainless steel). Any input would be great.
  3. I like both of those options a little better. I live in the up peninsula of Michigan and they use a lot of salt on the roads so I am not sure how those would hold up. I have the same step as the rough country ones on my silverado now but they are stainless steel so I don't have to worry about rust. I looked at some aluminum options from DeeZee that looked pretty nice though. The tubular ones definitly look a little more fitting.
  4. Looking at purchasing a trail boss but after taking one for a drive I felt it was a big step in, I am not really concerned about it for myself but my wife may grow tired of jumping up into the truck and we also have two small kids. I was looking at adding the gm rectangular assist step with the deal but I am not sure if that will help the step up into the truck, or if I am better off going with some hoop side steps that come down a little more. If there is anyone out there with a trail boss with side steps do they make entering and exiting the vehicle easier? Pics would be great. i am used to getting into my 2500hd with the factory side steps so I figured this would be pretty similar I just can not find a trail boss at the dealer with side steps to try it out. Thanks
  5. Anybody have some more photos of what they did for the offset on some of the truck? Thanks
  6. Well took the truck into get the muffler installed and he didn't want to put it on because of the offset of the pipes. So he never put it on and I am not sure if i am gonna go some place else or just return it.
  7. You can still get just the touring muffler from borla, I just ordered one last week and am having it installed tommorrow. You just have to give them the part number which is 19131346 It was like $110 shipped
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