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  1. Thanks for trying this! I was really curious if just adding that wire would get the steering wheel heater to work. Bummer to hear that it didn't work. Thanks for telling us where the HVAC Control Module is located. I ended up going with the steering wheel that doesn't have the steering wheel heater, as that was the only one that I could find in stock.
  2. Does anyone know where to purchase a Canny7 these days? With the "situation" in Ukraine, it appears that the Canny products can no longer be purchased outside of Russia....
  3. Hey nolte. I saw how the other person said that their phone wasn't really charging via the USB port after installing this, but that hasn't been my experience. It's such as low cost modification, I figured that I didn't have much to lose! Plus I keep an SD card (ejected) in the slot with some tunes on it, as a backup music option. I finally bought a USB-C to USB-C cable to try, and I've had no problems with charging my phone via the USB-A or USB-C ports on this adapter. And my ancient LG V20 is a battery sucker, so I'd know if it wasn't putting out enough. (But it has a user removable battery and an IR blaster and I can't find a new phone with these features....) Last weekend, I had my phone hooked to the USB-A port and my son attached his new Motorola phone to the USB-C port and it seemed to let either one of us launch Android Auto! It was sort of confusing though, as I think the bluetooth connection was to my phone, but the screen attached to his phone.... And if you haven't seen this thread, it's possible to add the steering wheel controls to your truck too!
  4. You guys are making me feel better about going for the "mid-level" cluster instead of the "hi-country" digital package. I was having slight buyers remorse for not getting the fancier gauge cluster before I installed it, but have been completely happy afterwards. My only complaint is that with the steering column being tilt only, I can't adjust it so that I can properly still see the top gauges and also have a good angle of the wheel (and still drive with my knees when needed). I have it adjusted so I can mostly see the top gauge needles, but I wish the column had more adjustability to get it how I really like it. I'm 6'3" but that's not that tall. They sell the columns with tilt and telescope: https://www.gmpartsbin.com/a/Chevrolet_2020_Silverado-1500-LT-Trail-Boss-Crew-Cab-Pickup-Fleetside-53L-EcoTec3-V8-AT-4WD/_50018_7626396/STEERING-COLUMN-ASSEMBLY/GH19405.html I'm not sure which to get being that I only have the six speed automatic, with old-fashioned key ignition (which I like!) but it looks like this one would work: https://www.gmpartsbin.com/p/Chevrolet_2020_Silverado-1500-LT-Trail-Boss-Crew-Cab-Pickup-Fleetside-53L-EcoTec3-V8-AT-4WD/Column-ASSEMBLY-Steering-Column/94506339/84800780.html I wonder how tough the installation would be? My wife likes to remind me that maybe I should have purchased the more expensive model of my truck.
  5. Thanks Mac! I appreciate the comments, and am really happy how well it turned out. I like the look of the "real" gauges, and they have a really nice back-lighting glow to them that the factory gauges that my Custom Trail Boss didn't have. I just drove the truck for back-to-back weekend trips of over 600 miles each, and the leather wheel and extra control buttons made the trips much more enjoyable.
  6. I'm curious if you finished up mount the CB Antenna onto the GM Accessories Sport Bar? I'd love to see some pictures if you did, as I also have the Sport Bar and was thinking that would be a pretty cool place to mount a CB antenna. On my 2000 Silverado, I fabricated a custom mount for the front stake hole (since like this truck, I had a tonneau cover which left the stake holes open) and it worked well, but was difficult to access when building/installing.
  7. I just wanted to update the thread on how this upgrade has improved the daily "quality of life" when driving my 2020 Custom Trail Boss. Instead of feeling that crappy foam steering wheel (and the defect/nub I had on the back of mine at the 12 o'clock position) in my hands, I now have a nice leather wrapped wheel and it makes a big difference when driving the truck. The trim color on the steering wheel that I chose, seems to match the factory trim around the radio quite well. What surprised me most is how much I like the new color gauge display in the center. I didn't realize how lame the Custom's monochrome display was until getting this. When using the cruise control, seeing the symbol in green lets me immediately know that cruise control is enabled, which wasn't so easy to see on the old display. Just having the time displayed there makes it so much nicer than looking at the stereo, trying to find the time, especially when android auto is running. I wish that there was a way to also display the outside temperature next to the time, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do that. While I didn't get the mostly digital high-country display, the display that I got is quite nice, and I like the shiny trim around the physical gauges. And of course the buttons are what I was most looking forward to, and I'm not disappointed. Being able to hit the microphone to bring up the android assistant, instead taking my eyes off of the road, to look at the bottom right corner of the android auto screen is so much better. And my pet peeve of not being able to easily change radio presets while running android auto has been addressed. It's a great upgrade and thank you so much for those that found out how to do this, and those vendors who sell the parts that I needed to make it work!
  8. Oh wow, I didn't realize that they changed the available options for 2021. Pretty neat! I should go through the configuration again sometime.
  9. Sadly, that package isn't available to order on the Custom series of trucks, or I would have gotten it! Chevrolet definitely made a decision to limit features to the Custom series, in order to drive customers up to the higher trim levels. You couldn't even order fog lights on the Custom! (And we won't talk about the non-functional center console that so many of us have replaced....)
  10. Upgrade complete on my 2020 Custom Trail Boss! With the help of the Harness Dr's instructions, I was able to figure out how to get the wires landed where they needed to be. Unlike everyone else that I saw post on here, I didn't go with the full-digital High Country gauges, instead, I went with the more traditional (and cheaper) gauges setup that has the color LCD in the center, and the four physical gauges up top. I like the physical gauges, and the silver trim on this cluster looks nice. Overall, I'm blow away by how much this upgrade improves the feel of the truck. The cheap foam steering wheel with the big blank panel on the right (instead of buttons) just screamed cheap, as did the monochome LCD in the center of the gauge cluster. The look and feel of the leather wheel is awesome, and I'm surprised how much better the gauge cluster looks. The wider display and the addition of color makes it look so much nicer! The trim on the steering wheel and the new gauge cluster trim looks good with the silver trim around the radio. But the main reason that I did this was, was to get the steering wheel buttons, and I'm not disappointed. The microphone button is great to bring up my Google assistant, even when I'm not running Android Auto, and my biggest pet peeve with the IOR radio before was that when I was in Android Auto and listening to the radio, there was no easy way to change between my presets. I had to hit the home button, and navigate back to audio and press the new preset button on the top of the screen, then press and hold the home button to get back to Android Auot! Now, I just press the buttons behind the left side of my steering wheel. And just activating the Google assistant required reaching all the way over to the right, and pressing the microphone icon, which pretty much made you take you eyes off of the road. Special thanks to WAMS for making this possible. My 2020 Custom Trail Boss with 5.3 and without start/stop indeed works with the "2021 US Spec GAS - Chevrolet - NO AUTO STOP" gauge cluster that he had me order. Anyways, here are two pictures. One comparing the stock wheel with the new one, and one with the new wheel and gauge cluster showing. I did record a series of videos with a digital camera while doing the installation, and maybe I'll try to put together a youtube video of it sometime, if the footage looks okay.
  11. He got back to me via Messenger and sent me the link to the instructions. Those definitely contain the level of detail that I was looking for!
  12. Thanks for the info about the QR code. I opened up a messenger session on his website asking him about instructions. Hopefully I'll get a response soon.
  13. Yes, I purchased the wire from Harness Dr back on March 21. When I opened the ziplock bag last night, there was only the wire with the labeled tags on which position to put the wire ends into which connectors. I just was looking for instructions on how to open up the connectors to get the wires in. Were there other instructions that I removed when I first got the wire?
  14. Okay, I managed to get everything apart last night, before running out of time and energy at midnight. Yes, I had to use my big impact gun on the T-50 bolt. I tried my 18V ryobi impact, and then just a long ratchet, but I decided to get the big electric impact out and it broke it loose right away. I was a bit concerned as my T-50 bit wasn't impact rated, but nothing broke. Oddly, when I removed the bolt, it was covered with blue thread locker, which was somehow still wet! The dash wasn't too hard to get apart, and after figuring out how to snap apart the plastic around the steering wheel, I was able to remove the top part of that trim, which was connected via the rubber flap to the gauge front trim. I now need to add the LIN bus wire to the two connectors and am not sure how to do that. Any tips? It looks like the yellow clockspring connector has a black plastic bar which lifts up a bit. Do I just lift that and slide the new pin in? And what about the odd connector that goes into the gauge cluster? Is there a pin/block to raise on that connector too? I've attached a picture of both connectors, and the diagrams from the gmupfitter wiring diagram. I need to get this together tonight, as I plan on taking my truck on a 600+ mile trip this weekend.
  15. Yea, I'm not the only one.... I have a 2020 Custom Trail Boss with the 18" Duratracs and they are louder than anything I've ever experienced. I only have 15,000 miles on my truck and have been rotating them every 5000, and the amount of noise over 40mph drives me crazy! Like others mentioned, they seem to suck in wet weather, but were good in the snow. And I have to admit that they do look pretty awesome, which is part of the reason that I bought this truck with the fake rollbar and all. I've been eyeing up a set of Nitto Ridge Grapplers, or BFG KO2s, but I'd really like to ride in somebody's truck with those tires to see how the sound level compares.
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