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  1. The output of those bulbs look great. I've been meaning to upgrade the backup bulbs in my 2020 Custom Trail Boss. I put generic LED backup bulbs in my previous truck and it made a huge difference. Did you have to get the special CAN-bus version or do the normal T15 bulbs work?
  2. Your truck appears to be equipped with the snow-camo package! Seriously though, that looks great in the super shiny white with the chrome and bright wheels. Very nice. It's nearly totally opposite of my dark blue Custom Trail Boss with everything being blacked out.
  3. From what I can tell, the Baja Designs are just a replacement for the existing fog lights. Those of us with no fog lights from the factory, would have no harness to plug these into, or switch on the dash to activate them. https://www.bajadesigns.com/Products/Chevy-Silverado-2019-Fog-Pocket-Mount-Kits.asp I went with the GM 84125494 kit as it has everything needed to add the fog lights to a truck not originally equipped with them. I thought about the Gen5 package from here: https://www.gen5diy.com/products/2019-2020-silverado-1500-foglight-kit But it's just as expensive, and you don't get the factory fog light switch that I wanted. You have to have them come on with the highs, or lows, or via a separate switch that you need to mount somewhere. I like the smooth integration of the factory setup, and you can get it for around $230 like from these places: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-fog-lamp-kit-84125494 https://www.gmpartsxperts.com/oem-parts/gm-fog-lamp-kit-84125494 https://www.gmpartshouse.com/oem-parts/gm-fog-lamp-kit-84125494 Then you need to pay the dealer to either install them, or just reprogram the BCM to make the new switch work.
  4. I just added the factory fog light kit to my 2020 Custom Trail Boss and am very happy with them. I had been thinking about getting them for a while, and got an email from Chevrolet just before Christmas saying that my rewards points (earned when purchasing the truck) could now be used towards accessories. I followed the link and there was even a site wide discount. I ordered GM part number 84125494 and there was an option to pay $150 to have the dealer install them. I usually do all work myself, but know that I'd have to pay the dealer to reprogram the BCM anyways, I went with it. I was able to use around $100 of my rewards money towards the purchase, so that helped out. I chose a local dealer (different than the one I purchased the truck from, which was out of state), to have them installed at. The dealer called me when the lights came it, and I set up an appointment. They took my truck, did the free maintenance service I had credit for, took care of the two warranty issues, and installed the fog lights that same day. I had a nice new Silverado RST loaner truck and everything. And most importantly, it would have taken me months to get around to installing them. I'm really happy with the factory fog lights. I had already swapped my halogen bulbs for LEDs and the LED fog lights match perfectly, and really help light up the road. It's also cool looking how they come on now when you unlock the vehicle with the remote control. They are controlled with a new button on the replacement headlight switch that was part of the kit. Here's a picture of the new fog lights installed.
  5. I don't have an answer for you, but I too would like to add some switches into the blank spots, without it looking horrible. My Custom Trail Boss didn't have an option for heated seats, so I'd like to add aftermarket ones, but I need to put the controller switches somewhere. I have a ton of blank switch slots, since my truck doesn't even have auto start/stop.
  6. I was not aware that all trucks in 2021 are getting the console. That is good news for new buyers! I was totally blind-sided when my wife an I picked up the new truck that I had test drove by myself. I went to put in my sunglasses and couldn't open the lid. I thought that the latch was just hidden somewhere. My wife chided me for not noticing it when I test drove the truck.... I'm glad that I swapped in the entire new jump seat assembly, as it sounds a lot easier than just swapping the lid, plus I have the bottom storage compartment now, Now that I have both types of consoles, it's easy to spot the visual differences between the ones that open and the ones that don't, but before seeing them in person, it was difficult to discern from internet pictures. I guess I should try to do something with my old jump seat, which is now just sitting on the shipping pallet in my garage.
  7. Thanks for looking that up. The gmupfitter site was down for a few weeks earlier this year when I wanted to look something else, so I never looked for this. But, I have no problem getting +12V and GND from the truck's fuse box, instead it is the connector on the center console / jump seat that I don't know about. I used my meter to see which wires would be +!2V and GND, but don't know what connector to use. I'm probably too cheap to but the factory connector, but I guess if it was cheap enough I'd consider it. Otherwise I'll be jamming individual connectors to the two terminals down there.... Or did I miss something from your post and some of those parts numbers that you posted were for the side that plugs into the center console / jump seat?
  8. Wow, that looks great! That front end combines good elements from different sources: The neat LED headlights from an LT+ truck, the cool blackout style CHEVROLET grill from a Custom, and the three Raptor style LEDs up top. Really nice! The chrome bumper and front bar are cool too. Can you share some information about how you put this together?
  9. That's a great comparison picture there. Before I bought the replacement center seat for my truck, I was always trying to see if I could discover from the pictures if the console had the storage or not. Especially when I was looking through the pictures on car - parts . com, where I eventually got my center seat. From this angle, you can really see the difference between the two. The one on the right, with storage, shows how there is an angle where the cushioned leather part meets the hard plastic front, where the one on the left that doesn't open, meets the hard plastic differently. The bottom part is really obvious! Thanks for taking the picture, and hopefully it will help others.
  10. I've seen a slip-in organizer tray on ebay before, like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Center-Console-Organizer-Insert-Tray-For-2019-GMC-Sierra-1500-Chevy-Silverado/233382805963 I'm not sure if that is the correct one, but there are others on there too.
  11. Agreed. I have a Custom Trail Boss and I like the big CHEVROLET grill, but I like the look (and performance) of the LED headlights that I don't have. It doesn't look like we could just use the LED headlights with the Custom grill though. I need to get off of my butt and order the fog light retrofit from GM too, as I really feel that I need some extra lighting.
  12. Here is a picture of the front of my "new" jump seat that features the lower locking compartment. I have the aftermarket center console from amazon installed, and there's enough room to get to the latch, but not to the key hole. But, the lock doesn't work with my key yet, so it doesn't really matter.... Searching online, it looks like it may be possible to re-key it myself, but I've only seen videos for them doing that for the pre-2019 trucks. Either way, I probably wouldn't lock it often, and with my console installed, I can't access the keyhole.
  13. I had test drove the vehicle by myself, an then went back and bought it with my wife. After purchase, we get in to drive home and I told her to put something in the center console. We couldn't figure out how to open it, because it didn't open. She was like "How could you not have checked this out on the test drive!". And I was like "I've had trucks since 2000 and every one of them, no matter how cheap, had a console that opened, so I didn't think I needed to check!" I agree that it would be good to let our voices be heard somewhere. I solved the problem by spending almost $400 (including shipping) for a replacement center seat from a salvage yard via car-ports.com but storage should have been there from the factory.
  14. That's a pretty cool idea! One word of advice, since I recently replaced my jump seat with a salvage piece, is that the bottom seat on my new seat has a bottom storage compartment on it, and you need to be able to access the front edge of the seat to open it up. There's also a key hold down there for locking, which you might want to access. It looks like your console design would block access to opening the bottom seat compartment. I personally love the little console that I got from Amazon. My phone fits nicely in the left slot when plugged in for Android Auto. I did end up shaving off some of the nubs underneath, up front on it, so it would slide under the dash a little bit more. I'll have to do some major surgery of it if I ever go ahead with my plans to install a CB radio under the dash there.
  15. Thanks for the update AlohaDan. My key does not turn the lower console lock, but luckily it is unlocked. There are some videos online about rekeying older consoles by taking it apart, but I didn't have time to try, and I don't plan to lock anything in there anyhow. I did get the center seat / console installed last week. I was going to try using an offset wrench on the rear bolts to avoid removing the seats, but I ended up just unbolting both seats (T50 socket) to have proper access to the center seat bolts. It was easy with the driver and passenger seats slid to the side. I made sure to put new blue thread locker on the seat bolts, and torqued them to the values that my factory service manual said for my old 2000 Silverado. I used the https://www.gmupfitter.com/ website to find wiring diagrams to what I was dealing with. As I expected, the wiring assembly to the floor under the passenger's seat was not present. But, I did ohm out the two big pins on the jump seat's connector to the accessory outlet and figured out which is +12v and which is ground. I didn't have enough time to make up a cable, but it should be simple enough to run wires from the passenger side fuse box, through the trough, and under the passenger's seat to connect to the cable. It'll be a little ghetto with just two connectors attaching to the giant connector, but it should work. It appears that there is a converter box in there to power the USB ports from the same +12V and ground, so I may be good to go. I just need to find some time to work on it again....
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