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  1. Well, I spent the $500 and ordered the "TRX-572601" Lo-Pro TruXedo cover from realtruck.com . They were great to deal with and price matched elsewhere. The instructions were a little lame, but I figured out how to install the rails and the cover. It's a pretty neat design, with automatic tension adjustment built into the rails. Being that it was near freezing when I installed it, the tensioners were almost all the way in. The rails fit nicely, and everything seems to be sealed well against the weather. For the bad news, although the mounting rail system works fine, the Sport Bar makes it a pain in the butt to roll the cover down. As you're rolling the cover from the cab towards the tailgate, it won't fit past the Sports Bar. You have to re-roll some of it, unhook the velcro for about a foot, then clumsily wave it around in the air, until it fits past the sports bar. Then, you need to carefully push down the cover against the velcro towards the cab, keeping the tension correct, working up to where the roll it. Once the roll is past the Sports Bar and the tension is taken care of, you can unroll the rest of it as normal. It's a pain. The other downside is that the automatic dropping of the tailgate doesn't happen, due to the extra tension of the seal across the top of the tailgate. But, all covers probably cause that to happen.
  2. Well the prayers worked, as the RPO Code AZ3 console, that I ordered from a vendor on car-parts.com , does indeed have both top and bottom storage. Phew! It has the top storage lid, the bottom storage compartment, and also the rear USB connectors and power port. I haven't unbolted it from the shipping pallet yet, but I did unwrap it to verify that it's in great condition. (picture attached) It made me smile to unlatch the top storage container. Anyone have tips on installing the entire jump seat? Do I need to remove one of the adjoining seats to fit it in? I noticed that my key doesn't lock the lower compartment, but luckily it is unlocked. I wonder how hard it would be to re-key? I hope to have time tonight to look underneath at the wiring for the USB and power port, to see what is there.
  3. I haven't done it yet, but since I have a replacement (Code AZ3) console hopefully arriving soon, I will be looking into this. It looks like there is a center seat harness here: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-harness-84642229 But we probably don't have anything to hook it to. I haven't seen the wiring / connectors yet, so I have no idea what to expect, but my initial intentions are to run my own power wire from the passenger side fuse box, and then disassemble a normal two port, quick-charge USB car charger, and somehow solder the wires to the USB connectors. I'll know more once my console arrives.
  4. I too would love to add the buttons on the steering wheel for the audio system control. I use Android Auto a lot with Waze for navigation. But, if I'm listening to the radio, there's seemingly no way to change the station to a different station, other than to hit the home button, then audio on the screen. Quite annoying. I don't mind reaching for the volume on the dash, but being able to scroll to the next preset would be awesome. I wish I had a schematic for the truck, but from earlier GM vehicles that I've worked with, the volume controls are all on the CAN bus. It appears that the cruise control is also on the same bus. From an initial search that I did, it looks like the steering wheel clock spring only changes if the steering wheel is heated, so the CAN bus should be there in our wheel. If I try, I'd probably just get these two parts: The steering wheel switch (13531288) : https://www.gmpartsgarage.com/oem-parts/gm-audio-switch-13531288 The different wire harness (84449305) : https://www.gmpartsgarage.com/oem-parts/gm-harness-84449305 (I personally don't care about the switches on the back of the wheel.) With any luck, the CAN IDs sent from those buttons would be understood from the audio system. Otherwise, I doubt that there would be a way to make it work. I believe that all of the trucks that have the steering wheel controls have a different sound system. I have no idea if BCM programming could enable the switches to work without the other audio system, but I doubt it. Hopefully our audio system will just understand the IDs being sent. Who wants to be the guinea pig?
  5. I tried posting under another thread and didn't hear any responses, so I thought I'd start a new topic. I bought a 2020 Custom Trail Boss with a crew cab and regular length bed, and I need a roll-up tonneau cover that works with the factory sport bar that is installed. Anyone know of a soft roll-up tonneau cover that works with a regular length bed and the chevy sport bar? I contacted Gator Covers (gatorcovers.com) and they said that the only soft tonneau that the sell which works with the sport bars, is model "TRX-572601" Lo-Pro TruXedo cover, and they sent me this link since they side their website isn't updated yet: https://realtruck.com/p/truxedo-lo-pro-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/ Of course that is a $500 cover and I was looking for a $250 cover.... I was hoping this one would work: https://gatorcovers.com/p/gator-srx-roll-up-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/ but they said it wouldn't. This looks similar also. It's not from gator, so maybe it could work? https://www.autoanything.com/tonneau-covers/autoanything-select-soft-roll-up-tonneau-cover Thanks!
  6. Did anyone determine a good roll-up tonneau cover to get for trucks with the Sport Bar? I just picked up a 2020 Custom Trail Boss with the regular sized bed, and the Sport Bar, and I really miss having a tonneau cover like my old truck had. It looks like there are a good bit of choices for roll-up covers that fit within the rails, but I was hoping to get some specific recommendations. It looks like this cheap one from AutoAnything might work: https://www.autoanything.com/tonneau-covers/autoanything-select-soft-roll-up-tonneau-cover Thanks!
  7. That was my thought too, and I hope that we're both right, as I just ordered a used one that has pictures that shows the bottom lockable storage compartment and rear USB/power ports! I'm saying some prayers that they send me the one in the pictures....
  8. These things are cool looking. I didn't realize that such a product existed. I may get the Husky version for my new Custom Trail Boss: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VMNQ5NX I wonder if they will help with keeping road salt off of some important places? Stupid road salt (especially the liquid brine) caused the death of my last truck..... I'm also going to try some of that spray-on oily stuff for the underbody. I have to try something to help the truck survive. I guess that will include doing winter underbody washdowns periodically.
  9. I misunderstood your tip. You must be talking about the bottom storage compartment, not the top section. I had noticed what you were saying on the bottom of the seat, and saw that it is plastic to the bottom if it has storage. I was hoping that there was an easy visual way to identify if the top section of the console has the storage compartment. It looks like there might be a slightly different corner of the leather armrest part between the two, with the storage version having a sharper angle.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering if there was a way to visually identify if the console has storage or not. I will look for it being plastic from the lid down. Awesome!
  11. I know, I know.... I'm still holding out hope to get one for cheaper from car-parts dot com. There's one listed, with the AZ3 option code, and the picture shows the locking bottom storage compartment and the rear usb/power ports, but when I emailed the seller he claims that it has no storage, and then he didn't respond to me any more. I thought that if the center jump seat had the bottom storage compartment, it would automatically have the top storage compartment too. Am I wrong?
  12. I found that the other day, but wow, it's pricey, especially while missing the rear power ports.. Still tempting though....
  13. I'm still trying to get a used, entire console from a junkyard, with the bottom storage and the console lid storage, plus the rear USB/power ports, but in the meantime, I bought the "Texas Saddlebags Clutter Catcher(R) Universal Floor Consoles Black (50811)" floor console that "Chad's Trail Boss" posted earlier in this thread. Here is the link to the console: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KQ10BSY There is nothing to attach the console, just some grippy feet on the bottom. Chad recommended to shave down the front of the console if you have the GM floor mats across the center. I do have the mats, and didn't yet shave the console, but I really had to jam it in there to make it fit, and the side are kind of smushed because of that. I will probably shave the front bottom a bit to make it fit better, but it's definitely not going anywhere the way it's jammed in there. I'm really happy with this thing, as I can use a short USB cable to attach my phone to the dash, and then the phone, in the case, fits in the slot on the left. Here are some pictures of the console installed:
  14. Since I've seen all of the fancy Northsky Blue trucks you've posted on here, I thought I'd share a picture of the cheaper model that I just picked up Yesterday. Here's my 2020 Silverado Crew Cab, Regular Bed, Custom Trail Boss, with the roll bar and black running board steps. I'm digging the looks of this truck, especially how the roll bar blends in the lines of the bed to the cab.
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