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  1. I've got a black High Country with chrome door handles (front and rear both have the push button lock/unlock functionality). What is the best route to black these out? 1) Buy new paint to match door handles? Seems expensive since it looks like you have to buy the whole handle assembly? 2) Remove existing handles, sand, paint to match? 3) Wrap them? 4) Something else?
  2. I've got a 2020 High Country and it seems like you also need part 84692173 (Applique Panel) because the rear window molding (part 84831871) doesn't include the 1-2" chrome elbow piece towards the very rear of the window (see image). Is that right? I have the rear window moldings but they are definitely missing that final small corner piece. @newdude sorry to tag you again here -- but figured you may know the answer to this
  3. @newdude for the rear belt moldings in black would a truck with a build date of July 2020 change those part numbers you listed?
  4. Has anyone installed a light bar behind the grille? I'm curious how people are mounting them with the active grille shutters -- without removing the grille it's hard to see a good spot to mount and the shutters look pretty close to the grille so I'm wondering if there is even room.
  5. After removing the rubber mat and taking out the only visible screw I am unable to figure out how to remove the plastic tray entirely. Tried prying the sides up with trim tools but am at the point where I may damage the dash. Any advice?
  6. GM 2" Lift installed on a Z71 High Country. Stock Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT 275/60R20's.
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