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  1. Does this recall affect the cords for the 20 3.0? I haven't heard of any recall. Don't use mine much but it is nice to start truck and have instant heat.
  2. My gauge doesn't move off the full bar until about 2500 - 3000k then it goes down rather quickly.
  3. My 2020 LT also has the garage door buttons in the headliner. I also believe that Convenience package II was required to get them. Not sure if the 2021's are the same.
  4. That's what I'm doing I have an early build 20 with 26K and no problems of any kind. I believe most trucks with this problem are 21's and a very few late built 20's.
  5. Stayed with stock tire size, 265/65/18's currently am running the Fortitudes for the summer. 26K on truck now and am still very pleased with it.
  6. Remote start will not work when check engine light is on
  7. 23000 trouble free miles. Mine is a 2020, it seems that all the people posting on here have 2021's
  8. If it wasn't for the adds the forum wouldn't exist. Learn to live with it or use adblocker as others have said.
  9. You can get the AC/Delco filter online for $25. I had the dealer change mine on last service visit and they charged $55 for the filter and $45 labor to change it. It took the tech about 10 minutes to change, I will be doing the next one myself.
  10. Headwaters seat covers show them for the 19-21 double cab, I'm sure that Marathon probably has them also. I've gotten covers from both companies and they are very comparable to one another both in quality and price.
  11. And how is this a serious issue? I tend to think that driving 100 + mph is a much more serious issue for the most part.
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