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  1. They had to release a "2022 limited" version because of shortages and delays, so the true 2022 "refreshed" trucks won't be available until Spring or so. It's an abnormal year for sure
  2. It is. 90A, Logistics Officer. I'm a Company CDR in 3ID right now. Thanks for your service brother.
  3. If you can wait, the 2022 refreshed engine has 430 lb ft of torque and updated shifting logic for the 8 speed. I'm *fairly* confident that GM will push the transmission update to the 2019-2021 models but the engine upgrade is pretty huge. A single cab 2wd won't have any problems with 348 lb ft of torque though, to be honest.
  4. It's been flawless so far. The only "issue" I have is that sometimes it makes a sharp squeak noise when I accelerate or when the vehicle turns off. It's sounds like my exhaust hanger might be rubbing, but I need to get it checked. Mechanically the 2.7 has been great.
  5. Random mpg check-in. 27.0 average mpg over 200 mile trip in pouring rain. Crew Cab 4x4. Average speed about 65 mph. Pretty impressed by this 2.7.
  6. What new fluid are you referring to? I have a 2021 2.7 with 26,000 miles. It shifts rough every once in a while. I am hoping we get the new transmission update that's coming with the 2022 refresh as well (supposed to have quicker downshifts and smoother shifts in general)
  7. I thought about trading it in, but honestly I love my column shifter, the power is plenty, and I don't really want to lose money on the trade (or get yelled at by my wife), so I'm going to stick with my 2021. Also, I'm probably one of the highest-mileage 2.7 owners out there at 17k miles, with a lifetime average of 22.5 mpg. I'm pretty freaking happy with that. I'm about to throw on a straight-through magnaflow muffler and a cold air intake so hopefully I squeeze out a little more mpgs or HP/torque.
  8. Does anyone know if the transmission recalibration is coming to the 2019-2021 Silverado 2.7s? I did a live-chat with Chevrolet about it but the guy had zero clue what I was even talking about.
  9. My question is, are us 2019-2021 2.7 owners going to get the transmission update to make the shifts better? I'm not going to swap to the 2022 for the extra torque, but if they smoothed out the transmission I want that update.
  10. I will say I wish I drove an Ecoboost before pulling the trigger on the Silverado, but I was just worried about reliability (Found On Road Dead). How do the F150 2.7 and 3.5 compare to the GM 2.7? Can't really find much on youtube about how they drive.
  11. Glad you like it! Where did you get the "2.7L Turbo" badge?
  12. Man, I'm telling you this 2.7 really shines with it's torque. I've pulled up hills in 8th gear on this thing at 55-60mph and the truck barely goes over 1,600 rpm. Plenty of passing power but I'd recommend a pedal commander if that's your thing (this engine hates to go wide open throttle). In regular driving you'll never notice the turbo lag, and honestly the turbo makes for a much better towing experience. Like Mike said, it definitely doesn't sound like a 5.3, but in daily driving you would never know it was a 4 cylinder - It seems like it never has to work hard to get the job done.
  13. Oh yeah that's definitely better! Not sure if you remember pre-CAI days, but the 2.7 likes to do some weird rpm hunting for the first few seconds of acceleration, where you can hear the engine giving inconsistent throttle. I'm gunna have to snag this once it goes on sale. AFE's CAI is pushing $500 right now... Thanks!
  14. Hey all, Has anyone seen any improvements with a Cold air Intake? I've seen a few people say it smooths out the transmission on the 2.7. I love my 2.7 (10,000 miles with a lifetime average of 22.7) but it definitely feels a little rough from 0-25 mph. Once you're cruising this is the best engine to drive.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Which CAI did you get?
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