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  1. Any chance we see new color options for 2022? Or special editions with some alternate color options? The current color choices are lackluster. Standard black, silver, red, white, blue. I have a Satin Steel right now and like it less and less. Don’t like how it looks light blue in the sun. Unfortunately consecutive cloudy days when I purchased. How about army green, tan, matte grey?
  2. I don’t understand why this is such a problem. When I had mine done the dealer got the dash light to illuminate but not the fog lights themselves. They had to keep it for almost 2 days before they could figure it out. They told me they needed to install a jumper as part of programming. Whether this is right or not, who knows. May be a suggestion those with issues can make.
  3. I just purchased stainless steel bolts and washers as well as speed nuts from the hardware store. Couple bucks.
  4. Yes, you still have to access the UEC to de-pin existing and insert pin from light harness. I never could get the existing pin out and ended up paying the dealer for 30 mins labor to do it. Plus another hour labor for BCM programming. My kit did not come with the hardware to mount the lights. Purchased stainless steel nuts and bolts from big box store.
  5. Apologies. You are correct. The button doesn’t have an indicator. The indicator in the cluster happens to sit right behind the wheel and I did not notice it.
  6. For folks that have installed the lights, does the orange indicator on the fog button illuminate when the lights are on? Mine does not. Others have reported the same. Would fix of this issue be under warranty?
  7. An update. They finally got the lights to work. According to them, “programming” requires that they install a jumper wire. I took a quick peak at the BCM and saw nothing additional, so I assume the jumper is related to the UEC. I was a bit surprised to hear this and frankly it doesn’t sound right, but if the lights work I guess I don’t really don’t care.
  8. So the Chevy dealer closest to me has had my Sierra for now 7 hours and have been unsuccessful in getting the fog lights to work. I did the install of everything except the depinning of the wire on the UEC and connection of the harness wire. I forgot to provide them the programming code that came with the kit, but they said they were able to obtain one from GM. Even so, they can get the indicator on the dash to illuminate but not the lights themselves. Seems others have had the same issue. They have already charged me $130 for the programming and another $50 for labor in trying to rectify the issue. They are tracing wiring apparently; something I told them wasn't necessary. But no one wants someone else to tell them how to do their job. It's now Thanksgiving eve and they want to keep the truck till Friday. I told them I'd rather pick it up because I was planning to get a Xmas tree Friday AM. They said I would have to pay the $180 to take it with nothing working. What a deal, right!? Does anybody else that had a similar experience have specific instructions on what to do to get this fixed? I'm confident it's an issue with the programming and they are confident they know how to do the programming. Thanks in advance.
  9. For those looking for a good low/mid range option. I got the Gator EFX Hard Fold. Pleased with it. Low profile and good water protection. Got it for $600 w/tax shipped.
  10. I too had trouble with this. Messed with it so much that I ended up unsheathing the wire on the underside. Even bought this which is made to do the job and didn’t have success. Ultimately gave up in hopes I can have the dealer do this one step as part of the one hour labor they will charge me to update the BCM. Let’s be real; they’re not spending an hour for a program flash. Shouldn’t be an unreasonable ask.
  11. 2019 Sierra SLE 4x4 - MSRP: $48,800 Paid: $34,600 before TTL
  12. Any insight about when parts info will be available for these trucks? If dealers can search parts diagrams, how are they not a available online yet?
  13. For those that have done this DIY - couple questions re: Step 25. 1) How did you remove the existing wire from the connector? I see the that there’s clips from looking at the jumper harness but don’t have anything skinny and small enough to reach them from the top. 2) How did you route the wire from the jumper harness up through the bottom of the UEC so that everything can be put back together and closed properly?
  14. Can confirm kit on Shop Chevy will fit SLE. You will have to procure your own hardware to mount the lights however. Not included in the kit and not existing on the truck.
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