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  1. The instructions call out to verify if circuit is present in (X5 Brown) cavity 10, circuit 1317(BN/WH). If so, this eliminates the need to run the jumper to the UEC, the rest still applies.
  2. Yup, dealer has to enable them. Make sure you have the GM part number & serial number(label) from the box for the dealer. GM was being real sticklers with my dealer, and wouldn't give them the ability to flash the truck without s/n, had to reschedule. Must be getting real protective to copyright infringement. You'll need to aim them once they are working. Mine were pointing at the ground. Phillips screw on the bottom back dial them in. For reference, measure the center height of the fog light to the ground and put some tape on a wall at that same height. The truck should be 25' from the wall to align.
  3. The green fog lamp cluster indicator comes on when they are on(downward angled light symbol). The daytime running light indicator will also come on when you turn the fog lights on if it is during the daylight.
  4. Ah, the hole at the bottom, looks like it might be a drain. Couldn't see up in the hole. Thanks!
  5. Installed the GM fog lights on my '19 Sierra a few weeks back, and had the dealer flash to enable them. I forgot to look where the vertical adjustment screw is located. Now that they're mounted, it's tough to see. Can anyone help me out where the adjustment is?
  6. I put these on my '19 Sierra SLE, also didn't need to run the jumper. The wiring takes a little time and the dealer still needs to flash the truck to enable them. I have 300 into it vs 500 the dealer wanted. There is a side plastic lock tab that holds the wire in the block. Release the one closest the pin your removing before depinning, so it can come out. Took me some time to figure it out. Also, the light assy's will go in from the front, so you don't have to disassemble from behind. The kit doesn't come w/hardware(GMC), nut clips(6) and bolts(6) can be had at NAPA. Still need to adjust them vertically, forgot to look for the adjustment screw before installing. I have to figure out where it's at to adjust.
  7. I got halfway through installation when I found one light assy had a piece of broken plastic loose inside the lense. Returned for a refund, since they are backordered. Have to wait for restock.
  8. Figured it out, there are secondary locks on the sides of the block. Pop the one out closest to the wire your working on and release the pin. Wire connector comes out easy peasy once you know how, no special tools needed! Too bad I had to return the fog light kit because the one light assy had a broken piece of plastic inside, and they were backordered for a replacement. So I returned for credit. No lights but know how to wire them. Wth
  9. So I'm not the only one. I'll get back at it once I have more time. Never had this much trouble with other connectors, must tighter tolerances and the right extraction makes the difference.
  10. Adding the factory foglights to my '19 GMC Sierra. I'm at the point where it comes to removing the wire connector from the body 2 in the UEC. I'm having a hell of time releasing present B3 wire connector socket from the block. I know it has to lock tabs on either side but unable to get it free. Tried using tiny allen wrenches, paperclips with no luck. What's the trick???
  11. Ended up ordering the GM set-up through shopchevyparts.com, saved a chunk over GM accessories.
  12. Picking up a 2019 GMC Sierra SLE tomorrow, which doesn't come with fog lamps. Are the factory lights worth it or should I consider something else? Figure I'll do the work myself unless the dealer offers me a deal. I know they have the flash the BCM for full function.
  13. I noticed that since new, the dealer has used three different codes for GM Dexos 0w-20 oil. Anyone know what the differences are, 88864004, 8886407 and 8886501? I'm guessing one is a synthetic blend vs full synthetic. First vehicle I haven't changed the oil/rotate tires myself due to dealers fair price, only about $10 over my material cost.
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