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  1. That's why they make these trucks so quiet. If you put a moderately loud exhaust on them you can hear (and therefore feel) every time it deactivates cylinders. When I put my exhaust on I was amazed how much of the time the truck runs on less than 8 cylinders. It deactivates cylinders a lot.
  2. Silverado Rough Ride

    I will say mine "loosened up" over time. When I first got it the ride was very stiff. After a couple of thousand miles it seemed to ride better. I came from a Avalanche so the ride difference was very noticable at first.
  3. The intermediate pipe the muffler is welded to is 3.5". The tailpipes that have the resonators in them are 2.5". Your best bet might be to cut the flappers and stock muffler out and then install the Borla muffler leaving the factory resonators in the tail pipes.
  4. If it's the same sound I hear. When I put my exhaust on it is much more pronounced. It almost sounds like a tinny kind of sound like when you go from stock exhaust manifolds to headers. Its definitely in the exhaust.
  5. Exhaust help needed

    I'm north of Charlotte. I think because the Afe has such a deep tone you hear the changes more. The factory performance exhaust and Corsa have a higher pitch along with being very mild must be why you dont hear the DFM as much.
  6. Auto stop

    Several people on the forum have used this auto stop eliminator harness https://www.autostopeliminator.com/store/c10/auto-stop-start-disable-chevrolet-silverado-2019.html. Range also makes a module that plugs into the obd2 port.
  7. Exhaust help needed

    I installed the afe exhaust which is 4" in and dual 3" out. No loss of bottom end. It has a very deep tone to it. Honestly no matter what cat back you choose (or construct) it will probably not net more then 10 hp or so. It's more about the sound your after. The flappers help mask the sound of the engine when it is running on less than 8 cylinders. With the factory exhaust installed I rarely could tell when the DFM was kicking in. With the new exhaust I hear it every time it changes.
  8. Range Disabler for 2019's w/ DFM

    Has anyone bought one of these for a 19 yet?
  9. Can you hear it when it drops cylinders? I have a Afe exhaust and it is annoying. It amazed me how much the truck is not running on 8.
  10. 2019+ leveled trucks

    I still would be careful. Many places list that wheels will fit 2019 trucks but they truly don't know. I checked with some of the largest volume dealers in the country and it was still a case by case basis if a particular wheel would clear the calipers or not. The only way to know for sure is if the manufacturer has test fit the wheels or if the dealer has test fit them.
  11. 2019+ leveled trucks

    This is with the shackle set at 1.5" drop. It has a 1/2" rake now.
  12. Towing with 2" Shackle

    This is interesting. I am not towing a lot of weight. I would estimate about 3500 pounds or so. Of course it was enough weight to make the back drop less than a inch or so. I never thought about the inch from the weight plus the 1.5" the shackle dropped it. I have towed with several trucks before that were loaded down way more than this truck but the 19s might be more sensitive to angle changes.
  13. Towing with 2" Shackle

    Yea I have done that which works great if the truck is unloaded but now I feel a vibration when towing.
  14. Has anyone done any towing that has a 2" shackle installed? I towed for the first time and the back squated between a half inch to a inch and I have a slight vibration at 70 mph. It goes away if you go faster. I am assuming I might need to mess with the pinion angle. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.
  15. Yea that's why I was trying to lower it. It's crazy how a 32.5" tire looks small on this generation truck. The same size tire would have rubbed on the old trucks.

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