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  1. I have considered the spindles. I have installed spindles several times on a few different trucks. The biggest reason I was considering the struts are because they are adjustable and could be reversed fairly easy when I sell the truck down the road and someone might want it lifted vs lowered. I have o experience with the struts though. I wasnt sure if they would ride about the same, worse or better. I am currently running a 2" shackle for the back. The hangers are not riveted in like the old trucks so I guess the only option for more drop in the back would be a flip kit which is way more than I would want.
  2. Belltech has lowering struts and spindles available now. I was wondering if anyone has lowered a T1 yet. I would like to purchase the lowering struts and lower the front about 1.5" for a performance street kind of look. I was curious how the lowered struts ride vs stock.
  3. Most likely another reason it is not displayed is because if you could see all the cylinder changes you would also start to feel when it changes. If you dont know it's doing it you are less likely to notice the "feeling" of the different dfm modes. I honestly rarely felt the dfm activate before I put a exhaust on. Now with the exhaust I can not only hear when dfm kicks in I can also feel the slight vibrations of it changing cylinders.
  4. It's funny you say that. My wife actually likes the sound of my afe exhaust when the dfm kicks in.
  5. Are the tires taller than the stock ones? If so that will throw the speedo off and will also show a false lower mpg.
  6. It would be cool if one of the displays would show how many cylinders are firing and maybe even what gear you are in. If you barely have your foot on the gas it drops cylinders a lot. Just put on a aftermarket exhaust you still wont have a visual display but you will audibly recognize it.
  7. What do you think of the exhaust after having it for a little while? I really like the tone of the afe.
  8. Let us know how it sounds. I've never hear a MWA in person. Typically Gibson mufflers are pretty tame. I feel like this one will not be. I guess it depends on if you keep the resonators or not.
  9. I have a four post lift and I still had to cut the exhaust in one place right behind the muffler. It might be possible to take it out in one piece with the single tailpipe exhaust but not not with the dual tailpipe exhaust.
  10. Your not doing anything wrong. My gas gauge does the same thing in my High Country. I literally noticed it driving off the lot. I thought the dealer was just cheap and didnt fill it up with gas all the way. Later I found out when I would fill it up it shows a tick off of full.
  11. It has a little drone between 1500 and 1700 rpms. Not bad but it does have some. The only thing that annoys me some is you can hear the dfm. I am assuming because of the deeper tone you can hear it more than a corsa or gm performance exhaust. I would put it in a medium range for overall volume but sound is very subjective I'm sure some would call it loud and others would say it is quiet.
  12. Here is a side by side picture of the 4" pipe and 3" tail pipes vs stock.
  13. Yes I've had it on for about a month and a half or so. It has a very deep tone to it. I was going to post a sound clip but for some reason you cant hear it very well on video.
  14. That's why they make these trucks so quiet. If you put a moderately loud exhaust on them you can hear (and therefore feel) every time it deactivates cylinders. When I put my exhaust on I was amazed how much of the time the truck runs on less than 8 cylinders. It deactivates cylinders a lot.
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