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  1. Towing with 2" Shackle

    This is interesting. I am not towing a lot of weight. I would estimate about 3500 pounds or so. Of course it was enough weight to make the back drop less than a inch or so. I never thought about the inch from the weight plus the 1.5" the shackle dropped it. I have towed with several trucks before that were loaded down way more than this truck but the 19s might be more sensitive to angle changes.
  2. Towing with 2" Shackle

    Yea I have done that which works great if the truck is unloaded but now I feel a vibration when towing.
  3. Towing with 2" Shackle

    Has anyone done any towing that has a 2" shackle installed? I towed for the first time and the back squated between a half inch to a inch and I have a slight vibration at 70 mph. It goes away if you go faster. I am assuming I might need to mess with the pinion angle. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.
  4. Yea that's why I was trying to lower it. It's crazy how a 32.5" tire looks small on this generation truck. The same size tire would have rubbed on the old trucks.
  5. I installed those on my truck they worked fine. If you can take out the lifting block I would do that first though. My truck did not have a spacer. I'm assuming just the trail boss models do because the front is lifted.
  6. Anyone flash their ECU?

    Heck yea. I've learned to never say never. It will come. Might be expensive in the early stages but eventually it will happen.
  7. Gibson Cat-Back

    I have had Gibson exhaust on previous trucks and they did not drone. I cant say for sure they were 100% drone free but they are not known for drone. They are a pretty tame exhaust. They did make a super truck exhaust that exited before the rear wheels that was louder and had some drone but their full length exhaust is much quieter. I have not heard a system on a T1 truck yet but I would assume they are similar to the previous yrs.
  8. AFE exhaust 6.2?

    Summit has a little better price. They have $50 off when you purchase $500 or more. The bad news is they charge tax. It came out to be $725ish total after discount for the kit that does not include tips
  9. AFE exhaust 6.2?

    Thanks for posting. I ordered this last week but I had not heard the 6.2 version until you posted this.. I kind of like that it's not to loud. They still dont have a definite date for release yet.
  10. Exhaust doesn't make sense

    I just ordered the Afe exhaust for the 6.2. It is a 4" inlet and dual 3" outlet. I figured you cant get much more flow than that. The price is decent at $725 attaching to the factory tips. They have other tip options available also.
  11. Peragon bed covers.

    I seriously considered this cover. My concerns were I feel like it could dent easily. It also sits a little higher on the bed rails than many of the other covers. Lastly is the way it folds down toward the front of the bed. It could make it hard to open with items in the bed. I do think it is a cool concept though.
  12. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Unfortunately the wheels were damaged during shipment to me along with them hitting the caliper so I sent them back and tires were never mounted.
  13. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Tires are overrated lol.
  14. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Here is where the hump was hitting the spoke on these particular wheels.
  15. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Cool. When I test fit some on my truck it was the bump on the face of the caliper that hit . I'm sure it depends on the spoke design.

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