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  1. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    24 x 10 Giovanna wheels. 2" drop shackle.
  2. Supercharger?

    Can't argue with that. I dig the red hot. I have a torch red C7. Hopefully it wont be to long before tuning is available then a supercharger would be a option.
  3. Supercharger?

    Because of the gearing in the 10 speed I feel my 6.2 would run 0 to 60 with the 5.3 that was supercharged. The half throttle torque is also similar. Wot throttle the supercharged motor definitely takes over. My supercharged 5.3 was pushing at least another 100 hp over my 6.2 but the gearing of the 10 speed is what makes the 6.2 feel so strong.
  4. Lowering kits or info?

    Belltech told me "it will be coming out next month" in December and then again in January.
  5. Supercharger?

    Tuning is not available for the 19s yet. So no supercharger options. My last two trucks have been 5.3s with a supercharger. One with 3.73s and the other with 4.10 gears. I will say my 19 High Country with the 6.2 and 10 speed is pretty impressive. If you can live with a different color I would suggest go test drive a 6.2.
  6. Drop Shackles

    Yes they are the Wulf suspension shackles.
  7. I'm not usually a flowmaster fan but I kind of dig how this one sounds. The straight thru design mufflers from the other manufactures all kind of sound the same.
  8. Drop Shackles

  9. Drop Shackles

    I also had to spread the new shackles slightly. They were just a tick narrower than the stock one.
  10. Drop Shackles

    The red arrow is the exhaust hanger bolt. The blue arrow is the actual lower shackle bolt.
  11. Drop Shackles

    Here is the exhaust hanger bolt that needs to be removed. One on the passenger side tail pipe and one on the drivers side. Also the electrical module on the passenger side circled below makes it hard to reach the back of the top bolt when trying to slide it out of the old shackle and back in the new shackle. You can still snake your hand around it but it is tight.
  12. Drop Shackles

  13. Drop Shackles

    After install:
  14. Drop Shackles

    I installed my drop shackles today. I installed them in the bottom hole which will give it less drop. The result is the truck now has a 1/2" rake on the drivers side and 3/8" on the passenger side. My truck had about a 1.5" rake to start with. If I would have installed the shackles in the 2" top hole I think the back might have been lower than the front. The install was pretty easy. There is a 3" gap above the frame to the bed so there is plenty of room to get the top shackle bolt out. The only thing I had to remove for installation was the rear exhaust tail pipe hanger bolts. They are in the way when trying to remove the lower shackle bolt. The truck drives exactly the same except you can feel it sits a little lower. Before install:
  15. How to permanently turn off auto shutoff?

    The point of this product is to give you the choice of having the start stop feature when you want it instead of being forced to use it and manually override it. Research has shown the start stop feature can increase your mileage up to 3 to 5% depending on your driving habits. What I have not seen is how much extra wear it adds on the engine, electrical and transmission. When you think about the engine having to build oil pressure from 0 psi every time it starts along with the electrical draw and the transmission having to pump from 0 how does that effect overall longevity of these components? Personally I would like to have the option for it to stay on or off which is what this product provides.

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