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  1. I was just reading this thread and read about the window leaking problem and just remembered oh crap it's raining and I forgot to put a towel in wedged between the back glass and headrest because my window does leak and I'm waiting on a replacement. Lol. I have a 6.2 10 speed truck and really really like the way it drives rides and looks. Not wild about the window but things happen. My biggest complaint so far is the limited availability to tune. But that's just because I can't leave thing stock.
  2. Looks sweet. What kit did you use?
  3. I think this a definite possibility. Because in the past the ecu could be cracked fairly easy the need was not there for gm gas vehicles. But now because it is much more complex I think we will see piggy back types of tuning devices.
  4. I like my 10 speed. I do wish the performance mode would firm up the shifts some. I am used to tuned transmissions that have a firmer shift. Just a personal preference. I wonder if a zl1 shifts the same way or if its firmer?
  5. I am waiting on a replacement window also. Had it checked out about two weeks ago. 2019 High Country 10-18 build date.
  6. I feel the same way. I have probably had a dozen oiled filters in the past and never a issue. I bought the dry one this time mainly because I have heard of people getting grief from the dealer some times if you need warranty work saying the oiled filter causes issue to the maf. Figured I would give it a shot.
  7. When researching the different Volant filters I didnt want to use the oiled filter even though I have used mutiple K&N filters in the past because of the risk of oil contaminating the Maf. I read the Powercore has the best filtration especially for very dusty environments but gives up a little flow for filtration. The dry filter is kind of the opposite more flow but not as good for dirty environments. My truck is pretty much a street truck so the dry filter seemed to be the best choice.
  8. I felt the same way. I ended up purchasing the Volant. With the MIT and filter costing over $200 and the Rotofab at $500 the Volant seemed to be the best of both worlds at $275. I really like the look of the Rotofab but for almost twice the price and most likely about the same performance it just seems over priced for a air intake. The above picture of the Volant is accurate. The top of the airbox is a couple of inches higher so the higher volume cone filter can fit. Here is a picture of mine installed.
  9. I kind of feel the exact opposite. When I first drove the 10 speed I was kind of blown away at how the truck always seems to have torque even when not running on all eight cylinders. With the stock exhaust you cant really tell that at light throttle inputs the engine is not running on eight cylinders. When I installed a aftermarket exhaust I then realized the dfm is droping cylinders a lot because you can hear it more and also feel more of the changes. If you haven't tried sport mode you could try that also. When in sport mode it holds gears a little longer.
  10. You dont get the same sound for $100. You might get the same volume but not the same sound. With multiple different mufflers available all will give you a unique sound. Personally I have owned at least a dozen different manufacturers mufflers and they all sound different. Dont get me wrong I like the straight pipe cost but personally dont like the straight pipe sound. I also think the price for a catback is ridiculous. Performance for the money the straight pipe wins hands down. Not to say some mufflers cant give more hp gains than others due to the scavenging science behind them. But for a vehicle I spend a lot time driving I prefer to have a more refined tone vs the straight pipe. I know you weren't saying the sound is literally the same but my point is there is a reason why paying for a well engineered system (or just a muffler) has it advantages for hp and sound quality vs less expensive alternatives.
  11. I almost bought one. My concerns were it would probably scratch and dent easily along with it sits on top of the bed rails and that items might be hard to get out of the bed because the cover flips down when opening. If you search this site other feedback is it leaks some, rattles on rough roads and bounces at highway speeds. I really do like the way it looks and that it appears easy to remove. In the end I bought a undercover armorflex because I got a smoking deal on it. I will say my undercover leaks some also. Not terrible but some. I will say the finish on it is about as durable as you could get though.
  12. I dont know if you have seen this video but it gives a good example of the sound. It's on a 5.3 but sounds similar to the 6.2. I have the exhaust on my 6.2 but when I take a video it sounds kind of quiet. I think it might be because the exhaust has a low frequency it doesn't pickup well on my phone. I do like the sound of the exhaust.
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