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  1. I would probably think not, but it does not hurt to ask. The biggest discounts always come from something they already have on the lot that has been there a little while. I live in Alabama and always deal with Howard Bentley GMC. They are a volume dealer as well. They sell trucks to people all over the country. I have not found anyone that sell GMC trucks for less than they do. I've bought 3 from them, and no one around can come within 3-4k of their pricing. Same truck at Laura is 3k less at Howard Bentley.
  2. Everybody has an opinion. Here is my experience. I've owned the trucks with both the Goodyear Trailrunner AT, and the Bridgestone Dueler AT. Both are good tires. Getting the same service life out both, and ride and comfort are pretty much the same, although I think the Goodyear rides a little better. The Trailrunner is the least expensive of the two tires when you go to replace them, and for no more difference in performance or longevity I would purchase the Trailrunner for that reason alone. I have been driving for over 35 years and have nothing but high praise for the Goodyear Wrangler branded tires over the years. Have owned several different versions of the Wranglers over the years, and they have performed flawlessly. The same can't be said about my experience with Goodyear's passenger car and performance tires over the years. I just have not had the same luck with them as the Wranglers, and will never purchase a Goodyear branded tire of any kind for my passenger/performance cars.
  3. Trailrunner is a great tire. I would say you did better. it has a good ride, quiet, and has an aggressive look. I really like them, and if I still have the truck when it is time to replace the tires, will probably put them back on it. They seem to be wearing really good. I think I will be able to get over 50k miles out of them easy.
  4. Super Tech Synthetic and Delco filters. Been using Super Tech in all my vehicles for the last 10 years or so. Previously ran Pennzoil, and was one of those guys that believed in name brand oils. I was opened up to the idea that I was throwing money away on the name brands by a friend who has been building engines for over 45 years now. He told me to look up and compare the different oils online and that I would see that the Super Tech oil, made by Warren, was just as good, and sometimes even better than the name brands. He was right, and I will say I have not had one issue, and will continue to use it. No need to throw money away just for a name. I also like Wix, Bosch, and Napa Gold (Wix) oil filters. Can't go wrong with them either. Most oils today are all really good oils, the key is as always, good maintenance intervals. With the Super Tech oil, I change every 5-6k with no issues. Super Tech actually tests better than the Great Mobil 1 everyone seems to love. Never used Mobil 1, but I know it is good, just no need to pay the price for it. Looks like Kirkland is the same oil as Super Tech to me. Also, my local Walmart sells the Super Tech Synthetic for $13.50 for 5 quart jug. Price makes a difference to me. Don't mind paying more and getting more, but in this case paying more is getting the same, or in some cases less. Why would you do that? I've seen comments over the years about if you can afford a 50-60k vehicle, why buy cheap oil? Why not, if it is as good or better than the expensive oil?
  5. Mine has a build date of 12/18. Had the shutter and the slamming in gear going from reverse to drive, which was really delayed. Did not start having issues with it until about 5k miles or so. Dealer flushed and refilled it and after about 500-1k miles it just stopped and has been doing great. Had the 8 speed in my 18' Sierra and never had these issues. Mine was not really that bad, but I did notice it. I really like the 8 speed, and will buy one with a 10 speed next, since it looks like you can't get the 8 speed any longer. At least all the 20' models I have seen have the 10 speed now.
  6. Yes, get it fixed. I had good luck with the dealer and tech I use. They used the sealant and it has held up fine and not had a leak since on my 19' Sierra. If they know what they are doing you do not have to have the whole thing replaced. I've already heard of people that have had the same issues with replacement glass doing the same, plastic cracking just like the originals. Still having to add sealant to them also, so go figure. If the tech knows how to put on a good bead of sealant, it should cure the problem. Can't believe some of the stories I've heard on here about some of these dealers service practices. Good service dept/tech can fix this right the first time, but obviously there are some questionable ones out there that don't know how to do their jobs. I would have done it myself if it had been out of warranty, not a difficult job. Still, a new truck should not be leaking water though, just a bad design that I had hoped would be fixed going forward. Still love the truck though.
  7. I don't care for the big infotainment screens that they are adding to all these new vehicles, they look out of place. Why do I need an Ipad while I'm driving down the road??? The one in my 19' Sierra is just fine. I still like column shift, but I could get used to using a push button also, that is not a big deal to me. I love push to start on all the vehicles I have owned that have that feature. I personally do not have any issue with the interior in the new trucks, I think they are just fine. Do not need all the little gimmicky gadgets. Everybody compares to a RAM, but I don't like the RAM interiors, too much going on, it is overload. I buy a vehicle to drive and be comfortable in while driving, and for reliability and ease of working on. The GM trucks fit that bill for me. Everybody has their opinions on this, and it could be an age thing too. I am 50 and don't need or want all these things I will never use or need. I just want a good looking, nice driving, reliable truck, and I feel I have that with GM products.
  8. Same here. Like it has a mind of it's own. I too like to leave it on Trip A. Sometimes it will stay the way I want it for days, then it may be different every time I start the truck. Not really a big deal though to me.
  9. Never heard of the spoiler leak issue. As I stated in my earlier post, the tech I use said he has not had one in with the spoiler leaking, it has always been the rear glass leaking, caused by cracks in the plastic frame that is sandwiched between the body and the glass. Not saying they don't leak, but the tech that did mine said none of the spoilers were the issue, and he has done a lot of these trucks.
  10. I installed mine. Didn't really have an issue with the instructions. I did know where they go without the instructions though.
  11. Had my 19' Sierra repaired a while back. Was leaking on both sides, passenger side was worse. Dealership I use did a great job. Have to look really hard to see the sealer that was put on the back glass. The tech that works there does all of my warranty work on all my vehicles. He always does excellent work. Have never had to return any for the same issue twice. Has not leaked since repair was done. I did ask about the spoiler and if he thought that it could also be leaking from there. He said that he has not had one yet to be leaking from the spoiler, all he has seen were the back glass leaking. He has done so many he can't count.
  12. Agreed. My 2018 has all of that on it too, and I can see if you drive a lot where it would be nice for it to work correctly.
  13. I have a 2018 Sierra, and will be installing a 2 inch level also. Did not know that people were having that much of an issue. I have a 2011 GMC with a 2 inch level and 275/60's and it only rubs at full lock while backing up, but it rubs the sway bar, not the uca.
  14. I always turn as much of that stuff off as possible. Just more things to take your attention away from driving. I do like the parking sensors though, they come in really handy.
  15. Have a brand new AFM delete module for sale. Keep that baby in V8 mode. I bought new 2 months ago, paid $150. No longer need, works great, (it is brand new), comes in original box as seen. Selling with shipping included to lower 48 for $100. I accept payment with Paypal. Any questions send me a pm. Located in zip 35960.
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