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  1. You never come out trading same for same. I'm sorry, no matter the incentives. They make all their money on the used one you trade, not on the new truck. As stated, since truck market is high on used trucks right now, that means to buy a new one it will be high also. When I bought my 2019 Sierra, got 15k off sticker with rebates and incentives before I was out any of my money. Traded a 2018 Sierra identical to the 2019 I bought. Cost me 6k to get a year newer model, and I got a really good deal. Looking at the 2019 Sierra that I currently own and comparing it to a 2021 model, nothing has chang
  2. I just vacuum and wipe them down with a wet rag real good. I assume you are speaking of the rears? I don't have a lot of people in the back of my truck that much anyway, so it does not get very dirty at all. Yes, they can be very annoying to reinstall.
  3. The trucks are good trucks. Is this 5.3 as good as the 2006 and back non AFM/DFM? Doubtful. But this is what we have now from GM. I have no doubt that the engines will outlast the rest of the truck. I'll take my chances as GM has served me well for 35 years of driving. It is a much better driving and handling truck than the previous generations, as long as you get rid of the crappy Rancho shocks. That is really my only complaint, but Bilstein's cured that, so I'm very happy! The answer to your question is YES!
  4. I bought the shocks myself. Did the installation myself, which is not that hard. I paid a local shop $50 to remove the old shocks from springs and install new shocks with their spring compressor. Took them about 5 minutes to do it, and no one got hurt. I then reinstalled them back on the truck myself. I would say if you are just having them to do the installation around $100-150 is reasonable for labor. Really should only take about an hour at most at a shop on a lift. The rears are just a couple of bolts and nuts on each side, very easy. Can do it in your driveway in about 10 minutes. The fro
  5. When you get them, I would set the fronts at 1.5, not 2. If you go 2 or higher and you pull a trailer, or put any weight in the rear of the truck, it really jacks the front up too high IMO. I went 1.5 inch on the front with the Bilstein 5100's and have been very pleased. Truck sits level at 1.5 also. And yes, you will need to have an alignment done after the shock install. The Bilstein 5100's make a huge difference in ride and handling over stock Rancho's. Love them.
  6. That is a good deal for all 4 shocks installed and alignment.
  7. https://www.bilsteinlifts.com/ Can't beat ship time or prices.
  8. What really helped on my truck was doing the cargo light/tailgate light on while in reverse mod. Very simple to do. Here is the link on this site. I used the diodes but soldered wire to the diodes and used taps on the trucks wiring for a better connection than shown in the thread. I was surprised at how much it really helps to see with the camera at night.
  9. Agree, they did make changes after 2019 to them, but the main problem is not the tires, it is the crappy Rancho shocks if you have the off road package. I installed the Bilstein 5100's all the way around on my 2019 Sierra, and it is like driving a different truck. Could not believe the difference. Firmer ride, in a good way, and handles all roads so much better. No more bouncing all over the place over speed bumps or uneven pavement. This thing stays planted now. Money well spent for me. Should have come with these from factory IMO. Bilstein's were standard equipment on the 90's GM Z71's.
  10. This is the one I used and it covers everything. Got it off Amazon for around $25. They have them for the 2019 and up Silverado and Sierra with or without multipro tailgate. I have the multipro with a hard tri-fold from Gator and both together do a really good job. It will come with instructions on how to install also. Very easy.
  11. They have been doing the crossover pipe that way for the last 20 years. For clearance crossing over the tranny pan. No restriction issue whatsoever.
  12. For me personally the Denali is not worth the extra 10k. The rest is just worthless gadgets to me. Yes the adaptive ride is nice, but the interior differences are not that big at all, and especially not 10k of a difference, sorry.
  13. Yes the drain for the evaporator is located pretty much above the bell housing on the tranny. That is why it leaks down and follows the cross member and also drips onto the exhaust. It is designed that way. They could have routed it to a different location and it would not do this. I know it is like this on 19' models, not sure if they have changed it on the newer models. Not really a big deal to me.
  14. The dealer will not just replace the rear window just because you ask them to. They have to follow GM's orders which are to use the sealant. Some have replaced the slider with a non slider, but they have paid for it out of pocket. As I stated earlier, if the tech knows what they are doing it only takes one trip to the dealer for them to lay a bead of sealant across the top of the rear glass. My dealer's service dept/tech had my truck ready the day I dropped it off. He said he removed rear cab spoiler to access top of rear glass, laid the sealant, and reinstalled spoiler. Left it to dry, and I
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