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  1. Hey, yes, the dealership was able to fix my alignment. Driven roughly 500 miles since I last updated the post and all is good. I had a 1.5 leveling kit installed and the shop used Trail Boss alignment specs which put the truck out of alignment. Possibly the shop is using AT4 specs for your truck? Good luck!
  2. Hey all, just wanted to provide an update. Went to the dealership and had them look at my alignment. As previously mentioned, it seemed to be aligned to Trail Boss specs. Service Tech was able to dial it in to oem specs. He also noted that the caster was no where near maxed. Drive it about 35 minutes home, mostly highway and everything feels solid and tight. Thanks for all the input fellas!
  3. Great info all around. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated when I get the truck looked at on Monday.
  4. Definitely odd! I'm wondering if Newdude is onto something with them using Trail Boss specs on my RST Z71
  5. Great info and good catch on the trail boss specs. Yes they provided the before specs, I put them below. I scheduled an appointment for at a local dealership on Monday to have them look at it. Definitely not ideal....
  6. Thanks for the input. Do happen to know where to get the Moog kit for our trucks? Moog has our part number k100421 listed but I can't find it anywhere.
  7. Great info, really appreciate it! Good to hear that the caster isn't terrible. I am diligent about rotating the tires so I'll definitely keep on that!
  8. Interesting to hear that minimal adjustments were needed on your truck compared to mine. Those are the specs after the alignment was done. Truck tracks straight and drives normal. Definitely thinking I should go to another shop and have them take a look.
  9. Hey all, recently put Pro Comps 1.5 leveling kit on my 2020 Silverado 1500 z71. Got it aligned after and the shop said my caster was almost maxed out from the factory and were only able to make some adjustments. I put the print out below. Is this normal or cause for concern? Appreciate any insight.
  10. So over the past few days I've noticed at low speeds when I lift off the brake I'm getting a terrible squeal from the rear drivers side. Truck has stock suspension and has 31k miles. My initial tgought is the caliper is stucking. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. Deleted secondary cats? I'm assuming you're referring to the third cat on these trucks ?
  12. Currently, Airaid Jr and exhaust. Looking at tune (Black Bear or Diablew) and possibly this. It's tax return season!
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