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  1. I’m running those in 275/60r20. They ride great and are super quiet on the freeway.
  2. I’ve had this happen to me twice in the past few days where driving and the tpms lights flash and it says to service. I checked the tire pressure on the screen and tow wheels were showing nothing. Few miles later came back normal. Then again later in the drive flashed again and the two other wheels showed nothing. guessing it might be some sort of interference
  3. 2021 Denali, hopefully BDS releases their 4” lift kit for the diesel soon
  4. Finally got mine on. Fit great and no rubbing. 2021 Denali w/ 275/60r20 toyo open country at3
  5. Ordered from here but you have to get a case. https://petroleumservicecompany.com
  6. Any chance you can get the part numbers off the mats? They are impossible to find
  7. Oh nice, thanks! I have some Toyo open country at3 275/60r20 im going to put on them.
  8. Thanks, that looks good. I actually had ordered these wheels a few days ago but in a +15 offset and 9.5” wide. Didn’t realize they had the other offset and widths available.
  9. Looks great! Do you happen to have a photo down the side showing how much poke there is?
  10. I’ve used this before to help figure out what drop was needed on my old lifted Tacoma, their hitches are stout too. https://www.bulletproofhitches.com/pages/what-size-hitch-do-i-need
  11. How was the wiring when you switch from the oem to the AMPs? the Amp definitely looks so much better, so was looking into switching out as well.
  12. just got the toyo open country 3 in 275/60r20. They look great, hopefully the ride is good. Got them cause I wanted the three peak stamp for the winter
  13. I’ve had my 2021 Sierra Denali for 3 weeks and have 900 miles so far. The non start issue has now happened to me twice so far. Have an appointment Wednesday at the dealer. Hoping it’s as easy as flashing the ecm. reading the other thread of the camshaft position sensor exciter wheel doesn’t sound like a fun fix having the truck taken apart.
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