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  1. I am getting the same story from my GM dealer on certain parts for my repair shop customer pay jobs,you can ask the dealer to put special handling on vin specific items. That assigns a vin to a part and becomes critical,not sure if windshields are in that group of parts
  2. I love mine,my salesman could not keep people away from it when it was parked out front for me to pick up. Red Hot is shouty, btw i'm 58 yrs old
  3. I have plowed with my 2014 GMC DC for 4 years now, at home 125 feet of black top no grade,at my shop both black top and loose gravel,no commercial plowing done. I also have a JD with a 2 stage and a 4wheeler with with a plow,they just sit. I can add I never had a problem with the dealer warranty issues or had plow/truck breakdowns It is the quietest plow truck truck I have ever been in ,this is not really a good thing some times.I very often push 6 to 14 inches no problem,the Fisher SD plow will ride up on much more snow than that. I will add this 2014 GMC generates extreme underhood temps,
  4. Love my GMC ,I plow and tow with this 5.3 DC,for 3 years now
  5. Adams or Autogeek try to watch their videos on each product you choose, very helpful
  6. It really needs to be washed- clayed-sealed-waxed in that order,this is very easy to do and not too laborsome
  7. I use only Adams car care products on mine. They have a great website with a lot of instructional videos on each product and how to use it
  8. The filter will absolutely help with that smell, the problem comes from a very cold evaporator core coverred with condensation, some uplevel European vehicles run the heater and blower after exit to dry the evap,this is not necessarily a good thing,relays can fail and batteries can die as a result of this. I know it is a pita but usually running the heat for very short time will dry the evap,new filter will absorb less odor,I sometimes do this on very humid days but not as a rule
  9. Its too bad you have to get fighting mad,I have the same noise in my 2014 GMC,but the fight has gone out of me on this matter. All I can offer is support. GM is stomping fires right now corporate does not have the power over the dealers they use to before the bail out. I hope you stay with it as with the headlights you can make a differance
  10. My 2014 1/2 ton dc 5300 does the same thing, I reinstalled the air dam for a slight improvement but by no means a fix. These trucks seem to have an enormous amount of under hood temp created as well. Watch the trans temp anything over 225 is in danger(according to my tranny guy)
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