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  1. Initially I thought it was from the front. So did the tech. Closer inspection and he was able to find it in the back.
  2. Me. 2020 build date 8/19. Same symptoms. Same SU4 axle. Goes back in Tuesday next week.
  3. Not entirely true. My 2020 has 2260 miles on it. Built in 8/19. Picked it up in the beginning of December. I don't drive it that much, which is to say a few miles a day maybe to the gym and back, no really long trips. Last week, I was driving around all morning and started hearing a thunking sound. So while I had the radio off listening to that, I heard the dreaded jingle. Jumped on here and they symptoms are exactly the same. Starts around 15-20 miles, only in 2wd, goes away in 4x4. It does have the SU4 axle. Anyway, took it in and first they didn't hear it. Went back the next day while it was warm and took the tech for a ride. He heard it. It goes back in Tuesday. As far as the thunking noise, it sounded like the front but closer inspection showed it was coming from the rear leaf springs. They said installed "Rear Leaf Spring Insert Replacement and Re-torque u-blots as per bulletin"
  4. now its back in for a clunking noise that I noticed more backing and turning and when the suspension loads. Sounds like a car with bad sway bar bushings. Doubt they are worn out with less then 2200 miles. Also noticed a chirping sound coming from the front. sounds a lot like the differential issues the 2019's had. Its been there since Friday.
  5. yep. Almost the same circumstances. Noticed all the smoke out of the back. Had it towed and it was the same issue.
  6. Almost certainly that. Just don't know if it was a loose fitting, split hose, no clamp, etc. PIssed that it is all over the engine bay and underside of the truck. Anyone want to put some action down on whether it gets properly cleaned? Not to mention they said that warranty people don't always cover 100% of the tow bill. That's gonna be a fun argument if it happens.
  7. 2020 1500 RST 5.3L 1700 miles So after a few errands this morning, I hit the highway. Merged on the the Atlantic City Expressway and checked the mirror. Lots of smoke. Other driver pulled up and said I was dumping fluid. Pulled off to the shoulder and the fluid was POURING out of the front. Looked like somewhere up by the radiator. I wasn't looking forward to crawling around the truck on a 75+MPH highway. Towed it back and waiting to hear from the dealer. So much junk up there that I couldn't tell where is was coming from and didn't know how much I lost to start it up and find out. I'll report back in a few days when I hear what happened. Just wanted to get a little warning out there
  8. my pleasure. 46 year old eyes required something. Thought about the Putco blade but this was just a tad cheaper.
  9. I don't think so. Time will tell however. I just installed them tonight. I'll check back after a week or so. Felt pretty snug though. They plug into the factory plug with a short pigtail.
  10. its a 2020 1500 RST. Amazon says they wont fit but they in fact do with plenty of clearance. They include o-rings if the fit is a little loose. The stock bulbs are screw locks. These press in and I found that a single o-ring snugs it right up.
  11. Like many others I'm sure, you have questioned why incandescent back up lights. Pitiful is an understatement. Add 35% tint and backing up at night becomes a challenge. Picked these up on Amazon claiming 2000+ lumens. AUXITO Backup LED I've seen plenty of reviews that show the camera pointing at the light. Kinda useless I think because exposure settings can be different, bla, bla, bla. Anyway, long story short, I installed them and they are indeed bright. Attached are photos showing the old light with the windows up and down and then the new lights.
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