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  1. Ok the “fix” is out I am told. Its being performed on my truck right now. See attached. Good luck to us all. I have doubts this will actually fix it.
  2. I was initially told by my service manager that all the codes were gone, after the 3rd restart they cleared except for the CEL. I actually disputed that with the service manager. Cars with this much technology there is no way this data is not saved somewhere. Someone knows how to get it if they really wanted to. Now I have been told that corp GM engineering techs have connected to my truck and were able to get data that showed exactly what happened, how I started the truck, what codes occurred etc. People say what they want to get you out of their face. Its that simple.
  3. I have not been able to get GM to agree to a swap. And they have my exact truck currently onsite. So now they are going to put me in a rental truck until they actually develop and install a fix. So I am forced to start the process. I have contacted an attorney and will send official notice. While the clock ticks away...... seems like it would be so much easier to put me in the 2020. Hell I would even pay a couple grand for the newer year. Just not the probably 9k they are going to say it depreciated when I drove it off the lot.
  4. I for one really appreciate you posting this. It seems to be very difficult to get anything from GM directs. This admits they are aware and basically have no clue. Throwing darts at a board with peoples lives in the line. “Looking into it” and “preliminary info.... could be contributing” does not instill confidence.
  5. Update: My truck is in for the 4th occurrence now. Dealer called me late yesterday to say GM is aware of this issue now and do not want them to give me back the truck until they determine what’s wrong with the software. They think it’s a software issue (which I have been saying for a while). i guess it’s good that GM is even agreeing there is an issue. That’s a big step rather than the typical. They also probably don’t want me to have a lemon law claim due to attempted fixes.
  6. I will gather all my paperwork and list as much detail as I can for what has been completed so far. Its at the dealer now, for an unknown amount of time. I was told they were going to have a GM tech come and look at it directly. I keep getting the "can't duplicate it here" BS. But every time I have have lost breaks I have taken photos and video that shows time and miles on the vehicle as evidence. Is this limited to the 2019 or are people seeing it with 2020 as well?
  7. Thanks for the reply. They did test my battery a week ago after the 2nd time I lost brakes. And they changed the battery at that time. So that “fix” doesn’t work either.
  8. Well this just happened to me for the 4th time. I picked up my truck Friday after they replaced the master cylinder and (2) other components that make up the brake system. I was told the entire brake system assembly was replaced. I drove it probably 500miles with no issue. BUT, I was 100 miles from home On my way back earlier today and you guessed it, no brakes. I restarted (3) times and the lights messages went away (check engine is still on) and brakes came back. Likely I didn’t trust this truck and my wife followed me in her car the entire way with my kids (which sucked for a trip of this length). But I needed a truck for a trailer where I was going and also needed to bring a large load up. I looked into renting but WTF should I need to do that with a 5 month old AT4. The reprogramming didn’t fix it, the new brake components didn’t fix it!!!!!! so now what?
  9. That’s not what I wanted to hear. Towed in twice already for no brakes. Just picked it up and GM had them replace the battery (said there was an issue) and also the master cyl and related parts. I was hoping it would work. I am really nervous to drive with my kids in the car. I need to take it on a 600 mile trip in 2 days
  10. 100% accurate. My AT4 was towed into dealer twice in 2 days. This is exactly what I said to my service rep. He said “what are you complaining to me for I don’t engineer the vehicle. Call GM to complain” I have bought 6 GM vehicles in 12 years ( for my company and family) !!! This may be my last which really sucks as I love my AT4. After the 1st no brake visit, they gave it back saying they could see the check engine light but the codes were gone after the third restart. And they couldn’t duplicate it. But the service rep, service manager (AHole) and VP of the dealership all told me my car was 100% safe to drive with my kids in the car. 12 miles later ( 1 hour later). I had little to no brakes again with all the same warnings. I told them I am not accepting the car back if they tell me that they couldn’t duplicate it . Just tell me who their council is for my attorney to send the notices. I will go buy a ford/dodge I guess which will really bum me out. What else can you do. I can’t take the risk with my family or me hitting anyone else’s.
  11. https://www.boston25news.com/news/trending/recall-alert-gm-recalls-814k-vehicles-brake-battery-issues/VYZBIBECMVC5VNBQC2CTJWNQDQ/ seems like they know now. I just filed a complaint yesterday for this happening to my truck.
  12. I did on my 2014 LTZ and had no issues with the fisher HT. I bought a new AT4 and have been looking for install pics myself today. I have not found any.
  13. I drove today approx. 200 miles with Auto setting due to black ice this am. I came home tonight fine and parked in my driveway for a few hours. I tried to backup in to my turn around and noticed immediately. that it was in 4wd, yet the dial stated 2wd. I tried the dial with no effect. I also saw a service 4WD error on the display. Have others had this issue? Does anyone have more info on the field report referenced above? Thanks.
  14. Getting a lot of use out of it this year. No issues. We are getting dumped on at the moment with around 10-14 inches expected. This will be the biggest amount so far for this truck. I will see if I can post a video plowing the larger storm. I too have had a couple of over hearting issues that I did not experience with the same plow on my 08 AV. You really have to play with the height/angle of the plow and stay below say 55mph. I am thinking of installing an aux fan on a switch to make it easier.
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