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  1. What state are you in? I have had a similar experience, and reached a district manger. 3 months in the shop for this leak, still not fixed plus 10 other unrelated repairs in 7 months of ownership. Its been a nightmare. However, the district manger has offered a trade credit, but says a buyback is not even an option in my case. May be related to state lemon laws
  2. I just got mine back from the second attempt to fix the rear window, which appears to be holding, but now had the same footwell puddle you do after rain last night. Have they fixed this for you yet? Would love to provide some suggested fixes to my dealer since it wasn't right the first time.
  3. Thats my next step at this point. 3 different infotainment repairs, leaking pinion seal repair, brake failure, master cylinder leak, CEL for brake control module communication error 2x and still unresolved, leaking rear window, now back to the shop for rear window again. 22% of my days of ownership its been in the shop. Also, GM has stopped returning calls once I requested a resolution. Not every owner has it this bad. Ive been extremely patient over the past 6 months, but GM needs to own up that this isn't the experience they want for their owners. Holding things loosely these days given much more important issues in our world, but still pushing this along expecting a resolution soon.
  4. Hey all, I came across this thread on accident a while ago. Thought I was a lucky one, but after having a series of other issues with my truck, I went out to my truck with a flashlight, and sure enough 2 basketball size water marks on my headliner and water streaks down my window. Well, truck went to the shop for 28 days getting everything fixed. Dealer explained it was my brake light and spoiler leaking. So they pulled those, resealed, removed front window to replace headliner, replaced all damaged items in the cab, and caulked my rear window. Picked up 2 days ago, and first thunderstorm and its leaking again. Fun icing on the cake is as I was driving today after seeing the leak and the check engine light is on yet again which is another ongoing issue. This truck is teaching me a lot about patience, although for me this is now the 9th time it will be in the shop in 6 months of ownership, a total of 45 accumulated days that its been in for repairs, and the 3rd repeat repair issue I've had that wasn't fixed the first time. Give your dealers a chance to make it right, keep things in perspective especially in these times. Although for me, Im needing another solution as enough is enough.
  5. Is everyone getting replacement glass? Has anyone had an explanation of the repair? My dealer is stating they will reuse the same glass.
  6. Wow. Yet another bummer of an issue with my 2019. At this point, my truck has had a repair every month of ownership and now this. I didn't even notice the leak, but came across this post in the forums. I went out to check my truck and sure enough, 2 basketball sized water marks on my headliner, water streaks down the window and rusted rear seat mounts. Truck is at the dealer awaiting parts. I haven't been able to read all the 119 previous pages and I have a question. My dealer is saying they need to pull my rear window and reseal, pull the rear spoiler and seal, and go through the front glass with the headliner! I realize the headliner is massive (crew cab) but Im shocked at them having to pop the front window to replace it. I asked the service technician about standard procedure and he investigated and said that chevy repair docs say to open the front window to replace the headliner. He spoke with the technicians who said they could try through the back window first, but if not would have the front glass pulled and replaced as well. Can anyone who had their headliner replaced comment on the process? Is everyone also getting a new rear glass? My dealer has always done a good job and been very meticulous on my other 6 repairs, so I have no reason to doubt them.
  7. I had the update performed. Went 1 week with no issues then had a check engine light for a few days that eventually went off. Went back to the dealer and was told it’s throwing the same codes (loss of communication to brake control module) that the update was supposed to fix. So now waiting to hear what dealer / GM engineers have to say about my truck since it’s apparently still having the issue, although showing CEL vs the other warnings that have been a part of this problem.
  8. If you look back in the forums, the infotainment update is unrelated to the brake issue. It’s the programming of the bcm software done by the dealer. Regardless, sorry you have this issue. It’s a bummer for all of us.
  9. Sorry to hear. Same exact experience as well. I didn't bother to take a look at the part before it was repaired but seeing your picture now. They replaced the whole yoke assembly to fix the leak on mine. Didn't realize the original was painted / coated as pictured, mine is bare steel and already taking on a rusty patina. Oh well, Interested to see how they tackle your repair. Best of luck!
  10. So, interesting development for me. My brakes went out same as everyone else. Ive had all the software updates (including jan 16) that were supposed to resolve the issues. Last weekend I got a check engine light for a few days and then it went off. Went to the dealer and the diagnosis was loss of communication with brake control module. Not sure of the exact code but you could find it in other forums. Dealer said the last software update was supposed to fix this issue as well, so now they want to take it in and give me a loner until its figured out. Thankfully Ive been getting good customer service along the way, but this is continuing to be a problem. Based on all the info in these posts, it seems to come down to faulty parts combined with software that is causing the issue although no explanation for some having the issue and others do not. Interesting as well, is that I had my master cylinder replaced which is supposed to fix the faulty part concern, and the latest software was supposed to fix the software issue. So my dealer is stumped. Additionally, I talked with GM customer service, who explained some of the same issues others mentioned about remote start/application remote start being a root cause. When I pushed on how widespread the issue is, the agent explained that it may be limited to certain models manufactured in USA vs Mexico, although he dint say which was experiencing the issue. This was the first I heard and didn't realize that nearly every variant of Silverado (LT, trail boss etc) can come from either US or Mexico. In my case, my VIN starts with 3 which is supposed to indicate Mexico factory assembly (USA assembly VINs start with 1). So if what the agent is saying is true, then this issue may be isolated to those models assembled in Mexico and could be some type of assembly defect? So anyone else out there heard this? Is this only effecting those of us with vehicles assembled in Mexico (VIN starts with 3?)
  11. Anyone else having this issue? I had the same CEL issue where it was on for a few days and now off. Dealer said it was the same communication codes mentioned in the previous posts. However, they said that the most recent software that came out 1/16/20 was supposed to address this exact issue. So now they are setting up a loner and need to do deeper investigation with the truck in partnerships with GM engineers. I’m really loosing faith in the vehicle at this point as this is my 7th warranty repair issue. Anyone else still having this issue?
  12. I’m having the same issue. Purchased the Philips 921 everyone has suggested and cannot get them to fit. The connection appears the same but the round part of the base does not fit into the socket. I’ve applied a lot of force and no luck. Planning to return to amazon. Any other tips here? Insert “how many _____ does it take to change a lightbulb” jokes here. Haha.
  13. Have you found out anymore information? Also surprised that my LT Z71 cannot accept GM official 2" lift. Did you end up installing another lift?
  14. Have you had the most recent update performed that was released Jan 16?
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