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  1. In the end the factory lights cost me around $330 bucks (part and dealer programming) Yes it was a little headache, but Im happy with the result and they are under warranty as a GM accessory. No complaints.
  2. Well to bring a final note for my install: I was never able to remove the terminal pin. I even bought the Delphi pin tools, and was still unsuccessful. In the end I resorted to getting help at the dealer, and of course they did it in a matter of minutes. I also called 3 dealers for programming charges. One quoting $150 citing a charge for calling GM to program, the other quoted $120-$250 depending on shop time. Finally a 3rd dealer knew everything I was up against, offered to take care of the pin swap, and knew the process of programming very well. Ultimately, they did my pin swap and the program for $80 which took about 1.5 hrs in total, and my foglight saga was over. I wish this was a simpler process, and Im sure dealers will get more familiar with the ins and outs of programming these newer models and align around pricing eventually since these trucks need programming for just about every add on. Now I need to wait for sundown and make sure the lights are well aimed. Last step and Im done!
  3. For item 1. I’m at a loss that no one else has described this step as it’s the most cumbersome. I gave up and I’m going to the dealer. For step 2. I cut back the plastic from the single lead to the UEC leaving about 8” or so of the wire exposed. I then mashed the top of the skinny plastic cover of the single wire into the larger plastic of the main bunch going into the UEC about 8” below the UEC module. I then taped around the plastic At the point I merged the 2 together. This left a single wire lead up to the UEC module. I managed to take a photo surprisingly as it was really tight to work. I welcome any input on the Delphi connection. Also, the dealer pricing for programming is all over the place. So far I’ve read of $75 and $135 for full install and programming. My dealer quoted me $150 just for programming and explained that GM charges them just for the call to get the download. They quoted me $250 for install which is how I ended up installing myself. It seems dealers are not clear on installing these. My dealer explained they had not done an install yet with the 2019s so I imagine they are just throwing out numbers without experience.
  4. Can anyone advise on adding the Delphi connector to the UEC (step 25). I tried everything to remove the existing wire and replace with the one from the harness. Paper clips, staples, screwdrivers etc. Everyone seemed to have no trouble installing. Any advice?
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