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  1. I appreciate yalls input I’m dropping it off in the morning to see what the dealership has to say. Definitely not something I expected to deal with especially with a brand new truck and only 6500 miles. The wife is more pissed off about it than me.
  2. To me it definitely seems to happen more when the trucks been running a bit, so when the fluid is hotter. I checked the fluid temp per the dash read out when it happened yesterday and it was at 175 degrees. The wife drove the truck today and it did it as she went to take off from a stop sign, truck was in drive the entire time. Dropping the truck off tomorrow at the dealership for it to be looked at. I will try and keep yall posted
  3. Truck is a 2019 Silverado 1500 Z71 crew cab with the 5.3L. When shifting back into drive from reverse the transmission "slips" and when it catches it slams into gear. It does not happen every time but is a severe annoyance especially for a truck with only 6500 miles on it. A 2 inch level was just added but it did it before. Other than the level its a stock truck.
  4. Did the side of the tire clear the upper control arm without spacers? I just installed the Zone offroad 2 inch top spacer just undecided on which size tire I wanna run
  5. Thanks for advising on how to adjust.
  6. Updated photos of ball joint angle and clearance between side wall of tire and upper ball joint, which is a good 1/2"
  7. No I did not cause with my wheel/tire combo they aren't needed. They are only needed if the tire hits the upper control at full lock. Mine has plenty of clearance
  8. Rarely haul or tow anything and no I did not adjust the headlights. Don't know how to and I have never adjusted them before with my previous trucks, just gonna rock it as is.
  9. Installed the 2 inch top strut spacer from Zone Off-road. The photo is after the install, did not get any before. The truck originally had just under a 1.5 inch of factory rake. However the measurements before install were as listed Right - front 38 4/8th Left - front 38 5/8th After install measurements are 39.75 up front. Not exactly a true 2 inches but the truck is still a tad more then a quarter inch high in the front but not noticeable to the naked eye in my opinion. The CV boot is also clear of the bottom of the strut. I will try and take additional photos of the upper ball joint and the cv angles when I can.
  10. Was there ever any clarification on these wheels, cause im definitely a fan. OEM or replicas? 22s it looks like. any additional info would be appreciated
  11. More photos please! Looks good though! I have the 2 inch Zone Off-road top spacer sitting in the garage waiting to go in just need a day off to do it !
  12. Obviously each truck will have various differences but definitely something to check on your rig to make sure you have enough clearance so you don’t rip a cv boot. I’ve got the zone off-road 2 inch top spacer sitting in the garage, I’ll post pics once I get it on to see how it looks. I know the Rough Country leveling STRUTS have plenty of clearance. Just more expensive
  13. Because the lower strut spacers cause contact with the cv boot. As showed in the photo . And the photo is of the Readylift 2 inch lower strut spacer with the truck on flat ground
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