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Found 16 results

  1. Truck started to make a squeaking noise this weekend, took it to the dealership on Monday. Dealership called Tuesday and said that they could not find anything wrong with the truck and that this sound is normal. Take a look at this video so that you can hear and understand what I am talking about. https://youtu.be/aERzjGAX-aU Does this sound normal to you guys? I also put water on the belt and the noise was persistent so it does not appear to be the belt. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a 2015 Silverado, when turning at low speeds I have a Squealing/whining noise in the front end. Only while moving. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  3. At 1800 miles I noticed that my truck started or has been making this really annoying, high pitched squeak every time it switches from V4 to V8 on the highway. It almost sounds like a valve opens up when the cylinders reactivate and is driving me nuts!! I don't hear anything when it goes from V8 to V4. Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy the "quiet cabin" GM advertised because of the squeaking. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have the 5.3L V8 in a 2015 LT Crew Cab short box Z71
  4. Got an interesting one for the forum. After the truck (2016 GMC Sierra) has been sitting a while (usually over night or for a few hours) the pedal let's out a nice squeak. On rare occasions I can get it to do it twice in a row, but most of the time the squeak is only for the first press then is gone for all the other presses. Normal daily driving I don't hear it, it's only the first press or when I have to hit my brakes hard (ex, cut off by someone). My local dealer service department (who's treated me well and has good mechanics) looked at it and said they can't repeat it enough to truly diagnose it. Some squeaks are real quick and others last about 2 seconds. The only way I can describe it is like a relief valve letting some air out, but with a squeak. Sometimes I can hold the pedal in place after depressing and the squeak continues to let out. It's not like a metal plunger rubbing on a rubber boot as I depress the pedal, plus I would be able to make the sound every time if that were the case. Below is a video I took on two different occasions, they are looped a couple times. You'll hear what I'm talking about and see that it's gone on the second press. I did have the vacuum pump replaced due to the recall about a year ago, I noticed it after that but the dealership said the pump and vacuum is holding well the entire time, even when it squeaks. They only guess they had was to replace the brake pedal assembly or the brake booster, but admittedly said that would just be throwing parts at it. Just got the truck back today, didn't get charged for the diagnosis since they couldn't figure it out. Now I'm turning to the forum. Any idea what's going on?!?
  5. I've owned my 2018 Silverado for less than 6 weeks and it has been making a squeaking noise coming from the engine compartment, once the engine is warmed up. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have an appointment to have it looked at by the dealer but I'm assuming the dealership won't be able to tell me whats wrong based on passed experience. I'll try to include a short video below where you can here the squeking noise.
  6. Apologies if this is a common thread. I have a noise that is driving me insane, driving is not relaxing or enjoyable. 2019 4cyl turbo Silverado LT1500 Crew Cab, 4500 miles. The noise seems to be coming from the front left of the dash. It happens only when my foot is on the gas, and only when “cruising” around 1200-1500 rpm. It sounds like a cricket. It does fluctuate when when I hit lumps/bumps in the road, but is present either way. I can’t tell if it’s a fan squeaking or if its something rubbing that shakes the right way at that RPM. Highway driving - no noise due to higher RPM. It drives me nuts and I feel like I spend most of my drive time trying to pin point it instead of enjoying my new truck!
  7. Hello everyone Anyone else having trouble with squeaky leaf springs? I actually even considered drilling a Grease Fitting into the eyes of mine. I got tired of trying to fix it with WD40, and even tried to use high mileage motor oil to lubricate my leaf spring bushings with no luck, until a friend of mine recommended a great product called HHS 2000 by Wurth It is basically a spray can, with WD40-like oil, but with a catch: after a couple of minutes it cures and thickens itself into grease. After making some research, I found many other options like it, and thought I could share it with the group. The great thing about it is that it creeps and penetrates into the bushings from the outside, and then once inside it cures and maintains the rubber lubricated as if you had put actual grease into it. TL;DR I made a little How-To-Fix video about it, as I had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon lol Support on my YouTube channel is always appreciated, thanks to all who watch it:
  8. I found this clip on YouTube of another Silverado that is exactly the same squeak I have. It's the one when a passenger is not in the seat. Has Anyone figured out how to eliminate this squeak? So far my fix is put seat back down or all the way back. Thanks all for any ideas.
  9. Hello All, I am new to the forums here and feel this would be a great place to get some info.. On my 2015 Sierra 1500 5.3L (23,000 miles) there is an interesting squeal/squeak noise that I hear on cold starts in the mornings. When the engine is warm or once the weather warms up throughout the day, the start up squeak is gone. It's been going on at least twice a week for the past year and it hasn't really bugged me until now. It could possibly be the belt or a pulley.. I am very well aware of the natural noises that these direct injection engines make (the ticking of the injectors, the cranking sound on start up, etc). I will put up a link to my youtube video of the truck making the noise. (Hopefully the link works). The squeal is right at the 4 second mark. Truck is under warranty and the guys down at my dealership are good to work with so if I have to bring it in I will.. I would just like to not have to deal with coordinating my schedule, obtaining a loaner, etc.. Any input would be great.. Thanks everyone!!!
  10. I'm getting some nasty squeaking coming from the front left side of my 2014 Chevy Silverado. It only seems to happen when it's colder (less than 50 degrees). It sounds like it's coming from a bushing or mount, but I'm not ruling out a shock. Has anyone else had experience with this type of thing? I bought the truck used with 43k miles on it. I think it might have been owned by a farmer previously and probably saw mostly rough gravel roads.
  11. Hi All, I have a 2015 Sierra with the 6.2/8-speed combo that I love. It has about 4500 miles on it. Shortly after my first tow experience with a camper at 2000 miles the engine started to squeak or chirp. It starts around 1200 RPM and then dies off before the next shift point. Then it starts again. It happens at all speeds, particularly on the highway while in higher gears. It is not the exhaust flapper valve as I have a Corsa cat back exhaust that sounds great. It makes the same, but more subdued sound when revving the engine in Park or Neutral. It does not make the noise when coasting or slowing down so I assume it is valve train (lifter?), AFM or exhaust related. I bought an AFM disabler (not currently mounted) and it still made the noise. It comes from directly in front of the driver, possibly behind or just below the firewall. I have been to two separate dealers. One hears it, the other cannot replicate it. The one that hears it says nothing appears wrong so they will not pursue it further. This is fine until something fails with a 7000 lb trailer on the hitch in the middle of Missouri. Does anyone any any experience with this kind of noise? Here are some videos. Crank the volume and listen for a squeak or pinging sound. Thanks!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3JvgK15Ff7dNkfOUJDXGg
  12. Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I went down a few rough dirt roads, and ever since I got back on the pavement Ive noticed an obnoxious squeak that comes from the exterior of my Sierra. It only squeaks over rough roads, and not a large bump like speed bump or driveway, etc. And it sounds like it could be coming from the rear. I dont believe its drive-train related (dosent sound like it, and acceleration or revs do not change it). The squeak is horribly annoying tho! any ideas of what to check?
  13. I bought a 2014 Silverado LTZ with zero miles less what i put on it during the test drive and 3 months after driving it off the lot it started having issues. Biggest issue is while doing 85 on the interstate the truck downshifted from fifth to first very briefly. Took it in to be serviced but the dealership could not duplicate and GM says theres nothing they can do about it. I have to take it in when it happens. Thing is, next time could be deadly for me. after stating that all I got was, well I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you. Also while at the dealer, they worked on the vibration. First GM wanted them to switch the wheels with another like truck but realized that was not the issue. Next they told the dealer to change the rear end only to realize they didn't have any to send the dealer. Then they told the dealer to change the shims only to realize they didn't have any to send to them. One day out of the blue, shims show up. The dealer puts them on and says the truck is fixed. There is also a squeak in the rear end but the dealer says they can't duplicate it. All they have to do is listen. Well, after being in the shop for 45 days the vibration is still there. Can't put my head on the head rest without getting a headache, the squeak was never touched so it is still there. The auto heat and cool seat were reported as working to spec although I can auto start the truck twice for a total run time of 15-20 minutes and the seats are ice cold. Run my wifes 2015 malibu for 10 minutes and the seats are very warm to the touch. I have lost all faith in GM. I do not feel they care about anything but the dollar. When I stated that should I, a passenger or other drivers be injured should the truck downshift again they will be out of more money than just replacing the truck and the reply I received was, I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you but we can't change the vehicle.
  14. I have had the serpentine belt squeak, and squeal on the truck for some time now. I poured over all the possible reasons why the main belt could be making noise and how to remedy it. A little bit about the test subject (whom name is Sally). 2006 Silverado with the 4.8. Mileage is 97800. Main belt replaced twice for wear and AC belt replaced once for wear prior to addressing this noise. I should have taken photos to show some highlights but I didnt, sorry. I decided to do the 100K preventative maintenance schedule on the truck in hopes of having the noise go away. Items consisted of the following: Radiator replacement (Slight gunk found in it) Complete drain, water flush with a tad of cleaning and refill of the antifreeze. Water pump replacement All hoses replaced Power steering pump replaced (had been giving a slight leak for some time). Main tensioner replaced (it was the original) Idler pulley replaced Both belts replaced with a Gator back version. Since I had all the components off at one point, the entire front of the block was hand washed, gaskets filed down and cleaned with distilled water. Front of the block was check with a simple 4 foot aluminum meter stick for trueness (you never know). Then each replaced component was reinstalled, seated and check with the same meter stick for trueness. All checked out, everything reinstalled and buttoned up. Truck started with no noise and was like that for about 2 days. Same EXACT squeak/squeal came back so all parts were rechecked, verified for trueness and actually swapped out (lifetime warranty on all of them) several times. Noise persisted until last night but I will get to that in a moment. I must give the description squeal/squeal so that others can understand. Sally would start up in the morning (either by the remote start or myself) and have the initial squeak (intermittent kind). There were days when the squeak would go away when Sally warmed up, then there were days when the squeak would stay no matter how hot (I live in Austin Texas) or how cold it got. Annoying but I could live with it for a bit. There was no pattern found in 3 months that I kept a journal on the squeak. The second noise I would get mixed in with the squeak (every so often) would be the LOUD screeching squeal that NEVER stopped. How to tell the difference: the squeak sounded like a chirp chirp and the squeal sounded like a cat being killed (I have no other way to describe it). Each sound was very distinctive and this is what had 4 shops scratching their heads. Squeak would go away, squeal would remain or squeal would go away and squeak would remain. They and I could never get Sally to shut it for more than a day (and that was after replacing the entire front end again (all belts and pulleys except the crank pulley). I would say that each shop did a superb job of workmanship and patience on trying to solve this annoyance. ALL the shops ended up refunding all the money that I spent (because they could not honor their guarantee to get the truck quiet) so I was out only the original cost of replacing the parts the first time (I did the original labor job) and left standing with Sally and her noisy self. Last night, a carpenter was at a friend's house in the middle of a bathroom remodel and I pulled up with Sally to give a hand with the remodel. Carpenter comes out of the house right after I turn her off and asks a couple of people that were helping out with the remodel, "Who was making all that LOUD racket, this is a quiet neighborhood?" They all point to Sally and he goes on to ask "Who's beautiful truck is this?" I have to take ownership of Sally's problem and start her up for this carpenter. He hears the initial noise, then asks to pop the hood. He then tells everybody to shut up while he listens to the noise with the hood up (freaking loud at that point). He then does a visual inspection of the front of the block and simply asks "This all NEW parts?" I tell him yep and he says "You run down to Home Depot to pick up some materials to complete the remodel, and I will tell you how to shut her up." I am thinking to myself "This guy is a carpenter, not a mechanic. All he wants is a free run to Home Depot..." but one of the guys sees me thinking and says "Listen to him, he has fixed all kinds of problems in the past for us. Hell, we will pay for your gas if you want to" and then proceeds to throw a hundred on the now closed hood. I say that I am game and so the carpenter gives me a list of things to pick up from Home Depot (an assortment of crap if you ask me but I ain't doing any real work on the remodel). Come back and the half the neighborhood is standing around watching me pull up. They are smiling and I am thinking "What did I really get myself into?" Carpenter asks for all the bags, fishes out one of the bottles that was on the list and tells me to pop the hood. He already had painter's tape and two handfuls of paper towels. He takes off the belt, stuffs and tapes the papertowels behind both the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley. He then takes more paper towels and tapes them on the adjoining parts to cover them (intake, other pulleys and whatnot). He then sprays quarter second bursts on each pulley, front and back, spins them and sprays more quarter second bursts while spinning. He then waits 15 seconds, takes all the tape and papertowels off. He cleans up his mess and reinstalls the belt. He fires Sally up and she is quieter than a mouse...neighborhood erupts into laughter and a lot of "I told you so" erupts. I dont believe my ears so I drag the garden hose and spray a bunch of water (because spraying water on the front brought back the noise in the past) for nearly 3 minutes, to no avail. Still quiet. I take her on the freeway and punch that stuff (toll roads ) and then come back and spray some more water. STILL no noise so I figure, "It will come back after Sally has sat overnight, a good cold soak will bring the noise back." Caught a ride home and went back this morning. Started her up and NO NOISE so I go and look at this can that he bought from Home Depot: http://www.homedepot...51#.UMyBgm-1WPs There you go folks. After 5 months of swapping new parts, visiting different shops, paying loads of cash (and then getting it refunded), documenting and researching to no avail, here a carpenter fixes the problem with 6 minutes of his day. His charge: couple of beers and two burgers made his way. He did tell me that if the original parts were on the truck, he would have inspected the idler pulley and the tensioner to verify if they were clean, if they were not cleaned, he would have made me clean them and then spray them to shut them up. If you have this problem, you just might want to verify your idler pulley, tensioner for any wear or play. If they are worn or have any play, replace them. Clean up the area and spray in VERY SHORT bursts. If you are like me and have already had everything cleaned and replaced, then this is all you need. Yes, I know that it hasnt even been a full day yet but I cant get used to the silence (yet). Next up, Airbag light *sigh* - Cueva
  15. Hello Fellow Chevy Truck Drivers, I have had my 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT 4x4 Z71 5.3L V8 since new. Since then I have replaced all tires with new Goodyear Assurance TripleTred tires in September of last year (2012). I also had brake fluid changed and the back drums and pads serviced. Recently, my brakes in the front (sounds like both) squeak when I apply them to come to a stop. Please note though that they start squeaking about halfway in my commute to work which is about 1 hour in length or 42 miles one way. The area I live in his hilly but not too bad. I live in the Piedmont area of NC. I do not tow anything nor do I drive "like I stole it", at least not in a while since I haven't volunteered with a fire dept. since 2003. I thought about just going ahead and changing my brake pads on the front but I am hung on the subject of what brand to use and ceramic or not. Any help or suggestions or ideas about what is going on and what course of action I should take would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance. Ricky
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