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  1. Yes. All the vertical slats had to be cut. If you zoom in on the picture above you can see what I cut. I used 1/2 inch spacers to clear the active shutters but still had to cut 2 of them where the light bar dips back on the outer edges
  2. On the website in the search area type bolt led. They are the 12 mm
  3. Also just put my tow mirrors on
  4. Made the brackets out of 1/4 inch plastic
  5. I got the led lights from superbrightled.com. They are the bolt ones. I think 10 or 12 mm. I fabricated the mounting brackets and jb welded them to the grill. I wired them up to the fuse box to come on with the daytime running lights
  6. It’s the angle. They’re a lot bright than they look in that pic. They don’t give you any usable light. But they do look good. Not a very good pic of them. You’ll be happy with them. I recommend ordering a couple extras for spares. I’ve had 2 burn out in 2 years. Also when you tighten them down. Put some silicone on the nuts so they don’t come loose. I’ll get a better pic and post. Post some of yours when you get it done
  7. Tapped into fuse #40. Says it is trans ign (15a). The one you are holding are the ones I got. That looks like a good place to mount them. I’ll get a pic at night when it gets dark out and post
  8. Looking at the rough country website under questions and answers section. The rep. Said a guy could use a 7 inch lift strut on a 6 inch lift without any issues
  9. Looking for suggestions or comments. I have a 2018 Z71 with a 6 inch lift that utilizes the spacer. I have new 22x10.5 Sota Novacains and 35x12.5 Nitto Ridge grapplers on order. I’m looking to raise the front about 1 to 1 1/2 more to avoid a NorCal mod. Looking to get rid of the spacer and go with a new lift strut. Instead of going with a 6 inch to match the lift I have. Thinking of going with a 7 to 7 1/2 inch lift strut. Has anyone done something like that? Any suggestions.
  10. I did something similar to that. I went with 3 12mm bolt type from super bright led’s and cut black plastic and used job weild. I jumped them to the fuse box and they come on with the daytime running lights
  11. I don’t know what it takes to remove the individual shutters. Didn’t look into it that much. Let me know how yours turns out
  12. I understand. Just trimmed a couple. Everything else is intact. Never touched the motor or sensor and no engine codes
  13. The RC light bar, because it’s curved, sits hard on the middle vertical shutter rail and dips back into the shutters on the ends. So I just trimmed them. I don’t see why you couldn’t cut the last 2 out for cubes in the pic above. Blue tape is where I trimmed. Just had to trim 1 shutter. Cutting grille was a little tricky. Cut the top of the vertical stems and followed the contour of the bottom edge with a drammel then sanded. Just kept fitting it on the truck and against the light and fine tuned where needed. On the light end caps they stick up a little higher than the rest of the light so I notched out the grille on the top side for the light to sit flush with the top. Sorry for the pics being sideways. I’ll post more pics later. Any other ? Just ask.
  14. Light bar installed. Pain in the a$$. But can be done. Will post more step by step pics and tips
  15. Update: After I installed the brackets the grille will not go back on. So I had to trim the brackets for it to fit. It’s a tight fit but it worked. See pic.This is where I trimmed. I actually trimmed just next to the bolt head through the washer. When I pull the grille back off tonight I will post a pic. of it cut

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