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  1. Price for two cans shipped to 49920
  2. Very nice, been thinking about attempting this for a long time. would appreciate more pictures of the mounting locations and any how to advice. Thanks
  3. I have icon coilovers and Cognito UCA's with 285/70/18 on stock wheels with no issues.
  4. Here you go, 285/70/18 ridge grapplers on stock wheels. Icon coilovers set at 2 in. lift no rubbing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey everyone, started my 2005 Silverado with 30K miles that has the push button 4wd and got the service 4wd message right away. Wasn’t using 4wd or have used it for a while.So for the heck of it I checked the fuse in the driver side dash fuse panel and it was blown. I replaced the fuse and as soon as I started the truck it blew again. The lights on the 4wd switch are all working. Appreciate any ideas or help where to start trouble shooting. Thanks After more research the 4wd fuse in the driver side dash fuse panel is only for the front axle actuator. The plan was to pull the connector off the actuator start the truck, if the fuse blows when disconnected problem is in the wires. If it dos not blow then its the actuator and thats what happened. When I disconnected the connector I noticed it had moisture in it and thought thats not good, so I blew all the moisture out plugged it back in started truck, Service 4wd message gone fuse not blown. Problem found moisture.
  6. Thanks Nasty for posting the link, just what I need. Thats great with all the available options you can get with it.
  7. My last oil change was on 5-20-18, I've only put 340 miles on to date and I'm at 95%.
  8. You could also consider a 285/70-18 (34x11.50) where you get the height and the width. I recently switched from 275/70-18 to 285/70-18 and like it a lot with zero rubbing.
  9. One thing to be aware of between the SL tires and the LT tires is the tread depth SL is 16/32 LT is 18/32.
  10. Have you noticed any difference in your steering, I just went from 275/70/18 ko2 to 285/70/18 ridges and my steering got real tight and steering wheel doesn’t return when cornering. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I took the top plastic piece off and put it down inside there, taped the metal parts so they don’t make noise, put top piece back on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have one with the card reader you can have if that works for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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