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  1. Hi All, I have been reading through the forum for about a while to get ideas for leveling my truck. I have a 2018 sierra 1500 all terrain crew, 6.5' bed. Based on all the great info here, I have settled on fox 2.5 coilovers to level the truck along with Cognito UCA's. I was leaning towards LT275/70R18 Duratracs or Ridge Grapplers. Cognito says the UCA's will fit with the OEM wheels and stock tires, but may rub with larger tires. Anyone have them with stock wheels and 275/70R18 tires and do/did they rub? If I have to upgrade the wheels, I'd likely get Fuel Coupler 18x9 with a +12 or +1 mm offset and these tires are not good on a 9 inch wheel. I'd like to be sure before I purchase the tires. I imagine a 1/2 inch wheel spacer would work with the stock wheels, but I am really not a fan of spacers... Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, Mike.
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