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  1. protect the bumpers ( Front ) 3M cleat flim . I did my Black truck - bumpers, grill , 10" strip front of hood , mirror caps.
  2. have your local shop check it out , then go from there
  3. Checl out Rough County - Led Light Bar /w Brackets . i have a 32" mounted behind grill - Lower part of grill , under Z71 grill badge.
  4. under the door still ,there are wires . lift the carpet/vinyl ,look under the seat. also look under the truck,where you want to drill.
  5. Look under your cab ,you will see rubber plugs ( infront of rear seats , lift the carpet , that where i ran my wire thru . my radio gear is under the rear seat ( remote head on dash ) Ham Gear.
  6. Need Photos of installed . Thanks
  7. #2 is the seal i used . lift the rear door stll , lift the carpet and you see the plug. drill your hole ,run cable , seal with silicone
  8. Check with Phil at HranessDR.com , He done a whole write up on this . he on this site.
  9. I have the same setup - NO Problem . were are you pulling power from ??? My is right from the battery .
  10. Your Alternator is working fine , it shut down when not need - GM Bright ideal.
  11. Look under the truck , you see rubber plugs right in front of the rear seat, That's were i ran my cable thru . my radio gear is under the rear seat , Remote head on dash .
  12. Check your Local Tint Shop , some also wrap cars/trucks . or Body shop .
  13. Look under the dash - Black box between emergency brake and brake pedal.
  14. Welcome - Good looking Truck
  15. When you installed the K&N , did you remove the batt. cable ?? Remove the batt. cable, wait about 10 min, reinstalled should clear it.
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