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  1. Why didn't Airstream check them out when you hook up ?? ON my 2015 the cables were laying by the Fuse Box ( under hood ) one for 12volts power , and the other for all your lights . CHECK your main Fuse box under hood.
  2. Check were the headach racks light are splice in , might have a broken wire , you can pull the taillight off , to see what color REV. wire is.
  3. Check with your dealership ( body Shop ) or any other body shop .
  4. Hook it up the the Battery (best place) .
  5. Check out Lastfit , lots of guys have used them on the site.
  6. Welcome - check rough county. But you will get alot of wind noise. Put it behind the grill
  7. Check out walcott cb . (iowa). Check out your area for a two-way shop ? I had nine installed , where they build emergency units , they also ran my power wire. Good luck
  8. Where your power wire hook up at ?? Best place is the Battery , Not the Cig. plug .
  9. Rim's look good . maybe a photo when installed . Thanks
  10. get it running , and take it to your local car show / swap meet - someone bright buy it for a new project ( street rod ).
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