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  1. Phil - What size Diode do I need , for both ?? Thanks
  2. bug/hood deflector

    3m clear film - 8" strip on hood , bumper , grill , door still . on since 2015 , NO Problem - Midnight Edition
  3. Look's Better then chrome .
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Look's Good - WASH Daily
  5. mount them inside
  6. take the gmc ,with key to the dealership , might be a bad key cut . or a Locksmith. did any one change locks ??
  7. So does this mount to the windshield ?? there's goes the window tint .
  8. Special Ops LED Grill Lights

    Look's Good - why didn't you just wire the side lights to the running lights ??
  9. 10mm or 12mm for a chevy grill ??
  10. Debadged truck pic request

    Look's good - smoke headlights - Hid's or Led's ?? if Hid's any problem with daytime running lights , I just turn my off
  11. Debadged truck pic request

    Look's good
  12. Shorter antenna

    I have a 3" antenna work's great in town , long road I put the big one back on. or get XM radio $$$
  13. Reverse Pod Lights

    I have two pods ( 2x6) mounted to the hitch crossbar behind bumper . mounted with self tap bolts. wire to left rev. light .they are turn out little . hope this help
  14. New to the game!

    Welcome - Good Looking Truck
  15. Thank you for the information
  16. Is that a t-rex grill (overlay) ????
  17. Thank You for the info.
  18. ANY problem with Green grill lights ??
  19. Hi everyone

  20. Bring back the FULL size Blazer ??
  21. SilveradoSaver's Build

    Thank You

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