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  1. I got one on my 19 5.3l RST. It’s a night and day difference. I really like it! You really do have to try the different settings to see what you like though. One annoyance is the constant downshifting. For example, if you’re in Sport+ / +4 and at speed already...a slight push of the throttle even say a 1/4inch it’ll downshift and want to take off. The downshifting gets a bit irritating going uphill cause you’re constantly adjusting speed depending on traffic. Add a loud exhaust on top of that it gets worse. However, sport+ / +4 from a stop is incredible LOL. You gotta find a happy medium between acceleration response and the downshift nuisance. I have mine on Sport / +1 and it doesn’t downshift as much but I am mindful of the throttle. I could just set it on City and not have the downshift annoyance, but I prefer the acceleration more so it stays on the Sport setting. I can recommend it. It’s definitely a better mod than the intake I just installed which costs more than the pedal commander. If you don’t care about warranty, then just go straight to a tuner.
  2. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now. It’s a noticeable difference. Definitely more responsive especially on the highway. Truck sounds better too now that it’s always in V8...I’ve got a Borla s-type cat back and cold air intake. It doesn’t sound like it’s drowning in water like when DFM would switch on. However, it does amplify the decel popping/crackling due to the aftermarket exhaust. Some people don’t like the popping/crackling so it’s worth noting. Without the range dfm disabler, I hardly noticed the decel popping...idk maybe because DFM was enabled and it was in V4 mode? I drive mostly city...with range I’m at 16mpg, prior I was at 17mpg. Also, idk if it’s a byproduct or it’s secretly built in since they didn’t mention in the description is that auto stop/start is also disabled. The button light is still emitted but the feature is disabled. That was a nice surprise for me since I hate the auto stop/start. I’m not sure about the other stuff they boast about like the longevity of the motor but I’ll take their word for it since it makes sense that the motor doesn’t need to work as hard.
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